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The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. I've cleaned out my switches, cleaning the inner parts and all contacts, as there was a fair amount of dirt and a wee bit of gunge there.
Radio_head wrote:I've cleaned out my switches, cleaning the inner parts and all contacts, as there was a fair amount of dirt and a wee bit of gunge there. Great advice, most of my drinks get split over the area that these wires the wrecker is talking about run along.
Problem Solved!!It turns out that the problem was the Power Window relay switch found lurking behind the fuse box (see attached picture).
I would suggest to anyone who has a similar double window fail (where the windows stop intermittently a few times over the course of a few days and then die completely) to swap this relay and see what happens. Im hoping to go completely late model with the overflow - so It'll look like yours (although I'll have the battery in there as well I hope). Id thought about that - I could have changed the top front hose so that instead of the pipe coming out I use a thermoswitch adapter with a similar bleed valve. You can convert the EF Fans to EL Fans by bridging the two power feed wires on the fan that has 3 wires. Gday just read your thread, love all the DIY, great to see people getting down n dirty and fabricating their own bits. I know what I will be doing tomorrow, looking to see if my thermo fans are EL ones, as I cant remember.
If you have the EL Relay block then wire the fans as per EL - Just join the two power wires on that one fan. EF Thermo look the same as My EL Thermos Well Done 5spdvl Looks Good Mate Any new pix of the Relays Ect And How you wired them up ?
Of the two plugs that come with the fans, one of them is a three pin, which I assume means that fan is used also as a condensor fan for the air conditioning in the Falcon.
I have a brand new set of AU twin thermos still in the box that I'm selling if anyones interested. The annoying thing was that I had an inkling that it may have been this a couple of weeks back, but wasn't sure that the white cube thing was definitely related to the windows. I believe the thermostat housing on XFs is a high point - which is why it's provided with a bleed screw.

When I get time I will see if I can get a new switch from the wreckers, I am still having trouble opening the switches they are fragile. The only noticeable thing is that one of the two black plastic prongs (as can be seen in the photo of the disassembled switches in someone's post above above) on one of the switches has melted somewhat and no longer has a usual fully clean point of contact. Alternatively, the absolute top of the tank tank is level with the top of the rocker cover. Important nonetheless, just doesn't make for great photos.Because I'm removing the aircon compressor, I need to come up with an idler pulley arrangement.
This is necessary as the carby models run the delivery line along the passenger side sill where it's a little more difficult to place a filter.
The Ef falcon fans are more popular for conversions however (probably not as popular as au's). Unlikely that two would have the same power windows problem but work fine otherwise.The wreckers guy had a look at the contacts on my switches which appear ok and then checked the wires for power. Can't work out where the old relay has failed from a quick inspection but it has nevertheless.
The return and vapour lines are routed along the passenger side of the transmission tunnel.
I installed some au fans on mine but Im probably going to goto a clutch fan for the sake of intercooler piping. Seems that the switches aren't getting any power even though there is definitely power going to the BEM for them. The EFI lines run as a group of three along the transmission tunnel with a filter attached to the chassis rail under the rear passenger seat. There's a bit of unnecessary baggage in there as some of the vehicle lighting loom is rolled into the thermofan loom. I popped the front part of the compressor in the oven at 200A‚A° for ten minutes and relied on the differential expansion of the aluminium casing and the steel bearings to loosen things up. I'm using an E-series filter setup cos I reckon they'll be easier to get for a longer period of time.An item of note for those wanting to do this conversion.
I might buy a replacement and whack that in to test it.Getting inside the switches is a pretty easy job. Let me know what part you are stuck at and I'll explain if you like.I was trying to get into the switch the wrong way but have now learnt how, but I also have one of the plastic rods that is half missing, like it has been melted or sliced.

I'm taking the pulley to an local engineering firm so they can machine up and press fit a shaft to it that will be the basis of my idler set up.
Such a nice finish afterward, but it'd last about five minutes with an application of exhaust heat.
Will be rectifying this as a part of the project.In the boot I found the cylinder head that was on the car when I bought it. The engine bay is starting to look like it might work.Attention turned to induction momentarily. I got a small shaft machined up to fit the original compressor pulley which I managed to separate from the compressor - and pressed it on.
No wonder the poor old girl could barely move!In another win for today - I fitted an EL Falcon accelerator pedal and cable.
XG ones don't suit because they foul the radiator hose and in any case the inlets and outlets don't suit the BBM set up. A couple more of these type of jobs and I'm gonna have to take the plunge!Also of note are the electrical plugs on the thermo fans. From the picture you can see the pivot and the point at which the cable terminates are the same length for both pedals. So it appears custom is the way to go.A custom airbox allows better use of available space, allows inlets and outlets to be tailored for. Solution - one drilled hole in the EL pedal and it fits just like it was always supposed to be there!Momentarily, my thoughts turned to what to do about the aircon compressor. They have a single plug and an altogether simpler method of wiring them up to the car's electrical circuit. Started pulling a spare aircon compressor down to see whether the pulleys could be salvaged in order to make my own idler pulley. That should help get the power to the ground rather more nicely than the 2.77 that's currently in it.

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