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On the way back from our strenuous shopping trip to Ikea, Devon jokingly said he needed $50 dollars worth of Chinese food.
Finding good Chinese food is a crucial task for any relocation, and not one I take lightly. When we moved to San Francisco, well-researched Chinese take-out was the first meal we ate – on the floor of our apartment the day we moved in, New Years Eve. San Francisco has long been a good city for Chinese food, because it became a stopping point for many immigrants from diverse regions of China. You then have restaurants that serve food with a semblance of what you can actually find in China, which is typically what I’m looking for.
From my preliminary findings, Chung Shin Yuan seemed like a good idea, but after further research, it was noted that the place is really only good for it’s Taiwanese Dim Sum on weekends.
We were too far for their 3 mile delivery radius, but after reading scores of reviews recommending their dumplings, we drove over to Belmont at 6:30. After some deliberation, we ended up with a cup of egg drop soup for Devon, an order of pork and leek dumplings to share, ma po tofu, and rice noodles with pork. Aside from the egg drop soup, which was slightly bland but serviceable, the food was a success. Devon’s noodles, which I had successfully recommended he get rather than sweet and sour pork, came to the table looking unassuming, with small strips of pork and chopped scallions,  and was surprisingly well seasoned.
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Recombinant Protein A is ideal for purification of polyclonal or monoclonal IgG antibodies.
MORE Details Directions for use Composition Our Bulgarian Rose Water is a 100% pure and natural product. My thought process was that if we were going to kill each other building Ikea furniture and unpacking boxes, our last meal had damn well be a good one. I grew up with classic landmarks of Chinese-American food that rivaled anything in the country. The dumplings – which you can purchase frozen in bags of 50 – were moist, succulent, and really flavorful. The next morning they also made a shockingly good stir fry with cubes of zucchini and bitter greens.
I get a small commission if you purchase something from that link and this helps cover hosting costs (I use DreamHost and have been a happy customer since 2009). The 1200 seat Kowloon Restaurant was opened in the 1950’s, and is still popular to this day. The dumpling wrappers were thin but didn’t break, and they were also boiled, rather than steamed or fried, which really makes a difference in texture.
The tofu was soft and fresh, the dish had a great ratio of tofu to meat sauce, and it was spicy enough that I had to order an extra bowl of rice.

Nice to meet you!The Second Lunch is a (mostly) food blog by Sam Tackeff about recipes, food writing, ingredient hunting, travel, healthy living, fitness, and everything in between. Indeed, we were the only ones seated in the restaurant – although many people stopped by to pick up take-out as we ate. I had forgotten about these which seemingly were too kitschy for Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, and I feel nostalgic about every time I see them. Alas, the restaurant closed a decade later due to bad management, a recession, and tax evasion, among other things.
These are the nostalgic spots with the pu-pu platters, tropical drinks with umbrellas and deep fried egg rolls the size of a small burrito.
I’ve never been above this type of dining, but they fulfill a different category of culinary desire.

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