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There's a common myth on Big Brother that getting involved with a showmance is a bad thing. Growing organic food is something that in the past few years, has been becoming more and more popular. The turn from the synthetic chemicals and herbicides that have become so common among food production has been triggered by the higher importance that has been placed on environmental sustainability. Along with the environmental impacts that come with growing organic food, there are also a multitude of health benefits. Environmental Stewardship: Because growing food organically involves a reduction of harmful chemicals, the result is that the surrounding environment and ecosystems are less affected by pollutants. Intensive Planting: Intensive planting is a method used to help simultaneously conserve water and reduce weeds from growing. To get a head start on your organic garden, check out the Todd’s Seeds store for a large variety of many different seeds that you can use to start growing organic food. The sexy doings at a college fraternity house are the focus of this in this compilation from the erotic series, Co-Ed Confidential.
An alcohol fueled game of I Never yields a surprising admissions from Lisa and James followed by some erotic confessions from the other residents of Omega House. In the season finale, Ophelia receives the news that she won her grant and will be leaving for Borneo in a week.

Ophelia and Lisa go streaking across the campus and wind up stuck in the Dean's office where they hook up, but when Ophelia tells James about the encounter her informs her that the Dean has a security system taping all activities in his office.
The free spirited Karen has a past and when a man shows up she gives everyone, particularly Freddy, a major shock when she identifies him as her husband… who is being followed closely by la migra. Now that Lisa has given up her virginal status she is consumed with a voracious sexual appetite, which she sates with Jose at any opportunity. Students are caught up in a phony campus-wide scare when a video about a fictional serial killer is mistakenly released as real news causing everyone to believe a real killer is stalking unwitting coeds. After Karen makes Lisa's sexual history public knowledge, she and the Omega House crew decide to help Lisa find her true love with an Omega House special, a wild Blind Date party.
Ophelia’s sociology assignment takes her to a strip club and James just has to follow with the rest of the gang. Freddy makes his on-screen debut in a gonzo erotic film and James seeks to double his pleasure.
When Jose naively attempts to help a young woman and is jailed his roommates plan a jailbreak.
When Dean Loward finally closes a problem fraternity house, the university uses it for overflow housing, placing four freshmen under the supervision of the former fraternity president and his sometime girl friend. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

This erotic take on the 1978 classic feature, National Lampoon's Animal House, is the latest entry into Cinemax after Dark.
Episodes Include: Episode 10 When Virgins Attack, Episode 11 I Don't, Episode 12 Butt Naked and Episode 13 Happy Endings.
Episodes Include: Episode 7 Blind Date, Episode 8 The Intervention and Episode 9 The Climax Killer.
Episodes Include: Episode 4 Breaking Up, Episode 5 Clothing Optional and Episode 6 I Never.
The end of the semester means that friends will be parting and the gang quickly plans a party where a number of surprising twists ensue. While Ophelia finds that women are not all that is being exploited, Jose learns that his new girlfriend is not as nice as she made him believe.
The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. If Freddy goes one week without any sexual gratification, they will leave him alone on the subject.

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