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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! It goes by a number of names including broadleaf thyme, Spanish thyme, big thyme, Cuban oregano, Mexican mint, French thyme, oregano brujo, and others. They're super easy to grow too, they do great indoors in the winter and they're extremely easy to divide or clone. Then I decided to slice the pepper, knowing some of the ladies think bell peppers are too hot, I tasted the first pepper.
OTOH, my MIL send me some sweet peppers she grew that were hotter than any habernero peppers that I have had. The Avenue Shopping Mall is a popular alternative to the larger indoor malls found in Pattaya, with a modern, open-air design, some great value factory outlet stores and range of entertainment options.

While there are wandering vendors selling copied watches, leather goods, sunglasses and DVDs the whole length of the beach, the permanent and semi-permanent stands start at Beach Road Soi 12 and continue south as far as Bali Hai Pier. A western-oriented supermarket also with a full range of Thai goods located on North Pattaya near the dolphin roundabout. This local superstore chain has two outlets in Pattaya: one in Central Centre Pattaya and one on South Pattaya Road. There are numerous large malls, mostly right by the beach, as well as the local markets which attract tourists and residents alike with their amazingly low prices and often surprising goods, which include fake football shirts, surf shorts, bikinis, flick-knives, ethnic crafts, Buddha statues, rude T-shirts, pirated DVDs and stun guns, amongst others. The T-shirts alone include anything from crude and rude slogans to replica football shirts, with some dangerous (and illegal) weapons that we steer clear of. Similar in style and concept to Big C and Tesco Lotus, it opens early and closes at midnight.

Shopping in Pattaya Beach, as with most places around Thailand, is about getting what you paid for. You can find top brand labels in the malls, but you’ll have to pay top dollar for them. There are also representatives from tailors’ shops at regular intervals and each will attempt to shake your hand, engage you in conversation and encourage you to buy a suit.
Likewise, you can pay bargain basement prices for often the same labels on a market stall, but do not expect the same quality of product.

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