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At the time, he was fined A?60 and was meant to have received three penalty points on his licence. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The cabinet minister, one of Gordon Brown closest allies, was challenged by Tory candidate Antony Calvert. He slowly nodded his head as the results were read out at the John Charles Centre for Sport in Leeds and gave a thumbs up to the crowd. 0858 Lord Mandelson was repeatedly pressed on Sky News about whether Gordon Brown will resign.
There's a third recount in Oldham East and Saddleworth, where immigration minister Phil Woolas' majority has been cut from 3,590 to around 90. Prominent Labour backbencher Glenda Jackson may be turfed out of Hampstead and Kilburn, a three-way marginal. 0813 The Lib Dem election tragedy is turning into farce, reports Martin Beckford: "Comical scenes as the Clegg team fails to board the waiting fast train from Sheffield to London, apparently in order to avoid the waiting press pack. 0719 Heidi Blake reports from the North West: "Eddie Izzard has turned up at the Manchester count to support his friend Lucy Powell, the Labour candidate for Withington. Labour are doing well in Scotland, Wales, and seats with with high ethnic minority and student populations. Incumbents are doing better than expected against new candidates, except where their expenses have made headlines. 0525 Shaun Bailey, the hotly-tipped Tory A-lister and one of the few black candidates contesting a winnable seat, has failed to take Hammersmith. Pulling on to the motorway at Morley I realised too late that the speed restrictions were still in place. His answer left room for an eventual yes: "I think that would be rather a surprising thing to happen. Telegraph is the only newspaper on the trail of the Lib Dems as the nation waits to hear who the kingmaker crowns." 0808 BBC London has some terrific footage of defeated Tory A lister Joanne Cash marching out of the count in Westminster North, where she unexpectedly lost to Labour's Karn Buck after a high-profile falling out with her local party.
The Tories could still reach the 305-15 seats that would put them in a position to govern with the Ulster Unionists.
Standing on the steps of his home this afternoon beside his wife he looked for all the world as though it was the first day of the rest of his life. But the probability rises exponentially, going above 40 per cent at 40mph.a€?Our course instructors explained that casualty rates have fallen over the past decade, as drivers have become more aware and car design has improved. Going too far, too fast, you might say.a€?I paid my fine and chose to attend a speed awareness course. The worrying thing is that this trend has started to reverse in recent years.a€™He went on to claim that his own misdemeanor reinforced his call for more 20mph routes in near schools and residential areas in Morley in his constituency. Peter Hain certainly seems to be in that camp - he said that the election had delivered an "anti-Conservative majority" that represented a "a once-in-a-political-lifetime opportunity for the Liberal Democrats". I don't think it would help matters if he were suddenly to stand aside." 0844 The focus this morning is, naturally, on the election results and who will form the next government.
But the organisational errors which led thousands of people to be turned away from polling stations will be major news in the coming days. Which is why, this week, I ended up in the Holiday Inn with 39 others.a€™Her claimed the course a€“ which allows drivers to escape penalty points by undergoing training the dangers of speeding was a€?very professional and actually really worthwhilea€™. The last 40 or so seats could be crucial in deciding which party can make the most convincing claim for a mandate. This image, provided to the Telegraph by University of Sheffield Students Union, shows the long queues that built up in Nick Clegg's constituency: The students allege that non-student local residents were put in a faster queue, and so were able to cast their votes before the 10pm deadline. When he posed for photographs earlier today, David Miliband told reporters that the pub across the road from his London home does a great line in real ales. On the BBC Today programme he recommended everyone "go and get some sleep" before coming to any conclusions. So I conclude today's live blog with the heartening image of our former Foreign Secretary reclining on his bar stool as he tucks into the first frothing pint of the evening. The PM has just arrived at Downing Street, ignoring the shouted questions of "are you going to resign Mr Brown?" from journalists.
He writes: In South Shields we all realise how difficult the last few days have been for both Louise and you and it was quite right for you to take some time to consider the implications of the election result for your family and for the Labour Party.
Bill Rammell (armed forces, Harlow), Mike O'Brien (health, Warwickshire North), Gillian Merron (public health, Lincoln), Phil Hope (care services, Corby), Vera Baird (Solicitor General, Redcar), Angela Smith (charities, Basildon).
Such a result would mark a signal personal triumph for David Cameron, who has demonstrated throughout the campaign the qualities of unflappability and stamina that he will need in the months and years to come. He concedes that his funding of Tory candidates in marginals produced a "mixed bag" of results and says there is a debate to be had about whether the Tories should have agreed to the leaders' debates.
He confirms that he is stepping down from the party to pursue commercial interests, but is giving up his non-dom status. In Brentwood, Essex the Tory and Liberal Democrat council candidates were exactly tied on 1,578 votes in the Brentwood West ward so they drew lots.

His majority is cut to 1,100, but the Tories narrowly fail to get their most prized target. The junior minister was defending a majority of 4,615, and was badly hit by this newspaper's expenses revelations. But he offers few clues to his intentions, saying that the party leaders should not rush into coalition decisions.
Margaret Moran, the Labour candidate whose expenses shenanigans inspired Rantzen's candidacy, had already stepped down, taking the bite out of the TV presenter's campaign. I look forward to working with him from the backbenches in that role." 17.36 Incidentally, if "New Labour is dead" because "a new generation has taken charge", what does that make the party now? Both the Tories and Labour have indicated that they will claim a mandate to govern, although we've heard nothing from the leaders for several hours.
And the vote in Ed Balls' new constituency of Morley and Outwood is said to be too close to call. The Tories have thrown huge resources into unseating Balls; if he was to lose it would be the moment of the night. They include Ann Keen (health, Brentford and Isleworth), Chris Mole (transport, Ipswich), Paul Clark (transport, Gillingham and Rainham) and Jonathan Shaw (disabled people, Chatham and Aylesford), all to the Tories. He says: "David has made his decision in the interests of his brother and the Labour Party.
To remain in the shadow cabinet would invite constant scrutiny of their relationship and endless discussion of every nuance, however trivial." His stepping down, Mr Johnson adds, will "make it easier for Ed to flourish as leader".
It's a big come down for the far-right party after their success in last year's local and European elections. Voters deserted Labour but opted for the Tories rather than the Lib Dems, the second party, allowing Simon Danczuk to take the seat.
Any new leader needs time and space to set his or her own direction, priorities and policies. The Telegraph's Martin Beckford tweets: 0550 Scrub that, Caroline Lucas has taken Brighton Pavilion for the Greens! The out-going Labour candidate Kitty Ussher had a 5,778 majority, but was tainted by expenses revelations. Heading for a recount." 0324 Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor, is claiming that talks between Labour and the Lib Dems about forming a coalition government have already begun. The Tories will end the night with more seats, but convention dictates that the party currently in power gets the first chance to show it can form a new government. For a full list visit General Election 2010 results 0314 Paul Goggins, the Northern Ireland minister, sums up the uncertainty: "Earlier in the night there was a narrative developing, with Peter Mandelson and Alan Johnson talking about electoral reform, which sounded like they were preparing the ground for a hung parliament. This is because of the simple fact that Ed is my brother, who has just defeated me for the party leadership.
I genuinely fear perpetual, distracting and destructive attempts to find division where none exists, and splits where they don’t exist, all to the detriment of the party. He attacks the Coalition for presiding over: "the biggest assault on our arts, culture and sport this country will have ever seen". He calls on Vince Cable to block Rupert Murdoch's proposed buy-out of Sky News, which he says will hand the Australian media magnate a dangerous monopoly.
While Labour are clear that they will attempt to form a coalition with a Lib Dems, Cameron gave few clues to his post-election intentions. Tories are picking up seats they didn't necessarily expect to win, and failing to take some slam-dunks.
The Lib Dem vote is - bafflingly - down in many places, but they've picked up a couple of seats. There has been a 12pc swing against Labour in some of their heartlands, but elsewhere they've gained vote share.
Ed Miliband earlier asked the incumbent, Nick Brown, to stand aside, explaining that his appointment would be "counter to my ambition to lead a new generation". Miliband has reportedly asked Rosie Winterton - now shadow leader of the Commons and a long-time aide to John Prescott - to stand for the post. She is attacking David Cameron's "Big Society" idea, which she says the Tories are already backtracking on. Right on cue, Doreen, a 77-year-old supporter, leaps to her feet and declares: "I'm proud do be part of your new generation". But Eddie Izzard says that the new leader actually resembles Gromit, "the very cool dog who flies to the moon and beats the penguin". The Location Location Location host had been tipped as a potential housing minister, or soft furnishings tzar, but has just told on the BBC that she would "rather fly to the Moon" than take a place in the Lords. A blushing Miliband says: "I think we should take some more questions, Eddie." Who do you think is a better likeness? But he includes the ambiguous line that he has a "duty to play his part in Britain having a strong and stable government". Coe had a chance to make amends in the 1,500m - which was Ovett's best distance - and famously he took that chance. Not only did he give the game away about the shadow foreign secretary's decision to walk away from Labour's front bench; he also tells the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg that Miliband should have made his plans clear on Saturday and says the speculation has been a distraction.

But his decision to come out of the house and pose for photographers voluntarily was decidedly curious.
But we don't have the power to tell them or instruct them what to do." 0117 Results are coming in too fast to post on the blog. He is casually dressed in an open-necked collared shirt and jeans, and he laughs and jokes with members of the media scrum as he poses for photographs.
Ed Miliband is the latest minister to appear on TV claiming the results show that most voters are now in favour of electoral reform - a clear sign that Labour would be prepared to meet Lib Dem demands for PR as a condition for coalition. He says: I don't think David Miliband is leaving because of reasons of politics or ideology or policy. He's decided, and it seems he's decided in the last few days if he has, that for personal reasons he doesn't want to serve with his brother.
If as a brother you've decided that it's too difficult I think people would understand that. The leader of the party a minority Tory government will rely on to get legislation through parliament no longer has a seat at Westminster. Of course, this does not mean that none of those things will happen: but if failing to promise to do them keeps Labour rising in the polls, we can assume that will be fine by Miliband E and his adherents. I'm tempted to make a joke about the Conservatives being happy to make use of Labour's 24-hour drinking laws. The Tories are hoping to unseat Labour's Gisela Stuart, who had a majority of just 2,349 in 2005. There must be a minimum of six women among the successful candidates under new rules agreed earlier this month.
And angry failed voters in Sheffield are apparently blocking roads around polling stations to stop ballot boxes from being removed. This afternoon there will be speeches from Tessa Jowell, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, and Ben Bradshaw, the shadow culture secretary.
A local student newspaper has more detail on the chaos, with police apparently called to the scene to disperse the crowds. He says they Coalition will only give extra resources to schools in rich areas, while cancelling services like free school meals for the children most in need. He apologises for his husky voice, which he says is the result of an over-enthusiastic bout of karaoke. But the former schools secretary goes on to list Labour's achievements on education and says it's a record that the party (and he) can be "truly proud" of.
He has previously said that his religious views are a "private matter", but in an interview with Radio 5 Live he said: ''I don't believe in God personally, but I have great respect for those people who do. So obviously I didn't want to burst into applause because I am somebody of principle and integrity and I am going to stick by that decision." Does Burnham believe that integrity and principle require him to stick by all his previous decisions, even the ones that prove to be wrong?
Half an hour after the polls closed, a euro was worth around 86p, compared with 85p an hour earlier." 2255 If you're watching ITV, you'll be seeing quite alot of the party leader caricatures commissioned to dramatise the night's events.
Tellingly, he also conceded that the first past the post electoral system is "oncl it's last legs".
What strikes me is how hard both are trying to control their facial expressions for the cameras. Notice how Harman's smile snaps straight back into place after a momentary lapse in composure when Miliband rebukes her. Let's show this arrogant government the might of this Labour movement when it fights as one.
He says: "A chorus of protest from patients, nurses and GPs is rising up across the country against a party that voted 50 times against the NHS. It's never been safe in their hands, conference, and it's not safe now." He says creating free care for those in need will be for Labour "in this century what the NHS was in the 20th Century".
This was a woman 15 years older than him, who had given his brother his first major political job, who had sat alongside David Miliband in the Cabinet. Even worse to strike out like that during your brother’s first gulp of the limelight – but then he hardly cares about that any more, does he? I guess one advantage of being a brutal military dictatorship is that it makes it a lot easier to put some of that management theory into practice. He praises Ed Miliband's speech as "breathtaking" before going on to attack the Coalition's spending cuts.
He might even cope with media attempts to drive wedges between the brothers, were both to serve. But I am not sure that, on crime, on civil liberties and on foreign policy, he could live with implementing a programme alien to his beliefs. Without his bestselling memoirs Mandelson may have fallen further in this year’s list, but no one can deny that whenever he speaks, he can be guaranteed that his words will be reported.
But was Ed Miliband's renunciation of New Labour a deliberate attempt to make his Blairite brother jump ship?

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