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Health experts suggest and they'll tell you not to wear the same shoes every day, but to alternate between several pairs of well-fitted footwear throughout the week. Whether you're new to the travel nursing world or in need of more trusty footwear, here are our top picks for the most comfortable shoes for nurses approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
Fastaff Travel Nursing is certified by The Joint Commission and has earned it's Gold Seal of Approval.
Explain the procedure to the patient and reassure him or her that you will interrupt the procedure if the patient indicates respiratory difficulty.
Open sterile container and place on bedside table or overbed table without contaminating inner surface.
Hyperoxygenate patient using manual resuscitation bag or sigh mechanism on mechanical ventilator. Don sterile gloves or one sterile glove on dominant hand and clean glove on nondominant hand.
Connect sterile suction catheter to suction tubing held with unsterile gloved hand. Moisten catheter by dipping it into the container of sterile saline, unless it is one of the newer silicone catheters that does not require lubrication. Apply intermittent suction by occluding Y-port with thumb and index finger of sterile gloved hand as catheter is being withdraw. Flush catheter with saline and repeat suctioning as needed and according to patient’s tolerance of the procedure. When procedure is completed, turn off suction and disconnect catheter from suction tubing.

The sinusoidal pattern differs from variability in that it is a smooth wave-like pattern of regular frequency and amplitude. Cape Fear Valley Health System, Training and Development Department, is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.
Rotating your footwear ensures your feet and spine don't become misaligned from wearing over time. DanskoConsidered one of the top brands for nurses, Dansko offers firm support and a long lasting arch--two essentials for travel nurses that spend time on their feet all day. Nurse MatesHow could you not want to slip your foot into a shoe that offers a "pillowtop footbed"? CrocsCrocs are one of the most odor resistant, light weight footwear choices out there for nurses.
Allow patient to rest at least 1 minute between suctioning, and replace oxygen delivery setup if necessary. Remove gloves inside out and dispose of gloves, catheter, and container with solution in proper receptacle. Another benefit is the lack of pressure you'll feel on your toes after standing because the toe box is nice and wide.
The outsole of this shoe is engineered to reduce heel and central metatarsal pressure while the bottom is flat, to increase your overall stability. Timberland designed their "anti-fatigue" nursing footwear with a 12 hour swing in mind to keep you energized.
In addition to offering a clog-style shoe, Nurse Mates features a myriad of styles with straps, heels and even a "boating" style nursing shoe.

The classic Croc original is much lighter than the others we've mentioned and dons air filtration in the sides to help vent your feet throughout the day. Hyperventilate three to five times between suctioning or encourage patient to cough and deep breathe between suctioning. Whether you want your shoes to follow suit with your scrubs or stand out, Dansko footwear is available in a color to suit every nurse's taste. Being on your feet all day can make you feel hot, but the Alegria shoe never feels tight or constricted allowing for an "airy fit." If you have narrow or medium width feet, try these for cozy, all day wear. Nurses love the antimicrobial Antiogon treatment the shoes receive as well to help combat odor after wearing for extended hours. Some nurses prefer the lace up feeling similar to an athletic shoe that this brand offers as well. If you like a little style to your step, you can also check out their buckle strap and print selections. Whether you like a covered heel or a comfort safety strap, the slip on is available in two versions.

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