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Did you know Victorians toss the equivalent of one in every five bags of groceries they buy? These wriggly, squiggly munching machines will ingest most kitchen scraps (but avoid meat, dairy, citrus fruit and onion), and provide you with an amazing fertiliser and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. There are many suitable containers for keeping worms, from ready made farms to basic wooden boxes or plastic stackable ones. The most common composting worms are Indian Blues, Red Wrigglers and Tigers and you will find them at most garden centres typically being sold as ‘composting worms’. In a couple of weeks, worm “castings” will collect in the bottom of the top box, making a terrific fertiliser.
Organic, natural fertilizer is the way to go, especially for personal gardens and flower beds.
When I speak of green material, I mean stuff like kitchen scraps (avoid adding meat scraps), fruits, green trimmings, tea bags, fresh manure (chicken, rabbit, cow or horse dung – but only in small quantities), etc. If you still use a fireplace or have occasional campfires and you have a garden or flower bed, you might want to save some of those ashes. After reading that, I’d say that it would also make for a great organic additive to your garden. African Night Crawlers (Eudrillus Eugeniae) in my opinion are not as easy to breed as the Reds They seem to go months without breeding even in good manure.
I have also found Copra (ground coconut kernel), which is fed to horses, an excellent source of food. Thank you for information I have had two very healthy worm farms for years always amazed at what household waste they do turn into garden manure very little in our red bin for garbo, is their a great difference in red wriggles or African nights, I am starting my worm farms again when I came back from my holidays all my worms had gone. Africans make great bait worms were the Reds need to be grown out to at least 100mm before being able to go on a hook. New to worm farms and have the stackable type and also an old rubbish bin with lid and no base .
Q 1 You are feeding too much food for the number of worms or there is a gap between the layers so the worms wont come up to the food.
Worm farms should have lots of bugs, these are not always pests but a sign of a good healthy farm. Hello Brian, I just started a small farm in my garage, I live in Melbourne, Australia, it is winter here and I am having problem with the temperature, 10 degrees Celsius, what can I do to raise the temperature of the bed?
What i wanted to ask if i could arrange to have the old warm farm started again but with african night crawlers if possible. The farms I sold at the markets were a basic worm farm and that is still the style I use to breed all my worms. I am interesting to start up worm farm and found out there are two type and size one round and one rectangle one. What I want to know what size holes to put in to second bucket for drainage and worms travel between the bucket. Hi Brian,it’s Ricardo’s wife here the food scraps I put in my warm farm have gone mouldy will the worms mind? Once you've had your worms for a while, you'll get a feel for what they like to eat and what they don't.
The Len Foote Hike Inn is a hotel in the North Georgia mountains that has an extensive vermicomposting system in the basement. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This item has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated. Instead of throwing away your waste that will end up in landfill, why not consider starting your own worm farm?
Chop up everything beforehand and feed your worms only small amounts as needed once or twice a week.
On this page, I’ll go over some of the basic ingredients to use in compost, along with a few other soil amendments. You can buy these bins and containers or, if you’re the least bit dexterous and motivated, you can always make your own.

The main thing you have to watch for, is to not have too much green material versus brown material, or else, you’ll end up with a smelly, heaping pile that reeks like garbage. Layers Mash , Chick Starter crumbs (Chicken food) are another great addition to their diet.
They can survive over 12 months without feeding by eating their own castings and there is sufficient moisture. I have had some over 300mm long The Red Wriggler can get to about 100mm long with good management.
The mould is nothing to worry about as the worms will still eat the food if they can get to it. I had them on the smaller size so they wouldn’t be too heavy for people to carry home. Only feed the worms as much as they can consume in a few days and don’t feed again till it is all gone. When this happens, you can build new worm bins and transfer some worms over if they get to be too much for one area. With the help of the guests, they compost 1,500 pounds (680.4 kilograms) of food and office waste per year, and use the fertilizer in their organic garA­den. The baby worms (hatchlings) emerge and burrow into the soil, where they grow into juvenile then mature worms.
It is the responsibility of the user of any material to obtain clearance from the copyright holder.
Dilute the “leachate” until it looks like weak ‘tea’, one part leachate to eight parts water in a nine litre watering can. Compost typically contains all of the nutrients needed for vigorous plant growth, improves the soil quality and moisture retaining properties, and acts as a slow-release fertilizer. To enhance the process by adding additional healthy bacteria into the pile, it has been noted that adding a shovel or two of garden soil into the mix, will help speed up the decomposition of waste material. Ashes will lack when it comes to Nitrogen, so it is better to use this method in conjunction with other additives and fertilizing techniques.
I know someone personally that fertilizes their garden by saving their tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells, and wood ashes during the winter and early spring, and then, simply tills them into the soil (their garden area) each spring.
Bacteria usually causes unpleasant odours but in a worm farm the worms keep it in check so there is no smell.
The problem with Africans they will die if the weather is too cold and their bedding drops below say around 10 deg C for any period of time.
What you have is Composting Worms which only live in the top 400 mm of organic rich soil or worm farms. The instructions are written to set you up for failure and not written by people who breed worms.
I made the mistake of giving in and selling off some of my breeding stock and as a result I have severely restricted my numbers. They were quite popular but people don’t come back to the markets each week to buy worm farms like they do veggies lol. The layer system can create gaps between the levels so worms in the lower levels wont get access to any food on top. Coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and bags, fruit and veggie peels and cores, paper, rice, grits, and natural fabrics are all things that can go in the bin. Worms can't digest meat proteins or lactose, so no dairy products either, like milk or cheese. If your bin starts to smell bad, you're either feeding them so much that they can't keep up, or you're not burying the food well enough under the bedding.
If you feel that you can't keep up with the feeding schedule, you have a few different options.
When the hotel staff gets bored, they find new (yet safe) things to shred and feed to the worms. You can add, but only recommended in small amounts due to the very high carbon content, wood shavings and sawdust (this is especially useful if you have too much green material in your pile).
The eggs are like small green grape seeds when laid, and turn a brownish red colour before they hatch.
Cold weather doesn’t help anything so look to Spring and Autumn for breeding and growing out.

The term Composting Worm relates to the fact that these particular worms only burrow down in the top 300mm of soil.
Once I get enough of a breeding size and not weaken and sell any off I will then be able to put them back up for sale.
The instructions that come with them along with the coir block will set you up for failure and your worms don’t thrive and possibly die. A good worm farm should have around 8,000 worms so you need to build your numbers before overloading with food.
Eggshells that have been washed out and ground up are also an excellent source of calcium for the worms. If you have a lid on your worm bin and bury your food well, you should not have to worry about flies or maggots.
Teach your neighbors how to compost and donate some worms to them, set your worms free -- although this is a waste of really good worms -- or go fishing.
One famous story tells of a pair of corduroy pants left by a guest that were never claimed. Every now and then you can collect worm “castings” from the top bin and scatter a walnut size ball into your pots where it acts as an excellent fertiliser. When garden season rolls around, you should have a nice, dark, fertile mass of compost that is ready to be applied to your growing area. If you have any particular natural methods of fertilization that has worked for you, feel free to drop them down in the comment field. Red Wrigglers (Eisenia Andrei) and African Night Crawlers (Eudrillus Eugeniae) (ANC) are both well suited for warmer climates though Africans can do well if kept inside in cooler areas. Red Wrigglers will with management breed extremely well between 15 deg to 25 deg C and sometimes a little higher.
Just make sure it has aged so it wont heat up and ensure every layer is touching the bedding underneath, no gaps.
To get the best of both worlds, Fishing and Gardening you are better off with 2 different worms.
These other insects are helping the process, making sure that you can compost even more of your organic waste.
Once the worms hatch, they take 3 to 4 months to mature and begin the breeding cycle again. Both worms are a top notch fishing worm with the ANC being the worm of choice because of it’s larger size. If they survive and do very well they fill with castings and become extremely heavy and the weak legs under them are prone to collapse.
We mentioned earlier that worms breathe through their skin, so just imagine if your lungs were on the outside of your body and someone decided to rub salt and lemon on them -- you probably wouldn't appreciate it either. When sifting one day, an employee came across a button and a zipper a€¦ the rest had been eaten!
They are both an excellent worm in a bed of manure ensuring healthy happy worms in your worm farm. The worms need space to live and the farm should vary in temperature during the day and night. Reds are good for fishing size wise if you manage them but this involves setting up breeding beds and is a bit of work.
The worms move to where they are most comfortable and can avoid extreme changes in temperature by moving deeper into the bedding or move to a cooler or warmer position. Having one level working and possibly only half full doesn’t allow for these temperature changes.
Just adding food to the farm will result in a loss of bedding as the worms will eat the bedding and the food. Imagine being out in the sun in a black container with a lid and your home gets so hot and you cant escape chances are you will die.

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