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Helen saw the amount of money and resources wasted on events and weddings and thought that it would make sense to use and reuse some of the vintage and beautiful china that already exists in the world. To date, notable events involving Pineapple Vintage have included a party at Uniqlo, Oxford Street to mark a collaboration with Laura Ashley and a vintage afternoon tea for 200 in Norwich. Pineapple Vintage also offers a full event catering service – Helen works in partnership with Norwich-based event caterer Expresso (which co-incidentally is run by her partner Roland Schreiber). Subscribe to allmygoodness today and receive email alerts - don't worry, we hate spam too.

Pineapple Vintage’s research revealed that because a large amount of china is needed for occasions such as weddings, the china used is often mass produced and made cheaply abroad.
Norwich has a thriving vintage scene and hosts a dedicated vintage wedding fair twice a year.
She has a love for finding vintage treasures and organic products in unexpected, undiscovered places. Helen’s interest in all things retro stems from her Yorkshire childhood, when she’d return home from jumble sales with old shoes and handbags.

Pineapple Vintage wants to discourage unethical tactics and promotes reuse of china that will make your wedding look exciting and individual.
She has previously worked as a journalist for CD News at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and Bader TV News in Berlin.

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