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1st: Do you find as it becomes more and more a pop cultural event, there are fewer comic buyers able to get tickets? 1st: Is this a market you wanted to be in or have sales conditions forced retailers to participate in these programs? Chuck: Occasionally we have a friend we ask to do a cover, by typically the publishers offer us several options.
1st: When DC or Marvel commissions a cover they know the contents of the comics and match the cover to the comics.
Chuck: Special set-up charges and artist fees, plus freight, and the cost of invested working capital. 1st: Do the artist insulate you for the costs on a rejected cover or is that one of your costs?
1st: You charge a premium for theses covers as a limited collectable, how do you make sure the comic maintains it price integrity? Chuck: I limit purchases to only 3 per client, and never wholesale or trade copies into the market via other dealers. Chuck: Not maintaining a market in your uptown variants undermines the credibility of your entire program. 1st: Do your customers buy a retailer variant to read, or is it a collectible and they need a reading copy as well? Chuck: Most purchase as an investment, which is why I take our responsibilities for price maintenance so seriously.
1st: DC is currently running a HARLEY QUINN #1 Variant Comics Sweepstakes with all 74 covers. 1st: Would they ask you to use your cover in the sweepstakes or are they allowed to keep some of your variants for promotional purposes? 1st: With 74 different covers for the same comic and every few years comics restarting with yet another new #1 issue, do you thing the comic market in general is making it difficult for new fans to join the hobby?
1st: You have been a retailer for a little while now, are retailer variants a fad or is this the wave of the future? Chuck: I have personally accumulated over 100,000 variants, and plan to keep buying more indefinitely. Rik Offenberger has worked in the comic field as a retailer, distributor, reporter and public relations coordinator since 1990.

Popular Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah has opened up on the most difficult moment in her life when growing up in a recent interview. According to her, growing up with a single mother who struggled to make ends meet was really a challenge.
Martha, who was the first child of her parents, said those difficult moments strengthened her—to strive for success and did not allowed peer pressure to divert her attention.
The actress who is nicknamed “Blood of Jesus” due to her high Christian beliefs—disclosed how she began her acting career.
Akosua Abebrese Writes: Distasteful Shatta Mitchy—Her Big Mouth Husband Couldn’t Call Her to Order? The convention failed to deliver our stock to our booth until the second day of set up, which put us way behind from the beginning. Fans need to be able to rely upon the fact that the remaining unsold copies of your extremely limited print run variant will not be suddenly dumped on the market at fire-sale prices.
If there is one thing that I have learned during my 47 years of buying and selling comics it is that the scarcest comics, with the lowest print runs, are the ones that most frequently rise in value. He owns and operates the e-mail bases Super Hero News service, and his published works in print can be seen in The Comics Buyers Guide, Comic Retailer, Borderline Magazine, Comics International and Alter Ego.
I just realized that it was an opportunity to learn the hard way of life and it has really helped me, though it was difficult at the beginning but God being so good something good came out of it. There, on her first day as chief resident, Doc must tend to Stanley, a lonely, brokenhearted toy. We share great content for families as well as behind the scenes fun and tutorials from the Brown Bag Films team.
From there it went downhill, as traffic in the dealer’s room was greatly diminished by fans leaving the hall to visit off-site attractions.
In addition, we never offer discounts on our variants, as we feel that anything that diminishes the perceived value works against the best interests of our supporters.
While those copies will ultimately be absorbed into the market over a period of time, the damage done to the perceived value is irreparable. A significant portion of our online business these days is the result of variants, with high grade newsstand editions leading the way. You just needed to be a good girl to help your mom-you have to be self-discipline so when she asks you to carry something on your head to go and sell, you don’t have to shout or say you’re shy.

I received several vitriolic letters upon my return from clients urging me to never again attend Comic-Con. My goal is to gradually raise the market price of our variants as our remaining supplies melt away.
As regards variants, I have always liked them because in the final analysis they are genuinely scarce. Keeping track of all the variants being produced is definitely a challenge, but we greatly enjoy adding more into our database every day. The consensus of my corespondents was that Comic-Con has become indifferent to the needs of ordinary fans (and comics dealers), and that we should all take our patronage elsewhere. By maintaining this policy I am intentionally raising the floor market value for everyone who has invested in our variants, not just ourselves. Even some of the overprinted variants of the early 1990’s (such as the American Entertainment and Top Cow editions) are now rather hard to find. Acting became something that I was developing a passion for so whenever I heard of any auditions I go and try my luck,” Martha explained. This careful price maintenance has especially benefitted those who helped us get our variants program started.
Two years ago, I was chatting with Chuck and he told me he wasn’t coming back to San Diego again, the convention exclusive market made it too difficult to make the trip profitable enough. This year at ComicCon Chuck had a large selection of Mile High Comics exclusive covers himself.
Generally, voltage drop may neglect for low length conductors but in a lower diameter and long length conductors, we cannot neglect that voltage drops.
Chuck was nice enough to agree to stop by First Comics News and chat about the retailer variants covers market.
If the calculated value of voltage drop is less than the value calculated in step (1) (Maximum allowable voltage drop), than the size of selected cable is proper If the calculated value of voltage drop is greater than the value calculated in step (1) (Maximum allowable voltage drop), than calculate voltage drop for the next (greater in size) cable and so on until the calculated value of voltage drop became less than the maximum allowable voltage drop calculated in step (1) How to determine the proper Cable Size for Given Load (with Examples) For a given load, cable size may be found with the help of different tables but we should keep in mind and follow the rules about voltage drop. For a given load except the known value of current, there should be 20% extra scope of current for additional, future or emergency needs.

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