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If created and administered correctly, vaccines can help your immune system to destroy harmful microorganisms. One thing you should understand about vaccines is that they don’t actually cure anything. Most of us are familiar with the fact that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is needed for optimal health, but we don’t realize how important this vitamin is for treating disease. Doctors who have used vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to treat disease caused by viruses often recommend taking 100,000 to 300,000 milligrams (mg) per day during a serious infection. As for Ebola, they recommend taking 100,000 to 500,000 mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) daily until the viral infection is treated. One of the ways vitamin C helps your body to kill viruses is by assisting it to rapidly convert NADP+ back to NADPH, and NAD+ back to NADH. Here is a summary of how Vitamin C kills viruses and protects against free-radical damage caused by them (summarized from the article by Dr.
NADPH and the related NADH are also used to restore the body’s free radical scavenger (antioxidant) molecules as they get used up. The body can slowly convert NADP+ back to NADPH, and NAD+ back to NADH by using food energy. In serious illness, the body can’t create enough NADPH and NADH from food energy to restore the antioxidants and to fuel the white cells.
Large enough doses of Vitamin C can directly and rapidly convert NADP+ back to NADPH, and NAD+ back to NADH, restoring the body’s ability to kill viruses and protect against free radical damage cause by the disease. My experience with giving massive doses of ascorbic acid orally to over 30,000 patients and with giving intravenous sodium ascorbate to over 2,000 patients would indicate that with Ebola and other viral hemorrhagic fever diseases that intravenous sodium ascorbate should be used in doses beginning with at least 180 grams per 24 hours.
The healthiest way to increase your vitamin C intake is by eating raw and organic plant foods. If eating plant foods isn’t convenient for you, you can take vitamin C supplements, but be careful because most vitamin C supplements are poorly created and often contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control. Since the US Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on one of the strains of Ebola, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Centers for Disease Control is somehow involved in the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Africa. For more content related to this article, check out these empowering and enlightening books! I must say I’m appalled at the amazing lack of creative thinking and courage shown by most people as regards vitamin C.

Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. A man who claims he can cure Ebola, Aids and autism with bleach is heading to the UK for a conference next month. Unfortunately, most vaccines contain harmful adjuvants and chemicals that can harm your immune system.
Did you know that when the right type and dose of vitamin C is present in your body, no virus known to the public can thrive in it, even the Ebola virus?
However, these massive doses of vitamin C shouldn’t be taken when there is no viral infection. If you experience stomach issues from taking massive doses of vitamin C, you may need to administer it intravenously. As a result, the viruses multiply, and various body tissues are damaged, possibly resulting in death.
If the fever is not controlled or the symptoms are not reduced, the dosage and the rate of administration should be increased until they are controlled.
Some of the best plant foods that contain high levels of vitamin C are citrus fruits, kiwi, blueberries, bell peppers, kale, and spinach.
Two vitamin C supplements that I recommend are Pure Encapsulations Ascorbic Acid and Liposomal Vitamin C. Some conspiracy truth seekers are saying that the Ebola outbreak in Africa is caused by an artificial version of the Ebola virus.
If you want to learn how liposomal vitamin C can be used to treat Ebola, watch the first video. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, the infected workers, became the first human test subjects for an experimental Ebola virus treatment called "ZMapp." According to a report by CNN, three vials of the drug "stored at subzero temperatures" were flown into Liberia last week in an effort to save Brantly and Writebol.
To make matters worse, some of them have thimerosal, a mercury-based derivative that is very toxic to your body. Since vaccines take a long time to produce, they aren’t reliable for preventing an Ebola epidemic.
For this reason, keeping your immune system healthy is the key to defeating the Ebola virus. The doses of 180 grams per 24 hours would be administered in 3 bottles of lactated Ringer’s, D5W. These plant foods are rich in vitamin C, but if you are planning to consume more than 3,000 mg of vitamin C per day, relying only on plant foods will make it nearly impossible to achieve your vitamin C intake goal.

These attacks are usually orchestrated by government agencies controlled by the New World Order (NWO).
Please be advised that by adding these videos into this article doesn’t mean that I agree with all the information in them. Your generous support will help him to continue his quest to educate and teach people to create a better future for everyone.
The drug, which was developed by Mapp Biopharmaceuticals Inc., had been tested on monkeys infected with the virus with a 100% success rate when administered within 24 hours of infection an 50% success rate when administered with 48 hours. When your immune system is provided with the right nutrients and is working properly, no virus can thrive in your body, even AIDS. A great solution to help you solve this problem is to consume vitamin C supplements along with plant foods. All content posted on this site is protected under Natural Law, which gives every living and spiritual man the natural right to express his or her thoughts in writing. When I give one to two of these bottles in the office I have them run in 2 to 3 hours each. Natural Law is above all corporate or state rules, orders, codes, acts, statutes and regulations, and laws made by man, nullifying these corporate laws and man-made laws. However, when administered in a hospital, the administration should be constant, around the clock at the rate and amount to eliminate the symptoms. None of the information, tips and advice on this site are meant as substitutes for professional medical advice or legal advice. According to the report, she has since been evacuated and is expected to arrive in the U.S. If the fever does not abate in the first 3 or 4 hours, the rate should be increased to whatever necessary to break the fever. However, when the fever and other symptoms abate then the rate of administration can be reduced.

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