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TargetWoman is an informative portal dedicated to Women - This section looks at different aspects of the work - Career opportunities for Women, Working from Home and general resources for work. As a teacher you will be playing an important role in changing the lives of scores of children.
Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers have a crucial role in the progress of children. Middle school teachers and secondary school teachers guide students and provide them in-depth knowledge of subjects. Long vacations can be boring - engage yourself in a much lighter schedule than your normal one while you earn some money. Coaching jobs:You can take up a job of coaching students in areas of their interest or topics that are assigned.
Internship jobs:If you are teaching as well as studying, summer teaching job can help you gain practical experience as well as add years to your experience profile.
Preparing test passages:You can write good test passages without recording or marking them. Internet teaching jobs:This is a popular teaching option whereby you can take care of your family while you work and earn.
Online teaching involves understanding the students requirements and working on a timing that is suitable for the student and self. Technical schools:Serve the stream of students who are not into the usual traditional education. Colleges:Teach students from universities or colleges that offer distance learning programs. Training:Training of employees as a few business establishments prefer to train their employees online. The job market for online teaching is rising owing to the rise in the number of online colleges and students.
Guiding children in the most crucial part of their life is the job of a high school teacher. High school teachers should continuously monitor the progress of their students and track their performance while maintaining an updated student record. Apart from curriculum, the teacher should be versatile enough to fit into the role of a counselor and guide. Teachers should be able to guide the children in their projects, assignments, extra curricular activities, etc.
Teachers might have to take up some administrative roles in the school to fill in a temporary gap or as an additional responsibility. Physical education teachers are employed by schools to train their students in sports, recreational activities and physical fitness. You can teach a range of subjects from the basics of English, maths and science, to the newer subjects such as law, sociology and media studies. Find teacher jobs nowSee all of our current teacher vacancies or sign up to have new teacher jobs emailed directly to you.
Depending on the level you’re interested in teaching, you may have to be versatile and teach across a range of subjects (especially for primary schools).
While your daily tasks and teaching methods will vary depending on the age of the pupils, the job usually involves teaching to a classroom that may or may not be listening. At a minimum of ?22,023 (or ?27,543 in inner London), the starting salary in teaching is high compared to other graduate starting salaries. High performing teachers also can progress faster and earn more based on their annual appraisals. Promotion in teaching very much depends on the school that you’re working for and your abilities, but there’s plenty of room to move up and get more responsibility. Not everyone will want to listen to you, so you’ll have to learn how to discipline without disrupting the rest of the class. To be a teacher you need to pay attention at school yourself as your subjects and grades at school and university level can make a huge difference to whether you can begin teacher training. To begin your ITT you’ll need to have GCSE Grade C or above in maths and English as well as a UK degree. When it comes to your degree, it’s always best if you’ve studied the subject you want to teach, so if you want to be an English teacher it's probably not a great idea to study German.
If you’ve already got a degree, one option is to complete a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) at a university or college.
School Direct courses are designed by groups of schools based on the skills they are looking for in a newly qualified teacher (NQT). If you’re a graduate with around three years’ work experience, School Direct (salaried) is available.
The cost of your training should get covered by the school; although you should always check with the school you’re applying to whether this also includes a PGCE.

These are teacher training course designed by schools and provides practical, hands-on teacher training delivered by experienced, practising teachers based in a school.
There are several bursaries and scholarships that are available if you need funding to further your studies, and the good news is they don’t have to be paid back. Tax-free bursaries are available for postgraduate teacher training of up to ?25,000, depending on your subject and degree results. While tasks can vary between primary and secondary schools, you’ll need the ability to act like a human octopus because, as well as teaching lessons, you could be expected to cover classes, look after a tutor group (if you’re teaching at secondary level) and improvise or change lessons at short notice. Whether you want to advertise a single job quickly and easily or search among more than 8.5 million candidates on our CV database, totaljobs can help you. In times of larger classes and staff shortages, teachers need extra help in educating the minds of the future and keeping the class clowns under control. A teaching assistant works alongside and supports a classroom teacher in either a primary or a secondary school when the little cherubs need help or start misbehaving.
Find teaching assistant jobs nowSee all of our current teaching assistant vacancies or sign up to have new teaching assistant jobs emailed directly to you. Unsurprisingly, you’ll work mainly within the classroom, although sometimes teaching assistants are required to work in separate rooms to help with reading or undertake booster sessions for pupils struggling with a particular subject. In secondary schools, teaching assistants often work with pupils who have learning difficulties or a disability.
It may be a rewarding job, but what you really want to know is how much you’ll earn for dealing with painted-covered youngsters or moody teenagers right? However, depending on the post, together with your qualifications and experience, full-time pay can approach ?18,000 per year. Aside from the smug satisfaction that you’re helping to make a difference to a child’s life, this can be a very accommodating job. For those that want to develop as teaching assistants, there’s plenty of scope to push your career towards working as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Not all kids are well behaved, not all kids will stop talking when you ask, and not all of them want to come back and learn when the break is over. The good news is you don’t need any formal training or qualifications in order to apply for this job. That said, teaching assistants must be trained to a level that matches their responsibilities. As always, work experience is always useful, so any time spent working with children or young people is increasingly important, even if it’s just voluntary. For those that want to add some qualifications to their CV, you can gain an employment-based qualification, such as a Level 2 Certificate for teaching assistants, or an NVQ Level 2 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.
As standard with anyone who works with children, you will need to have a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check in place before you can work as a teaching assistant. Teaching assistants (also known as classroom assistants or learning support assistants in some schools) are there to carry out particular tasks so the class teacher can concentrate on teaching. As well as these duties, if a child is upset, falls out with their friends on the playground or has an accident, it’s the teaching assistant’s job to look after them so the rest of the class can carry on learning.
Experienced and specially trained teaching assistants can also be expected to supervise a class for a teacher who is off sick or undertaking training, so you get to be the 'cool substitute teacher' for the day. Every person cannot be a teacher - a teacher should have a passion for education and function as a motivation to the students. Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers introduce children to mathematics, language, science and social sciences. Middle and secondary school teachers hold a specialization in a particular subject like English, mathematics, French, history, or biology.
Teachers have to guide them in extra curricular activities, sports, games and various other activities.
You have to be certified (a valid certificate issued by the concerned authorities) to work as a teacher in the United States. Online teaching jobs have gained a lot of popularity, with the advent of e-learning classes. The online teacher must interact well with the student and constantly track the students' performance.
A study proves that the job market for this profession will follow a continuous upward trend until 2014. High school teachers guide children as they transit from their adolescent stage to adulthood. Physical fitness teachers can specialize in any of the below mentioned areas health and physical education teacher, athlete, personal development teacher, physiotherapist, fitness instructor, outdoor adventure guide, sports coach and recreation therapist. Pay varies depending on where you live and your position within the school - the more responsibilities you have, the more you’ll earn.
Leading practitioners can earn up to ?65,324 in London and ?58,096 outside London, while head teachers can reach a salary of between ?42,232 and ?114,437.

Also get ready for spending evenings and the occasional weekend marking books and planning lessons. To earn this you’ll need to complete some initial teacher training (ITT), which involves 18 weeks of work experience in a school as well as theory that will give you essential experience and skills. If you want to teach primary school children, you’ll also need a GCSE in a science subject. However, if your degree isn’t associated with a subject you want to teach, you can do a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course. Universities work with school partnerships to offer at least two school experience placements as part of your training. The schools recruit students as a trainee onto their School Direct course with a job in mind. You’ll be based at a school, earn a salary during your training and can expect a job offer when you qualify.
In fact you must have had some school experience or worked with children in order to be successful at the application stage. Scholarships of up to ?25,000 are also being offered for trainees in physics, maths, chemistry and computer science. That’s because there are more great reasons to pursue a career in teaching than ever before. Our friends at CV KnowHow can help you - their team of expert CV writers are ready to talk to you today and help you create the perfect CV. Whether you work one-to-one with individual pupils or with small groups, it can be a rewarding job. Whether you're looking for a challenging part-time role or thinking of going into teaching in the long term, it’s an excellent place to start your career. You’ll need to learn further skills and educational development and have the support of the school's head teacher, but once you’ve got that qualification you can provide extra support to teachers, as well as assisting with lesson plans.
So if you’ve suddenly decided this is the career for you, it’s not too late, whatever your education and experience.
Many schools now employ teaching assistants with a particular specialism including literacy, numeracy, music, creative arts or additional languages.
They use games, books, music, computers, artwork, films and other tools to teach fundamental skills. Recognition of alphabets, phonics, numbers, and knowledge about nature and science is taught at the preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school level. In few other schools, a teacher might teach one special subject like music, art, reading, science, arithmetic, or physical education to various classes. It gives you the opportunity to mix with people from different cultures and will be a unique learning experience. But it involves working during your holidays leaving you with lesser time for a relaxed holiday. As a virtual teacher, you save a lot of energy that you would have normally spent as a regular classroom teacher. Though high school teachers specialize in a particular subject, they also have the additional responsibility of guiding the child in the right manner.
If you haven’t got these grades, don’t worry, you may be able to sit an ITT pre-entry test instead. Your place on the course will be decided by an initial teacher training (ITT) provider, who will assess whether you’ve got the right qualities to be a teacher and just lack that particular subject knowledge.
If you’re successful in their training, there is a Government expectation that you will get a job offer in one of the schools when you qualify. Watch this interactive video and find out more about the financial support, job security and career progression. In some cases, Higher Level Teaching Assistants are also qualified to take lessons in the absence of the teacher. And when it comes to stepping in as a substitute teacher you may have a classroom ready to test your patience. Preschool teachers use storytelling, rhyming games, and acting games to teach children language and vocabulary.
Summer teaching jobs are usually spread over a period of 4-12 weeks of teaching opportunities. While e-learning is extremely popular in the US, falling prices of computers and computer literacy will promote online learning in the rest of the world too.

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