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Facial expressions, posture, tone, inflection and other nuances of body language and speech may comprise more than 90 percent of communication, according to research reported in The Forensic Examiner. This activity challenges a group to say the letters of the alphabet in order without ever having two participants saying the same letter at the same time.
That means the words we choose make up less than 10 percent of our intended meaning any time we communicate. Some discussion questions will be specific to the activity: How did it feel to be the one in the middle of the circle (Jedi Mind Trick). Nonverbal communication activities can help us learn to direct the power of these nonverbal cues--and to say more effectively what we really mean.

Other discussion questions are more general: What nonverbal cues did you use to accomplish the task?
People in the circle want to exchange places without becoming usurped by the person in the middle.
He is not allowed to speak for the remainder of the game, and he cannot move unless directed to do so. To accomplish this, participants need to use eye contact and other nonverbal cues to communicate and negotiate a move. Eyes should open on the director's command, and position should not be changed except to follow one's leader.

Bring that person forward 10 feet and turn her so she faces the group, which should be standing on the starting line.

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