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Most state licensing boards require massage continuing education to renew massage licenses. Many states require that massage therapists pass the NCBTMB’s Certification Exam to meet state requirements for licenses and license renewals. Massage Therapy Continuing Education offers you opportunities to increase your business success by adding new skills and specialization treatments which can make you more desirable to clients and employers. Studies demonstrate that workers who earn massage continuing education serve their clients more effectively after taking courses.
QUALITY: We provide state-of-the-art video instructions with close-up demonstrations you can watch, practice and review.
SPECIALIZED SKILLS: We offer exclusive education in barefoot massage courses whose   protocol and sequencing have been trademarked.
Massage therapists work full or part time jobs and their time is valuable. Online and Home Study courses are flexible so students can study any time, day or night, around their own schedule. On-line and Home Study continuing education courses are the most affordable alternative to taking classes at a local university or massage school. The Reiki Healing Center (RHC) is pleased to announce that Continuing Nursing Education is available for Reiki classes. With my Home Study Courses, the ability to review the educational material gives you the convenience and availability to increase your overall level of learning.
Home study courses by Massage Publications are accepted by NCTMB, AMTA, New York, Florida and most state boards.
To purchase the Home Study Course by credit card, click on the Add to Shopping Cart button below.

I had taken Trigger Point therapy…but feel I retained the stretches better with your course. The Releasing the Rotator Cuff Home Study Course consists of a DVD, book with interactive CD-ROM and a course booklet. The Releasing the Rotator Cuff course offers you the tools to give your clients complete freedom from shoulder pain. The Releasing the Rotator Cuff course qualifies for 20 Continuing Education credits for NCTMB, AMTA, New York, Florida and ABMT for just $174.95.
Releasing the Rotator Cuff book and interactive CD-ROM (For PC only) which includes a comprehensive overview of the rotator cuff; techniques with accompanying photos for releasing the muscles of the rotator cuff, pectoralis minor, pectoralis major, serratus anterior and more. Each student must complete two hands-on practice sessions on two different volunteer clients. NCBTMB requires that therapist take 48 hours of massage therapy continuing education every four years. That means only those therapists who are certified in our program can offer our treatments to their clients. When all of this information comes at you during a short time, as in a live class, studies indicate that the retention rate can be as low as 50%. However, there are some state boards that put a limit on the number of hours accepted for home study courses. Since low back pain is the second most common reason people see their doctors, we bodyworkers need to have powerful and effective therapeutic interventions.

It has been designed to help massage therapists incorporate full body stretches into their table work. If for some reason you do not pass, a copy of the questions you missed will be sent back to you.
With this Massage Therapist Continuing Education Course, you will learn about rotator cuff injuries, how to release the affected muscles and how to help with prevention of future injuries.
AMTA members are required to complete 48 clock hours of continuing education every four years. ABMP requires 16 hours of massage continuing education every two years.
With home study, you can review over and over again, which, with enough repetition, can increase your retention rate as high as 100%. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, with all appropriate information included. This CE Course also covers proper sleep position, stretching and strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff, which are essential for the health of the shoulder joint. That would more than compensate for any real or perceived disadvantage of not having the instructor stand over you as you practice.

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