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Zendaya may be a Disney star, but she’s also a style icon, dancer, singer, fashion designer, model and social activist… She’s a lot of things. She also has an incredible body, and recently got into a twitter-feud with comedienne Julie Klausner over the possibility of her having an eating disorder.
This one seems like it doesn’t make sense considering Zendaya is vegetarian, but in an interview with US Weekly the young star confessed that she “doesn’t like vegetables too much” which makes her diet “challenging.” Maybe she can sneak some in? Even though she’s not in college, and well, makes enough money to afford food that’s not instant ramen, Zendaya still loves the college staple.
Okay, let’s be honest, Zendaya can’t just eat burritos and ice cream and have a body like that. Zendaya once tweeted, “Im really not a breakfast person,” which explains the lack of syrup on her pancakes and the fact that she sometimes eats ramen for the morning meal. I’m guessing no eggs benedict for her, either.
Okay, so maybe she is a breakfast person, because she has been seen numerous times chowing down on handfuls of Fruity Pebbles straight out of the box. Like our “Spoon Health-ier” Facebook page because nutrition labels shouldn’t count as a foreign language.
Living without chronic disease and energy is within your reach eating highly NUTRIENT DENSE food. Massive amounts of dyes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and toxins – the average is 14 pounds a year. The Eat to Live concepts are illustrated by comparing NUTRIENT DENSITIES of different foods -eat more of the  NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS! Nutritional science in the last twenty years has demonstrated that colorful plant foods contain a huge assortment of protective compounds, mostly of which still remain unnamed.
Only by eating an assortment of nutrient-rich natural foods can we access these protective compounds and prevent the common diseases that afflict Americans.
Our modern, low-nutrient eating style has led to an overweight population, the majority of whom develop diseases of nutritional ignorance, causing our medical costs to spiral out of control.
To guide people toward the most nutrient dense foods, Joel Fuhrman, MD, developed a scoring system called ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index), which ranks foods based on their ratio of nutrients to calories.
Because phytochemicals are largely unnamed and unmeasured, these rankings underestimate the healthful properties of colorful natural plant foods compared to processed foods and animal products. One thing we do know is that the foods that contain the highest amount of known nutrients are the same foods that contain the most unknown nutrients too.
Keep in mind that nutrient density scoring is not the only factor that determines good health. For example, if we only ate foods with a high nutrient density score our diet would be too low in fat. So we have to pick some foods with lower nutrient density scores (but preferably the healthier ones) to include in our high nutrient diet.
Additionally, if a slim  or highly physically active individual ate only the highest nutrient foods they would become so full from all of the fiber and nutrients that would keep them from meeting their caloric needs and they would eventually become too thin. This of course gives you a hint at the secret to permanent weight control – to eat the greatest quantity of the foods with the highest ANDI scores, and lesser amounts of foods with lower ANDI scores. For further information, read chapter 3 of Eat for Health, in which I discuss nutrient density and the importance of phytochemicals in detail.
To determine the scores above almost all vitamins and minerals were considered and added in.
Nutrient quantities, which are normally in many different measurements (mg, mcg, IU) were converted to a percentage of their RDI so that a common value could be considered for each nutrient. There is really no other way to eat long-term and be health and thin – your calories must be packed with nutrients. The fats in nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, clean wild fish, and grass fed animals are HEALTHY.

Eliminate bread (which are almost all empty carbs), pasta (again, most all you eat will be empty sugar), packaged foods, sugary juices, diet drinks (drink water and organic green tea), dairy, etc. Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Fat, Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Protein, and Amino Acids. In classic Zendaya fashion (remember: Giuliana Rancic’s comment on her red-carpet dreadlocks), the star commented back praising all body types thick and skinny alike. Zendaya has been a vegetarian since she was nine-years-old, so there is no beef, chicken, or fish in her diet. She claims she’s obsessed with the frozen stuff, “If you’re with me long enough, you will be eating ice cream on a daily basis and I just can’t help it.
Her favorite place to get burritos is not Chipotle but Los Burritos, which is located in her home state of California. She’s also a fan of eating fresh, light, and healthy foods, especially in her favorite summer rice salad.
That’s just the way I like it (or in pancake form, ice cream sandwich form, or marshmallow treat form). Nutrient Data from Nutritionist Pro software for an equal caloric amount of each food item was obtained. Since there is currently no RDI for Carotenoids, Glucosinolates, or ORAC score, goals were established based on available research and current understanding of the benefits of these factors. Fuhrman’s nutrient density food rankings, scoring system, and point determinations of foods and it dietary application to individual medical needs is patented. It is the rancid, highly heated vegetable oil and trans- fats, which are one step away from eating plastic. 2004; Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Antioxidant Capacities of Common Foods in the United States. Next time you chow down on some noodles, think that you’re not broke, just trendy like Zendaya.
It is EMPTY CARBS that are killing American’s through obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The % RDI or Goal for each nutrient which the USDA publishes a value for was added together to give a total. Get ready for a new, luscious take on deliciousness!Remember that a low-carb diet needs to be higher in fat, to make it satisfying.
All nutrients were weighted equally with a factor of one except for the foods ORAC score. The ORAC score was given a factor 2 (as if it were two nutrients) due to the importance of antioxidant phytonutrients so that a contribution  from unnamed and unscored anti-oxidant phytochemicals were represented in the scoring.
The sum of the food’s total nutrient value was then multiplied by a fraction to make the highest number equal 1000 so that all foods could be considered on a numerical scale of 1 to 1000. Add enough fat to feel satisfied after eating.This can sometimes be a challenge for people who are not used to eating natural fat.
Assays for Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Antioxidant Capacity of Plasma and Other Biological and Food Samples. Banish any item labeled ‘light’ or ‘lite’ from your pantry and refrigerator.Forget nonfat and low-fat dairy.
Try to add natural fat rather than avoid it.Fatty cuts of meat can be more flavorful, tender and inexpensive than leaner cuts. Use different fats for different flavorsFats can change the flavor of a dish, which adds variety to your meals.
Green teaNo weight loss food list would be complete without mentioning green tea.That is because green tea contains the same amount of caffeine which help to burn fat. Or, saute them in peanut oil and drizzle with sesame oil for a delicious, Asian-inspired variation.Experiment with new combinations to see what you like best.

Top any dish with oil, dressing, sauces, or butterDrizzle on oil… Pour on dressing… Spoon on Hollandaise… Ladle on flourless gravy… Dollop on sour cream… Spread on mayo… Melt on butter.
For more, check out our recipes for low-carb dressings, condiments, dips and sauces  6. Ensure snacks contain fatAs a rule, it is best to avoid snacks, but if you are too hungry to make it comfortably to the next meal, reach for a real-food snack with plenty of fat.
Blend fat into coffee or teaMelting butter or coconut oil into coffee or tea is quick and easy. Especially if you drink it despite not being hungry, adding tons of fuel you don’t need.
If you do decide to treat yourself, look for recipes that are heavy in fat and low in sugar and artificial sweeteners.
When you cut back on carbohydrates, the trick is to fuel your energy needs with fat instead.
Eat enough fat at your meals so that you are not hungry for at least 5 hours.Shoot for feeling pleasantly satisfied, but not overfed.
After dinner, you should make it easily through the night – 12 hours without hunger (if not more). Work towards finding this balance.Below are a few refinements to this advice, if you really want to maximize the effectiveness of your low-carb diet. Ease into fat adaptionWhen you begin your low-carb journey, you may find some high-fat foods taste ‘too rich.’ Be patient. As you transition to your new way of eating, both your body and your taste buds will adjust. Add fat as needed for maintenanceOnce you reach your goal weight, you no longer have the internal fat stores necessary to fuel an energy shortfall day after day. Now is the time to gradually add more fat to your diet until you find the satisfying balance of hunger-free weight maintenance.4. Eat an adequate amount of proteinPart of the trick of minimizing hunger is making sure you eat the right amount of protein. But, if you can’t beat your hunger by adding fat, or if you are eating very low-carb but stalled in weight loss, take a look at how much protein you are eating.How much is enough? Individual needs vary, but about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight (each day) may be optimal for weight loss.
You may need more if you are active though, especially if lifting weights and building muscle.5. Optional extra detailsIf you’re interested in even more details and discussion about adapting the amount of fat and protein to your exact needs, and your situation, watch this interview with Dr. Refrigeration is a fairly new convenience and I have been surprised that everything I cook in the saturated fat lasts so much longer in the refrigerator than low fat, high sugar items ever did.
If you add a tablespoon of whey from your yogurt or sour cream to homemade mayonnaise or sauces, they last for months instead of days. Hard cheeses put into Food Saver bags in the refrigerator last for months instead of days or weeks. I buy expensive meats when the grocery store has marked them down because they are getting to their use by date.

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