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Young Barack Obama His Mother, Ann Dunham Grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Father Barack Sr.
Barack Obama is the change -- How can I help them - 1000 ways to help in a disaster - Albert V. Maldives, Somalia, finally disasters stuck America and you still You did nothing and others did little. I and most Americans truly hope that Zimmerman is NOW put on trial for a civil rights violation, where the results will not be in the hands of 6 biased unintelligent women in a state with racist generated laws (Florida). The Department is led by the Attorney General, who is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate and is a member of the Cabinet. The victim, a 17 year old African American boy, who profiled by Zimmerman as looking suspicious as he was walking home with a bag of candy.
NAACP (Historic name=The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is an African-American civil rights organization in the United States, formed in 1909, that is urging the Attorney General to put Zimmerman on federal trial, is historically an organization that has fought and bled for African American civil rights since 1909. Since President Obama, is also an African American, who has the ENTIRE population of the U.S.
Mitt Romney and Republicans: Deluded, Delusional, Intellectually Deficient, Haters, downright soul-less people a€” a lingering disease in America.
A sociopath and psychotic liar, such as Mitt Romney, is an insane candidate and will debate as if his life depends on it and as if he is under attack.
Our newest inductee is Martin Bashir, a British journalist, currently with NBC News as a contributor for its Dateline program, and an afternoon anchor for MSNBC, hosting Martin Bashir. Barack Hussein Obama shown with his mother Ann who was born late in November 1942, in Wichita. The entire healthcare industry is moving to "prevention and wellness care" not only to get and keep American's healthy but to avoid treating extremely costly illness that results from waiting until a person is in late stages of an illness (i.e.
The purpose of the site is to vent publicly about what the media fails to do and to compliment it for exceptional and innovative approaches and coverage of news. Because of the demands of my studies, I may go months without updating, but I will always be back. Romneya€™s Mormon ancestors flee to Mexico to avoid anti-polygamy laws imposed on them in 1892.
Pro Vietnam War Mitt Romney flees to France as a Mormon missionary to avoid military service in 1968. Mitt Romney makes millions in dollars exporting American jobs to China and other low wage countries instead of awarding the work to American workers.
Mitt Romney thumbs his nose at Americans and refuses to show us his past tax returns for the 10+ years before 2010, which would be damning to his character as an American. Mitt Romney was recorded by a secret video talking to his rich campaign donors, and said in very CLEAR and very SPECIFIC well chosen words that 47% of Americans dona€™t pay any taxes, and that it is not his job to worry about thema€¦and that this nearly 50% of America thinks of themselves as a€?victimsa€?. Why is it that media interviewers sit there as though they are brain dead when Republicans use the term The American People?
Republicans consciously say this as though ALL the American People agree with what they say next. Why doesna€™t the news media see that the Republican Party is now FULL of the lunatic fringe. His appeal aimed to build on a rousing speech from Michelle Obama and former president Bill Clinton. First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about her personal story, and that of the President, emphasizing their humble beginnings as she has in previous campaign speeches. She reflected on her fears four years ago about how the office might change her husband and the life their family lives. The first lady steered clear of hard policy prescriptions, aiming instead to speak about the President's character. MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Monday accused Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of using racial politics to turn white voters against President Barack Obama. Immediately, Clint Eastwood became a trending topic on Twitter as commenters poured out their thoughtsa€”and let their imaginations run wild. And a Shepard Fairey version of the 2008 "Hope" poster was circulating with an image of a chair instead of Obama. Mama Sarah spent most of on Wednesday morning talking on the telephone to her relatives in America, UK and South Africa about Obamaa€™s victory against Mrs. Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, hailed the victory as historic, saying Obama had won the nomination with dignity. US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, said Obamaa€™s win would have tremendous impact on Kenya. Back at Obamaa€™s fathera€™s home in Siaya, residents basked in international glare as CNN led other international media teams in airing to the world live the joy of the village. They believe that action (or inactions) are all in the name of Conservatism, States Rights, Guns, Oil, God and now Tea.
Obama’s love of the country and the world is an open book, and his heart is as big as the globe. Obama is a trusted leader around the world including the mass population of Western and Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia,Africa, and the Middle East. Obama is the ONLY President and administration that was able to find and kill Osama Bin Laden.
Instead of having the intellectual acumen to rip apart the fat ignorant asses who spew division and misinformation in the Republican party, the reporters and analysts of the media give voice to some of the most intellectually deficient people in our country, who oppose Obama, when even a child could discern that they are disingenuous, liars, and that they oppose him for age-old biases -- mostly because they never imagined and still cannot accept an African American is our President.
The media has failed to educate the masses that health care was a national crisis and America’s shame.
The media spends more effort on a new iPhone coming out, or a new movie than they do on helping Americans understand critical issues, see right from wrong, make good political decisions, contribute to the harmony of a diverse globe - religions and races. Already the media is miles behind the growing movement and demonstrations on Wall Street and around the nation against corporate greed, police brutality, global warming, the rich paying their fair share, health care, poverty abatement, etc. DO SOMETHING to make the world better and crush those, who try to stop you or stand in the way of human progress, harmony, and good government. There is a historic opportunity and imperative for the media to change it’s VISION and MISSION and to develop strategies and goals to be an ACTIVE partner in the progress of humankind. The purpose of the site is to raise serious concerns about the future of the Republican Party, its members, their motivation, and their influence. You are being used to make the Republican Party seem to be inclusive and to build its membership roles. I will start by saying that the Republic Party has morphed over the last centuries into something extremely strange and counter to American principals.
This is one of the pivotal moments in American history and the future direction of our country is at stake. Often well meaning people such as Christians or denominations such as Catholics and some of those who consider themselves Christian fundamentalist are lured into the Republic fold. Except for three intelligent Republic members, the others are intimidated to vote a straight party line.
According to Wikipedia, an autocracy is a form of government in which the political power is held by a single, self-appointed ruler.
Autocracy is not synonymous with totalitarianism, as the latter concept was forged in 1923 to distinguish modern regimes from traditional dictatorships. The Republican members (except for three of them) could care less about Democracy or what is the long-term good of the people.
Why doesn’t the news media see that the Republican Party is now FULL of the lunatic fringe.
The media need to be ever vigilant and shine a bright investigative light on the Republican operatives who are throwing gas on this flame.
John Thomas North (pictured), originally a Yorkshire mechanic, became a friend of the future King George V and was worth $10 million in 1889? King George V of the United Kingdom was a member of the Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping Car Porters "George"? 19 crewmen of the Russian oceanliner SS Czar received the Silver Sea Gallantry Medal from King George V of the United Kingdom for rescuing 102 survivors from a burning ship in October 1913? The current Attorney General is Eric Holder, who is an African American, which should not be relevant. Then he was followed by Zimmerman, goaded into a fight by Zimmerman, and shot dead through the heart by Zimmerman with the gun carried by Zimmerman.

And other national activist and leaders that are advocating for justice for Trayvon Martin and for Zimmerman to be put on federal civil rights trial are predominantly African American leaders.
Show us a profile of courage in the face of the certainty of criticism that you will receive.
His clear sight, logic, and energetic, highly intelligent truths are extremely impressive and of great benefit to America and the world.
It is a long-term project and will only be updated periodically due to the author’s time constraints. Although CNN is doing some analysis, MUCH more insight and indignation is needed on behalf of society. The first lady assured disenchanted voters who backed her husband in 2008 but are wary or wavering today that four years of political knife fights and hard compromises had not stripped her husband of his moral core.
During MSNBCa€™s Mitchell Reports, Matthews accused the Republican Party of trying to prevent people from being able to vote.
Barack's maternal grandparents raised Obama in Hawaii while his mother was living in Indonesia. Wycliffe Omondi read The Standard at her Kogelo village home, Siaya District, Kenya on Thursday.
They will use these slogans (and that is all they are to them, slogans) to lie about anything and everything. Billions of people around the world gained immeasurable life sustaining hope for themselves and their families when they learned that a man of color (an African American man with recent African heritage) was able to win a national election to become the leader of the most powerful, thriving, and richest country in the world -- in the face of all the organized and historically rooted racism, hatred, bigotry, and ignorance in America and around the world. The media’s reporters and analysts see this but they want a different and more controversial story.
His international capitol is still sky high, and that is an important element of being a world leader. He made an extremely risky decision to go into Pakistan without permission to kill him and succeeded. The old brain reporters are so entrenched in outdated concepts of just chasing new news stories, they don't realize that TODAY, in this age, there is a historical responsibility to force some issues and EXPOSE they worthless politicians and supporters, who are HURTING our country and putting us all at RISK. It has primarily attracted members with extreme personality and character quirks that are for the most part disguised under the cloak of conservatism.
The term is mostly pejorative.[1] It was used for the first time by Aristophanes in his satire against the demagogue Cleon. They contrive to say anything that will feed ignorance, fear, misinformation, and misdirection of their listeners; and they routinely violate the principle of truthful discourse and dissemination of information.
Nor is it synonymous with military dictatorship, as these often take the form of "collective presidencies" such as the South American juntas.
These people have been surreptitiously pointed and pushed to vent their anger, frustration, and confusion to disrupt the town halls and any programs of the Obama administration -- especially healthcare reform but many are more dangerous than may be realized. The Republican Party may have had a strong democratic and patriot beginning but over the years, it has been hijacked by autocrats, the ignorant and the insane.
95% of all African Americans voted for Obama as well as the majority of minority races in America. Most have paid all forms of taxes--state, federal income, other withholdings such as Social Security and Medicare taxes, local, sales taxes, fees, etc.
An opponent must hit him with so much detrimental information so fast and in such quantity that Romney cannot possible answer all the charges. Add to that a megalomaniac disorder; you have the Republican nightmare that is facing America and the world. The media needs to put a thumb on the side of the scale for truth and justice and the American Way. Why is it that the media seems to be stupid when in plain daylight the Republicans are incensing the crazies to come out, to say, and do insane and ignorant things? The would-be responsible Republican leaders and what remains of the Republican intellectuals are now leading the worse elements of America. And Clinton cast the current president as the heir to the policies that charged the economy of the 1990s and yielded government surpluses. Republicans this year have pushed for voter ID laws and other voting restrictions in an attempt to crack down on alleged voter fraud. Someone must have beat, deprived, or brain-washed them from a very early age, or they had some very unfortunate life encounters that programmed their beliefs and warped their minds. That alone is historical and worth another four more years even if he accomplished nothing else.
Many of them with status will never admit this and they try to use eloquent arguments about Obama’s leadership to justify why they are downing him when in fact, Obama has done and EXTRAORDINARY job pulling the country back together economically after being on the verge of catastrophic failures and especially given the overwhelming unprecedented opposition of the Republicans and Tea Party nuts.
Insurance cost over that recent years went up four hundred percent and is a third of family income for those, who have it. No matter what the rhetoric, history will show you as obstructionist to American progress and humanity.
The rest of the world thinks you are a strange species; and that perhaps you were picked on or beaten as a child, so you were driven to be different.
Others are just pure phonies and have so little substance or character that they joined under the delusion that they would be associated with people with money or those who are close to or control money or power. Their twisted reasoning and dishonesty routinely anger millions of people and energizes millions of psychically disturbed Republicans and Republican leaning people. President Obama has already stabilized the American economy and restored American confidence in the future and progress. Many recently have seen a different light and are no longer a part of that lock-step political gang.
They marching to a beat similar to what the Nazi party created -- a total mindless autocracy. Is this a moment of courage brought to bear by a small stupid biased killer in a state that has laws formed by biased (prejudiced) lawmakersa€”to take on the system in the name of justice for ALL? The strikes must be hard hitting and designed to force answers that show the sociopathic side of Romney. The media should not only be the eyes and ears of the people but should be a powerful mind to analyze the truth and justice of events and ALSO to put a THUMB on the balance scale of truth and justice and the American Way. Why does the media treat these insanely ignorant people as though they are just Concerned Americans, and allow their handlers go unchallenged when they refer to them as Real Americans, when it is clear that under greater magnification and inspection, these people have no idea what they are talking about, have never read, studied, or even seen the Constitution that they refer to, and most are simply Obama bashers and nuts!!!! But Democrats have claimed the voting laws are merely a cynical attempt to suppress minority votes. It will take many years for these nations to understand democracy and the freedom of Western cultures, the inalienable right and value of freedom of speech without resorting to violence to express their dissent and differences.
Instead the media is looking for cracks and divisions in the movement and trying to discredit it as they did with EVERY GREAT movement in the past that made America America. Get up in the front with the rest of us who see this and help to LEAD for the betterment of humankind or step aside for the youth and let them do it and take over your jobs. Because the googly-eyed media stock analysis, general and financial reports ACTUALLY have a NO IDEA what the REAL mechanics are of wild speculation, they constantly misinform the public or are complicit in spreading ridiculous projections about what is going to happen and what the causes are. Let there be no mistake, people look at you and listen to you; and they see weird and emotionally twisted.
They expect a reciprocal reward through connections to pathways to money, promotion, special assignments, power, and protection. Why do we not see the new media pointing out the selling out of the people by the Republicans? Why does the media treat these insanely ignorant people as though they are just Concerned Americans, and allow their handlers go unchallenged when they refer to them as Real Americans, when it is clear that under greater magnification and inspection, these people have no idea what they are talking about, have never read, studied, or even seen the Constitution that they refer to, and most are simply Obama bashers and nuts!!!! He must be irritated and stressed to an extreme point where he will break down under the strain and at the least, be shown to be mentally unbalanced. The signs and the proof are staring you in the face, but it is too strange for the media and most people to believe. Yes, I'm talking about the 47% fiasco, his jet plane windows comment, his emergency room comment and the 5 years of flip-flops on the issue, and his other major psychotic flip flops and opinions. If the current news media does not update its VISION and MISSION, they will become extinct just as their print media has become bankrupt and they will be replaced by the coming innovations in social media where we the people talk directly to each other and millions of others by exponential advancements in communication technology. It is also clear that large numbers of them are also racist and will never get over the fact that an African American won the Presidency of the United States. Few in the media have the courage to use their air time to make Americans aware of this danger.

Matthews compared the voter ID laws to literacy tests, which were used by southern states in the late 19th century to prevent nearly all African Americans from voting. Those who are standing in the path and blocking human progress will be remembered throughout history. Look at how they voted in locked step AGAINST the supremely qualified and the first Latina Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Yes, many of them are simply that shallow -- even if they are dirt poor themselves or recently bourgeois.
Lies, dirty tricks, false or misleading advertising, surreptitious underground covert organizing, dirty money deals, corporate financial contributions, and support from an industry special interest or lobby group are all fair game and nothing bad is beyond them. It is insane and ignorant to try to impose ones beliefs on the masses of people who do not believe as you do.
Republican youth are programmed from birth and would do or say anything to defend their familya€™s political faith. The causes of civil rights action have generally been the evils done by small brained racist individuals acting alone and in groups.
These emotionally and socially ill people have declared all out war on the American government and any and all things that relate to President Obama. After millennia, we are becoming what human beings have the potential to be, but your help is needed to break the strangle-hold of old outdated insane minds, who want to control everyone, and who won't move on.
There certainly must be a sound reason why some people have distorted results from their thinking and cannot be convinced otherwise.
That may sell but it is morally bankrupt just as most of the print news organization of the past are financially bankrupt.
We need leaders but unfortunately the Republicans have even corrupted the term Moral Leadership. The worst people have joined because they believe that secretly most republicans will fight against the common man, favor wealth over the good of the many, maintain privilege and classism, squash integration and civil rights, keep out the foreigners, stop those lousy immigrants from sneaking into OUR country and taking our jobs, and smash and kill anyone who does not think their way or those who stands in their way.
They are out of control and the news media is just taking it for granted when the best and the brightest news reporters should be catalysts for good as well as truth. Others simply want to rise in the ranks, so they use their god given academic skills to intellectually proselytize and promote their party and beliefs.
Tiny acts of lone men throughout history have precipitated huge world events as well as 10s of millions of deaths.
Hit him fast, hard, with so much psychologically designed stuff to exceed Romneya€™s mental health threshold. They view irrational rants in private on 47% of Americans as an anomaly, and an attack on PBS and Sesame Street, of all things, as an insignificant diversion.
We need some astute reporters and analysts to put these pieces together and have the courage to make masses of the American people see this.
They are now enraged, engaged, as well as confused -- a dangerous combination that needs to be taken seriously.
They go right on believing what they believe and justify their beliefs with any straw they can grasp on to.
Their brains are not big enough to accurately get a grip on what is happening and the depth of the causes. Some modifications will need to be made, but that was a given -- and some of the important provisions take affect over time.
Unfortunately, there are also many naturalized citizens from other countries, who came from autocratic countries and do not have true democracy in their hearts and are simply opportunists; and they choose to be Republicans. Everyone agrees, that is, except the Republicans, who want President Obama AND the country to FAIL. Although there will be much criticism, this is a zeitgeist moment and judging from the mood of the internet social networks, most of America is disappointed in the verdict and feels that justice was denieda€”SHOCKED in fact.
Another large percent is the student population that has very little income and is going to school on Pell Grants and other loans. They think diabolical lies are just a€?flip flopsa€? or a€?inartfully spokena€?, or a€?mistakesa€?.
The collapse of our economic institutions, housing hierarchy, and banking and investment foundations, and the loss of jobs that was left to us by the Republican President Bush has made these crazies even crazier. They discourage black voting and encourage white anger.a€? Romneya€™s campaign has released ads that show pictures of white working-class Americans while claiming that Obama gutted welfare reform by allow states to drop the work-requirement from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.
I promise to create a rogues gallery online for just this purpose, so all your future generations and our future generations will remember what you did. Sadly, to be a Republican leader of this group of people and to get elected or re-elected requires selling ones soul and idealism to gain the favor of constituents and ignoring the opportunity to re-educate the hearts and minds or their people for the good of the world and all humanity. The world depends on the youth to be wiser than the previous generations; the trend is towards making the world a better place for all to live and thrive. The sell out politicians hiding under the cover of conservatism to deny human rights and human progress will be as notorious as the religious zealots of the Inquisition, the Sanhedrin that tried Jesus because his beliefs differed from theirs, the Taliban that denies rights of women over their lives and their body, and the religious injustices and violent and political dominance of the pre-reformation period, as well as Judas, Hitler, and Stalin. They lack the COURAGE to stand up to or to turn their backs on demagoguery and fear at the possible expense of political gains.
10s of thousands of this percentage are also the combat area military whose income is tax-exempt when they are in combat zones.
Such people are extremely shrewd and successful, and eventually they destroy everything around them.
Stomp on the obstructionist day after day after day until they leave government or see the light.
They rail and plot against individual rights and women’s rights in many forms here in America but are the first to hypocritically want to bomb a country and kill its men, women, children, and babies supposedly to gift them with human rights and freedom from political or religious repression.
Realize that it is time for the news media to take an active part in stomping out false hoods, injustices, and exposing the lunatics BY NAME and DEEDa€¦and to hammer them daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly until ALL Americans can see the truth and open their minds if not their hearts to become better people -- even if they must be shamed into it.
Realize that it is time for the news media to take an active part in stomping out false hoods, injustices, and exposing the lunatics BY NAME and DEED…and to hammer them daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly until ALL Americans can see the truth and open their minds if not their hearts to become better people -- even if they must be shamed into it. The media should not only be the eyes and ears of the people but should be a powerful mind to analyze the truth and justice of events and ALSO to put a THUMB on the balance scale on the side of truth and justice and the American Way.
We are tired of hearing mush come out of your mouths just to keep your position and your celebrity. We are tired of you asking the people to blog about false and misleading questions just to create some news excitement and controversy that you can talk about EVERY DAY!
Put some extra massive weights on the scale to HELP create a tilt to justice, equality, security, jobs, and human PROGRESS.
If you do not have the courage to stand up for what is correct, get out of the way and let the younger generation take over! This man, Romney, is delusional, misinformed, a superficial thinker, and soulless programmed agent of social evil and injustice.
He sees himself and his low IQ followers as the only ones taking responsibility for their lives. He thinks that nearly 50% of Americans are not a€?responsiblea€? or a€?taking responsibility for their livesa€?. Our system is based on the working population paying into the system which supports the Social Security for those who have paid into it for a lifetime. Similarly, healthcare and insurance is also based on shared risks pools for when ita€™s actually needed. I could go on and on about how many different levels his statements and thinking is WRONG, but if I can do it, why cana€™t the paid news reporters and analysis see this and express STRONG indignation?
Republicans believe that action (or inactions) is all in the name of Conservatism, States Rights, Guns, Oil, God, Classism, and Tea. Lately, they seized on the unemployment that THEY created and are standing in the way of recovery.
Republicans now have only the deficit and China to complain about loudly, but this problem too they created.

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