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Slowly, the population at large is discovering that exercise alone is not enough for weight loss.
What I’ve discovered over the years is the major reason people ask a meal plan is so that when they inevitably fail, they can pin that failure on inadequacies in the plan and not on themselves. But before I can get someone to believe they need to learn how to eat, I first have to explain why meal planning is always destined to fail. Clearly, the problem people have isn’t with food repetitiveness (human are remarkable creatures of habit and most of us stick to the same foods day in and day out). People in China have made a habit of including rice as part of most, if not all, of their meals for thousands of years and they do ok. Unfortunately, if you actually design a plan that includes the variety people think they crave, you run into a different problem entirely.
Although people like to think they need variety, fact of the matter is most of us do way better when we simplify our food selection. Although most people understand the need to continue varying their training programs, seemingly no one appreciates the need to do the same thing with their approach to eating.
In other words, the diet changes that took you from being 25% body fat down to 20% body fat, are going to be different than those needed to move you from 20% body fat down to 15% body fat. Given how often some people need to adjust their diets, continual updates to meal plans becomes quite cost prohibitive.
Despite all the reasons why meal plans fail, certain individuals do benefit from following a specific plan.

Since this only applies to 0.02% of the population, does this mean that no one else benefits from a plan? If these individuals are struggling to change their bodies and have mastered all of the above, then a carefully constructed plan that manipulates macronutrients intake, meal timing and calories is needed. This year, I’ve decided to discuss Why Females Fail With Steady State Cardio, which figures to be a real eye-opener for anyone still trying to get lean with loads of cardio.
However, as I grow older and somewhat wiser, I’ve learned that the chances someone succeeds with a meal plan are exceedingly slim. This refusal to accept personal responsibility is the same attitude I increasingly see in many students: the reason I failed that test was because I had a bad teacher, not because I neglected to study.
Not only does this speed up food preparation significantly, it offers cost savings since we can purchase the foods we need in bulk and actually get through them before they spoil. The only way to be successful with weight loss is if you accept some accountability for what goes into your own mouth. These individuals typically have a time-limited need for weight loss (think body builder or combat sport athlete needing to make weight). Just a reminder, this Saturday (March 26th, 2011) there is a fundraising exercise and nutrition symposium (Exercise Nutrition Symposium) I’ll be speaking at The University of Western Ontario. It is intended only to provide health information to assist you in being better informed and help you make better health care decisions.
Unfortunately, this has lead to a proliferation of people who believe that the key to weight loss success is through a meal plan.

Didn’t you just tell me that you currently eat cereal for breakfast EVERY DAY of your life? And just because what we did produced results for the past couple of weeks, you can be damn sure we need to change the diet again to force the body to continue changing. And given that you plan on putting things into your mouth for the entire duration of your 80-year life span… doesn’t it make sense to spend a couple months learning how to manipulate your own diet, instead of expecting someone else to do it for you? When there is a fixed penalty for not making weight, compliance to a meal plan actually isn’t too bad. There will be tons of great speakers covering all the best diet and exercises approaches for great results. We encourage you to consult a medical provider before beginning any new treatment, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like additional information.The University of New Hampshire Health Services assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly for any action or inaction you choose based on the information, services, or materials on or linked to this site.
And if I changed that salad to being a chocolate chip cookie, do you think you could manage to make it part of your daily lunch routine?

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