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The mission of the NEED Project is to promote an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs. The grants, of up to $10,000 each, will support existing open space projects that focus on conservation, preservation and improvements to local parks and recreation resources.
This redevelopment project will provide new equipment for Anderson Park and will help to increase accessibility and open spaces in the park. The Niles Community Garden will transform an unused plot of land into a productive and educational garden. This grant will help to create an interpretive nature park, providing ecological benefits while nurturing children’s connection to nature. This grant will help the village acquire land and create a multi-use pathway connecting a number of community areas to the village itself. The Bensenville Park District project will focus on both the restoration and management of naturalized and native park sites, helping to ensure their health for current and future generations.
The Richmond Education Gardens and Apiary will promote access to community ownership of process and product, localization, healthy eating, and organic and environmentally sound gardening practices to encourage investments based on environmental sustainability practices. This grant will help provide a nature play area within the 151-acre Lincoln Marsh Natural Area to encourage children and their families to play and learn in a safe natural environment. This project will install new safety railings in areas frequented by students, replace trees in the village park, and upgrade the green space in the center of the downtown. The Big Rock Park District project will create the first public vegetated bio area with native flowers within the District’s jurisdiction. The Green Region grant will help the City of Aurora replant and restore their rain gardens and a bioswale area at Phillips Park.
The Buffalo Grove Park District project will extend and accelerate the restoration of Mike Rylko Community Park’s streambanks, woodlands and wetlands along the Willow Stream corridor. Grayslake Community Park District, in collaboration with Meadowview Sprouts, will work on restoration of a wooded area, adding a nature trail and interpretive signage, and the replacing a wetland boardwalk. This grant will help restore 113 acres of degraded farmland into a native habitat that will connect to three Illinois Nature preserves, creating one contiguous block of habitat. This project will develop an open space plan to increase public access to the Skokie River Woods natural area and improve regional connectivity while protecting the environmental integrity of the wetland ecosystem. This project will begin the habitat restoration of a degraded oak woodland, which will include the removal of invasive species and reintroduction of native ones. The Middle Rock River Conservation Partnership brings together 25-plus natural land managers in three state-designated Conservation Opportunity Areas (COAs).

Founded in 1963, Openlands protects the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives. Huntley holds a strong competitive advantage in the area of municipal water availablity and costs.
Utility users in Illinois have the ability to select from numerous suppliers, creating opportunities for significant cost savings. The Sanwald Substation was constructed in 2007 to serve the needs of commercial and industrial users in the area surrounding the I-90 and Rt. Extra transmission pathways created by the Northwest Reliability Project have also enhanced local reliability for customers served by the Gilberts, Algonquin, North Huntley, and Sanwald substations. Huntley's Economic Development staff would be pleased to assist you in understanding how your firm's electrical needs fit with the capacity of the Sanwald Road Substation. Since 2001, ComEd has invested more than $9 billion to expand, upgrade, and maintain its distribution system.
All businesses in Illinois are able to select an electricity provider of their own, making ComEd now solely a transmission and distribution utility. More than 8,800 MWs of new capacity from 24 different facilities (in addition to the region's existing 20,000-plus MW capacity) has been added in northern Illinois since 1999. To further enhance reliability and offer more competitive supply options to northern Illinois businesses, ComEd joined the PJM Interconnection in 2004. The ComEd service territory covers 11,411 square miles in northern Illinois, stretching from the Wisconsin border to as far south as Pontiac, Ill., and from the Indiana border to the Mississippi River. Ways to Save – Shop for products and services that can save you money and make your business more energy efficient. Residential Green Options – Explore the environmental benefits of choosing green power.
Business Green Options – Support the environment by reducing your business carbon footprint.
NEED is the nation's leading provider of energy education programs and materials to schools.
NEED works with energy companies, agencies and organizations to bring balanced energy programs to the nation's schools with a focus on strong teacher professional development, timely and balanced curriculum materials, signature program capabilities and turn-key program management. The garden will offer twenty-six organic plots, two of which will supply fresh produce for public donation. Native buffers will replace turf grass around the Slough wetland, improving health and habitat while continuing to build a volunteer network.

This will allow the public to view migratory wildlife, raising ecology awareness, and enhance the local ecology system. This habitat will increase both recreation and education opportunities for the community, as well as provide a critical habitat for migrating birds.
The planned area will promote bird and wildlife habitat while offering opportunities for study of native flora and healthy ecosystems. This project focuses on prescribed fire, and radio equipment required to safely complete burns on natural areas. The goal of the park is to provide the community a scenic setting with benches, limestone walkways, and resting areas overlooking Island Lake.
47 approximately one mile north of Reed Road, and a second newer substation located at I-90 approximately 1.2 miles west of Rt.
This is part of an ongoing commitment to maintain system-wide reliability and expand capacity by strengthening and modernizing infrastructure. The ComEd service territory covers more than 11,400 square miles in northern Illinois, stretching from the Wisconsin border to as far south as Pontiac, Illinois; and from the Indiana border, including the Chicago metropolitan area, to the Mississippi River. Substitute costs will be reimbursed to school districts and substitute reimbursement forms will be provided at the workshop. As a result, businesses which use large amounts of energy could capture significant savings by locating in Illinois.
These facilities operate at some of the highest capacity factors in the industry at over 93% and provide a low-carbon electricity source. The PJM operating area stretches from the Mississippi River to the east coast serving 13 states. ComEd is part of the Exelon Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, which includes a sister-utility,  PECO Energy in Philadelphia, PA, Exelon Generation and other affiliate companies such as Exelon Generation.
Site selectors and economic development professionals will find a wealth of information, statistics, demographics and available property here.

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