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Crystal meth has become a well known drug due to the explosion of this narcotic on the South African drug scene. Regardless of the route or frequency of use, cocaine abusers can experience acute cardiovascular or cerebrovascular emergencies, such as a heart attack or stroke, which may cause sudden death. Eating disorders refer to a group of conditions characterized by abnormal eating habits that may involve either insufficient or excessive food intake to the detriment of an individual's physical and emotional health, binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and over eating  being the most common specific forms of this addiction. While proper addiction treatment can be highly effective for many of the specific types of eating disorder, the consequences of eating disorders can be severe, including death  (whether from direct medical effects of disturbed eating habits or from comorbid conditions such as suicidal thinking.
Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling, is a type of impulse-control disorder. Sex addicts may be having a lot of sex, but that doesn't mean they are enjoying themselves. Il y a dix ans, des scientifiques britanniques ont publie un article decrivant des troubles gastro-intestinaux chez 12 enfants. Face aux consequences de ces publications, le CDC Americain (Center for Disease Control) mena une enquete qui rejeta les liens de causalite entre le vaccin ROR (Rougeole-Oreillon-Rubeole) et l’autisme.
Ses detracteurs restent mobilises, car certaines etudes ont montre le contraire de ce qui est avance dans cet article, et si certains pays ont interdit son utilisation dans les vaccins, ce n’est pas le cas de tous les pays et en particulier de la France. Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children. Wakefield AJ, Murch SH, Anthony A, Linnell J, Casson DM, Malik M, Berelowitz M, Dhillon AP, Thomson MA, Harvey P, Valentine A, Davies SE, Walker-Smith JA. L’evolution des mentalites a conduit a une evolution dans la qualite des diagnostics ce qui a entraine un nombre de diagnostics superieurs.
Confondre augmentation du diagnostic et augmentation d’une pathologie est symptomatique de la crise de competence qui sevit dans le monde dit scientifique. Beaucoup d’appeles et peu de competents alors que le batiment manque cruellement de bras.
C’est d’ailleurs une des hypotheses retenue dans l’article presente ici, article publie dans une revue scientifique referencee. A process addiction is a compulsive behavior, such as compulsive gambling, sexual addiction, eating disorders and spending addictions. Neglecting responsibilities in favor of doing the behavior (Showing up late to work due to gambling late the night before).
Your behavior is interfering with your relationships, such as infidelity, neglect of children or change in friendships. Legal trouble, such as illegal gambling, prostitution, or breaking laws in order to engage in your behavior of choice. You feel as if you do not  have control over whether or not you participate in the activity.
The reasons that these addictions are often overlooked lie in a combination of shame, guilt and lack of understanding.
Whatever the addiction or compulsion is, treatment is often necessary to completely abstain. Treatment models and success vary but the most important step is to have a sincere desire to stop the behavior. You dispute the claims made in this article but your only defense is that it isn’t in the DSM-5, which, mind you, was fraught with error when originally released.
Objective: This manuscript reviews the etiology, presentation and treatment options of hypersexuality. Methods: A MEDLINE search was conducted for English-language articles published over the past 35 years and was supplemented by a search of bibliographies of relevant articles [Compulsive Sexual Behavior, Sexual Addiction, altered sexual preference or Hypersexuality (hetero-, homo-, autosexual)]. There is no clear definition of hypersexuality; it is characterized by a change in types and increase in frequency of sexual behaviors. There are also a number of specific behaviors which are common to those who struggle with this condition. As is the case with many other psychiatric disorders, the etiology of hypersexuality is complex and involves a variety of physiological and psychological mechanisms.
The Kluver Bucy syndrome (KBS) is defined by psychic blindness, tendency to orally examine available objects, emotional unresponsiveness, an increase in sexual activity, hypermetamorphosis and difficulties with memory.
Kleine-Levin syndrome is a rare sleep disorder, involving intermittent episodes of increasing drowsiness with a strong association with lack of sexual inhibition. This syndrome occurs mostly in young males and usually diminishes or disappears after the age of 40.[6] The start of this syndrome is usually spontaneous. Kleine-Levin syndrome is strongly associated with compulsive overeating, lack of sexual inhibition and personality change. Hypersexuality as a result of Alzheimer’s disease, Pick’s disease, or AIDS dementia may be neurological in origin that affects the part of the brain that controls inhibition of impulses and feelings of satiation.[10] The person with dementia may derive little satisfaction from the sexual act and be driven by a compulsive need to initiate sex again and again.
One proposal suggests that several neurotransmitters acting in unison but with dynamic balance act as modulators of mood states. Parkinson disease (PD), which affects the dopamine regulation in the basal ganglia, may be accompanied by a variety of psychiatric symptoms. Surgical management of Parkinsonian patients may lead to symptoms of hypersexuality due to dopamine regulation dysfunction.[16] Case reports of patients with right pallidotomy developed a psychiatric syndrome, including prominent hypersexuality, after surgical implantation of a deep brain stimulator electrode in the left globus pallidus. Sexually-inappropriate behavior (purposeful use of lewd language, frotteurism, exhibitionism, sadism and rape) occurring for the first time following the head-injury, was consistently associated with evidence of frontal lobe damage. Hypersexual behavior is much less common than hyposexuality following brain injury.[18] There is a correlation with the development of hypersexual states with the site of a brain lesion in patients with nontraumatic brain injury. Damage to the temporal lobe causes interictal hyposexuality punctuated by hypersexual arousal after seizures. Kennedy-Alter-Sung Syndrome (KAS) is an x-linked recessive disease, which is characterized by an unstable nucleotide repeat expansion.
Changes in sexual function are commonly associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and occur in many forms. Hypersexuality is the end result of many underlying disease processes, each of which requires slightly different therapy.
Several medications have been studied in the pharmacologic treatment of sexually disinhibited behavior. GnRH analogs stimulate the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, thereby increasing estrogen and androgen concentration and decreasing testosterone production.
Because hypersexual behaviors are thought by some to be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been proposed as effective treatment agents. Hypersexuality can be multifactorial and while controlled trials have not been done, various pharmacologic methods have been reported to successfully control hypersexual behaviors and paraphilias in most patient population. I think every one has an addiction of some sort of another, and I do believe that pron, over eating, video gaming, over internet use, gambling, over exercising, and so on are addictions process (behavioral addictions).
Anyone who would treat bipolar disorder, GAD, narcissistic personality disorder and Parkinson’s Disease as the same disease would be guilty of malpractice. Comorbidity of DSM-IV pathological gambling and other psychiatric disorders: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. ABSTRACT To present nationally representative data on lifetime prevalence and comorbidity of pathological gambling with other psychiatric disorders and to evaluate sex differences in the strength of the comorbid associations. Pathological gambling is highly comorbid with substance use, mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, suggesting that treatment for one condition should involve assessment and possible concomitant treatment for comorbid conditions. Neuroscience is discussing studies of the lack of the same dopamine-inhibiting receptors in the brain of addicts. It is then used together with other drugs like cannabis (marijuana, dagga) or inhaled on its own.
The powdered hydrochloride salt form of cocaine can be snorted or dissolved in water and then injected. For example, cocaine constricts blood vessels, dilates pupils, and increases body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Cocaine-related deaths are often a result of cardiac arrest or seizure followed by respiratory arrest. Chronic users may develop collapsed veins, infection of the heart lining and valves, abscesses, and liver or kidney disease. Compulsive gamblers can’t control the impulse to gamble, even when they know their gambling is hurting themselves or their loved ones. Instead of having healthy sexual relationships, a sex addict uses the activity as a way to get a rush, deal with stress, or escape from negative feelings. Having a parent who acted out sexually increases the likelihood that the child will grow up thinking the behavior is appropriate. On s’est interroge sur les raisons qui auraient pu en etre responsables et parmi elles, la vaccination. Les 12 enfants presentaient des troubles du developpement et chez 9 d’entre eux un diagnostic d’autisme a ete pose.
Une etude californiennes allait dans le meme sens rappelant que si la vaccination avait augmente de 14%, la prevalence de l’autisme avait elle augmente de 373%.
Le thimerosal est un derive du mercure utilise dans les vaccins pour les conserver steriles grace a son activite antimicrobienne.
Apres lecture des 5000 pages du dossier, des 939 articles et apres avoir ecoute differents experts, elle considera l’absence de lien entre  le thimerosal contenu dans les vaccins et l’autisme.
It is somewhat easy to comprehend the chemical addiction of a person who abuses substances while the strong psychological compulsions of the process addict are often ignored. However it is well known both for substance and process addictions that a person’s reward center in their brain is stimulated causing release of chemicals into the body and brain which drive addictive behaviors. Treatment methods vary but the most effective include identification and cessation of the behavior with a strong and long term commitment to keep it stopped.
I would caution against making such a diagnosis or trying to bill insurers because you may well find yourself sued for malpractice for failure to diagnose and treat the underlying disorders of these compulsions and being jailed for insurance fraud.
I suggest you read this article from a legitimate, peer-reviewed medical journal on the multiple possible etiologies of hypersexual behavior for an example how symptoms are non-specific and need careful diagnosis to render effective treatment.
Results: Hypersexuality is a change in types and increase in frequency of sexual behaviors. For the purpose of this article, hypersexuality is an increased need, even pressure, for sexual gratification.
These behaviors include: compulsive masturbation, compulsive sex with prostitutes, anonymous sex with multiple partners, multiple affairs outside a committed relationship, frequent patronizing of sexually-oriented establishments, habitual exhibitionism, habitual voyeurism, inappropriate sexual touching, sexual abuse of children, and rape. Frontal lobe dysfunction can lead to disinhibition of sexual behavior and hypersexual behavior. Onset of hypersexuality has been associated with frontal lobe lesions, frontal and temporal lesions, temporal lobe epilepsy, dementia, Kluver-Bucy syndrome, multiple lesions in multiple sclerosis, and treatment of Parkinson’s disease with dopaminergic agents. People affected by this syndrome can spend 10 to 20 hours asleep (hypersomnia) in bed.[5] Episodes may last days to weeks and occur several times per year. Sexual responses include inappropriate sexual advances and overt masturbation, especially in males. Alternatively, the person may simply forget that sex had taken place and initiate a sexual advance soon after having had intercourse. The hallmark symptoms of mania include an abnormal, often expansive and elevated mood lasting for at least 1 week.
In particular, serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine appear to modify mood, cognition, and sense of pleasure or displeasure leading to sexually disinhibited behavior. It is important to distinguish these from psychiatric syndromes that are associated with the treatment of PD.
This demonstrates that patients may be at risk for the development of psychiatric sequelae after pallidal surgery. The disease causes progressive neuromuscular degeneration of lower motor neurons resulting in proximal muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, and fasciculations.
Hypersexual thoughts or behavior are rare, but can present on the background of persistent cognitive impairment or psychiatric conditions such as mania, whereas isolated hypersexuality is still rarer. When the underlying cause may be treated, as is the case with mania, sexually disinhibited behavior discontinues.
These medications include antiandrogens, estrogens, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs and serotonergic agents. To maintain effectiveness, these medications must be used continuously and may cause hot flashes, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Stay away from pop psychologists who get their theory base from the self-help section of their local bookstore.
Some 43,093 household and group quarters residents age 18 years and older participated in the 2001-2002 survey. You obviously are a social worker, counselor or psychologist who has zero training in medicine.
The drug mix is cut with other substances that give it bulk and may make the effects more potent – the most common of these bulking agents being rat poison. Crystal meth belongs to a category of drugs known as methamphetamines and is more addictive than other popular drugs like cocaine. Crack is the street name given to the form of cocaine that has been processed to make a rock crystal, which, when heated, produces vapors that are smoked.
It can also cause headaches and gastrointestinal complications such as abdominal pain and nausea. Snorting is the process of inhaling heroin powder through the nose, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. Pulmonary complications, including various types of pneumonia, may result from the poor health of the abuser as well as from heroin’s depressing effects on respiration.
If you’re preoccupied with gambling, spending more and more time and money on it, chasing losses, or gambling despite serious consequences, you have a gambling problem. They get caught up in fantasizing about sex and in sexual activities to the extent that it interferes with their everyday lives. Not all sex addicts are visiting prostitutes or having affairs; some of the behaviors may involve looking at porn, excessive masturbation, or going to strip clubs. Growing up in a home where parents were distant or abusive may set the stage for a sexual addiction as well.
Chez 6 des 9 enfants, les medecins ont fait le lien avec la vaccination contre la rougeole (Wakefield et al., 1998). En Angleterre on retrouve egalement une prevalence de l’autisme en augmentation malgre un taux stable de vaccination. En 1999, la FDA et le CDC publiaient un communique indiquant que les industriels devaient reduire ou completement eliminer le thimerosal des vaccins. Partial retraction in: Murch SH, Anthony A, Casson DH, Malik M, Berelowitz M, Dhillon AP, Thomson MA, Valentine A, Davies SE, Walker-Smith JA.
This is ironic as there are actual chemical processes which occur during the behavior which are very similar to the chemical changes which take place during substance abuse.
This is unfortunate as the suffering, loss of life and family, and debilitating consequences are no less. Often we enjoy very large meals or go on a little spending spree when we get a nice bonus at work.
The etiology of hypersexuality is complex and involves a variety of physiological and psychological mechanisms. In addition to these, fantasy sex, prostitution, pedophilia, masochism, fetishes, and sex with animals may also be associated behaviors.
Temporal lobe abnormalities, which have been associated with hypersexuality, also seem to be involved in development of various fetishes, paraphilias, and pedophilia.
The start and end of each attack is usually inconsistent and may be either rapid or gradual.

Mania also may include a decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts or a sense that thoughts are “out of control,” rapid and often pressured speech, increased goal-directed activities or projects, hypersexuality, reckless behaviors and risk taking, and “delusions of grandeur.[12] Mania results from neurochemical imbalances within the brain. Parkinsonian patients may experience hypersexuality as a consequence of anti-parkinsonian therapy.[13] There was no relation between functional improvement and increased sexuality. The clinical, neuropsychological, electrodiagnostic, neuroimaging and endocrine findings in an MS patient with episodes of greatly increased libido are described. Antiandrogens are thought to reduce testosterone levels, which then impairs sexual functioning and eliminates hypersexual behavior. Leuprolide acetate has been reported to be successful in treating patients with hypersexual behavior or paraphilias. Prevalence and associations of lifetime pathological gambling and other lifetime psychiatric disorders are presented.
A large majority of the associations between pathological gambling and substance use, mood, anxiety, and personality disorders were overwhelmingly positive and significant (p .05).
I am sure that you being the great scientist that you aren’t that the dopaminergic process you describe are also present id those without addictive or compulsive behavior. Like tik (crystal meth) it has become a popular drug among teens and it is highly addictive. In addition to the effects of the drug itself, street heroin often contains toxic contaminants or additives that can clog blood vessels leading to the lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain, causing permanent damage to vital organs. Compulsive gamblers keep gambling whether they’re up or down, broke or flush, happy or depressed. The difference between an addiction to sex and a healthy sex drive is when the person continues to act out in spite of negative consequences. Une etude danoise comparant enfants avec vaccination et enfants sans vaccination, ne retrouve pas de risque augmente d’autisme parmi les vaccines.
Le CDC recommanda meme l’arret de la vaccination contre l”hepatite B chez les nourrissons tant que le thimerosal n’en serait pas retire. There are real chemical and biological changes which occur in the brain of someone who has a process addiction.
So the addict keeps chasing the “high” whether it be the up and down roller coaster of gambling or the highs and lows of cocaine addiction.
This is how it can begin for the process addict however for unknown reasons some individuals keep doing the same “feel good behavior” over and over. It may include compulsive masturbation in both public and private places but usually involves an insatiable desire for sexual contact with others. It is a combination of these behaviors along with the compulsivity that comprises hypersexuality. Other etiologies include Huntington chorea, hypoxia, hypoglycemia, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and some neuroleptic medication. Personality changes may include irritability, depersonalization, depression, confusion, occasional hallucinations and impulsive behavior.[7] On recovery, total or partial loss of memory (amnesia) for what has happened is usual, although disgust at overeating is common. Most patients showed some element of dose dependency between antiparkinsonian drugs and the hypersexual behavior.[14] In addition cases have been reported that patients developed penile mutilation in response to levodopa-carbidopa treatment of Parkinsonism. Patients often show gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, and reduced fertility due to androgen insensitivity. Imaging and neuropsychological studies indicated frontal lobe dysfunction; hormone studies showed no significant changes. This behavior may also be the result of other neurologic disorders or a side effect of medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Medroxyprogesterone acetate and cyproterone acetate are the most commonly used antiandrogenic agents.[25] Both of these medications can cause fatigue, weight gain and depression. Other patients have had good results from treatment with clomipramine, which is a tricyclic antidepressant with some SSRI properties, titrated to a dosage of 150 to 175 mg per day.
Owens, Pharmacologic treatment of hypersexuality and paraphilias in nursing home residents. Tavares, Cyproterone for hypersexuality in a psychotic patient with Wilson’s disease. The diagnostic interview was the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Alcohol Use Disorder and Associated Disabilities Interview Schedule-DSM-IV Version.
Perhaps you need a review of the various types of validity- construct, convergent and discriminate that you seem to have never learned, nor ever used since you have a very naive grasp of research. All three methods of administering heroin can lead to addiction and other severe health problems. En 2001, plus aucun vaccin recommande en routine chez l’enfant de moins de 6 ans ne contenait de thimerosal (aux Etats-Unis). Even though process addiction is often coupled with drug addiction each addiction needs to be tackled in order for a full recovery to take place.
It typically involves inappropriate behavior in relation to others, such as a pattern of lewd or suggestive language, fondling, flirtation, disrobing oneself or others, and overt sexual acts.
The most common feature of all etiologies is bilateral mesial temporal lobe destruction or dysfunction. Most individuals have visual agnosia which is characterized by the inability to distinguish among friends, relatives and strangers.
The Kluver-Bucy Syndrome in humans, both atraumatic and following head injury, is usually associated with aphasia, amnesia, dementia and sometimes seizures. Both hypersexuality and paraphilias can cause behaviors in patients that are difficult to manage.
In one study, patients were given medroxyprogesterone acetate in a dosage of 300 mg per week intramuscularly for one year. SSRIs have adverse effects that include nausea and vomiting, headache, fatigue and insomnia.
Une etude menee en Suede et au Danemark ne retrouvait pas de lien entre thimerosal et autisme. Obvious side effects of gambling addiction are debt, bankruptcy job and family disruptions. This sexual behavior may also be the result of other neurologic disorders or a side effect of medications Conclusions: Hypersexuality can be idiopathic or the end result of many underlying disease processes. Auditory agnosia has also been discovered in some cases and occasionally tactile agnosia may be present. In the event that nonpharmacologic treatments are unsuccessful, many pharmacologic agents may be used to treat hypersexuality.
Clomipramine is associated with both anticholinergic effects and orthostatic hypotension, and should therefore be used with caution in elderly patients.
Hypermetamorphosis is regarded as consistent exploration of the environment and with subsequent placement of objects into the mouth. For example, a case of safety-pin fetish was reported to be associated with temporal lobe epilepsy. Both the fetish and the epileptic seizures disappeared when the epileptic focus was successfully removed surgically.
But pharmacologic methods can successfully control hypersexual behaviors and paraphilias in most patient population.
Some cases of sexual behavior such as copulation and masturbation has been documented.[2] However, these cases are infrequent and most cases involve sexual overtures, comments, and attempted physical contact. A combination of at least 3 or more of the symptoms is typically suggestive of the Kluver-Bucy Syndrome. Carbamazepine treatment has been discovered as a useful agent for eliminating some of the symptoms of the syndrome.[3] Carbamazepine is an effective anticonvulsant in temporal and limbic seizure foci.

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