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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Honor American Heart Month – Even After February As you probably know, February is American Heart Month. The Ivy League (published by Assouline) is Daniel Cappello’s in-depth profile of the 8 universities that make up the prestigious academic group. Himself a Harvard alumnus, Cappello provides valuable insight, particularly on his experiences at his alma mater. What becomes clear over the course of the book is that each university has its own personality and place in the group of institutions that comprise the Ivy League. Each university has its own chapter charting its history and development, and as you’d expect from an Assouline book, the pages are filled with wonderful archive photography, some more familiar, some a rare glimpse at historic moments. It must be for these reasons, the implications of dressing a certain way, that the look of Ivy League students was something the rest of the population felt was worth copying.
Also something that’s strangely easy to forget when looking at the Ivy League purely from a stylistic point of view is the academia. At almost 200 pages The Ivy league is a satisfying tome, where Take Ivy was merely a group of Japanese outsiders peering in, The Ivy League, having been written by an Ivy Leaguer himself, feels more like an insight into college life, as well as covering the differing dress and style of each institution.

It’s compact and light, purchasing books is convenient, and the battery lasts forever – I’ve downloaded and read three entire books and have yet to charge it. Well, here it is… I can’t remember the title of the book that I’m reading while I’m reading it because I do not see it every time I pick up my Kindle – lack of exposure is the problem. Now this might seem counterintuitive, but babies make excellent promotional marketing product recipients. These are institutions where some of the greatest minds set about their work, most of whom were never famed for their sartorial elegance. As someone outside the US looking in, I get a feeling that I imagine is akin to what US Anglophiles must feel when visiting Oxford and Cambridge or Eton.
So if your customer is not exposed to your company’s name and logo, how will they remember you?
They have a vision based on books, films, old photographs, of what life at these institutions must be like, even though we’re living in the 21st century.
My only gripe about the Kindle is that I can never remember the titles of the books that I’m reading or have read on it. I have my appliance repair company’s magnet on my refrigerator so I see their name – Glenn’s – every day.

I guess it’s because I don’t have to pick up an actual book, which would have the title displayed on both the cover and the spine, so I see the name less frequently.
And Gossett Marketing gives out fun logoed items to our customers: bags, hand-shaped, highlighters, you name it!
It’s important to remember that Ivy Style in the 50s was actually the student body attempting to become more casual (where now it looks like dressing up) and this trend has continued.
That lack of exposure allows the book’s name to escape me even if I really love what I’m reading.
Where Mark Zuckerberg was famed for wearing his Adidas flip flops whilst on campus at Harvard while creating Facebook, one could argue this is simply the continued shift towards a more relaxed, casual student body.

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