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Today we are going to look at one surprising cause of erectile dysfunction that’s going to come to you as a shock. A new research has surfaced which claim that there might be a direct link between a man’s erectile dysfunction and the relationship he had with his mother.
According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who had difficult and troubled relationships with their mother in childhood run a higher risk of going through erectile dysfunction. Now about the cause of erectile dysfunction happening due to a strained relationship between man and his mother, the research was able to deduce that the it’s because of psychogenic factors. This research can not be submitted as a hard fact or conclusive, but it’s something that should be explored. The truth is out on how to cure Erectile Dysfunction safely, naturally, and without spending a dime. Don’t freak out, if you have erectile dysfunction you must look into this because then the condition is easier to cure. According to some experts, if a child failed to connect with his mother emotionally in childhood then he may have difficulties in his sexual life at a later age. These men were aged between 15 to 88 and questions were asked about their sexual habits with regards to premature ejacultion and duration of staying sexually active in bed.

They deduced that a bad sexual functionality at an older age while being in love can be due to some long lasting issues with intimacy and conflict with sexuality.
These factors are more commonly understood as physical problems that stem from an emotional trauma or stress. If you’ve been facing ED then you can set up an appointment with a psychologist and discuss these things in detail. It’s just that you can’t focus on sex because of anxiety, stress and relaxing due to problems that happened long ago. Dear friend, Finally, the truth is out on how to cure Erectile Dysfunction safely and naturally. One of the biggest reasons why there is no single cure for this thing is because it’s not always a medical problem, there can be other factors at play. Meaning, if a man has gone through some emotional trauma as a child then this might affect his sexual abilities as an adult.
The questionnaire also included questions related to their love life such as when they first fell in love.
There is definitely an association between bedroom complications and psychological problems.

The purpose of this research was to find out how much, if at all, a man’s childhood and teenage experiences can affect his physical state as a grownup. Many men turn to medication at the first sign of erectile dysfunction but studies have shown that simple lifestyle changes can help in treating the problem. Was It Really Her Faultb When I first found out I had erectile dysfunction, I did something no man should ever do… I blamed my wife!
Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition among men especially over the age of 50 but cases are seen in men of all ages. But living with her for years, I had fallen into deadly lifestyle habits that, believe it or not, MURDER your ability to get an erection. For most people who have erectile dysfunction, simple lifestyle changes are enough to completely cure their E.D.
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