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Bastian makes it to school to find out that he is very late and that the day has already begun. The Neverending Story made a huge impression on me when I first saw it and not just because I was about Bastian’s age when the movie was released. There will always be a part of me that will yearn for the special magic of books and story to not only lift me up above the wall of reality to view those amazing fictional worlds, but to slingshot me clear over, to land me right into the heart of a world my feet have never touched and my hands have never explored. Enter your email address to subscribe to LitStack and receive notifications of new posts by email. With an inquisitive young mechanical engineer-in-training in my home, I’m always on the look out for interesting books for children about machines, construction, gears and similar topics. From simple inclined planes and levers, to cranks, ratchets, and rack and pinion systems, the book covers a range of basic machine mechanisms. While the information is fascinating and well presented for young readers, the working models are the real draw card.
I was never a car person and construction vehicles were not at all interesting either , until I became a mom. The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra and Sal Barraca is a about a stray dog in New York City who is rescued by a taxi driver and spend the rest of his days riding in the front seat soaking up the diversity of their fares. Machines at Work by Byron Barton is a bold and bright book that is perfect for toddlers who are obsessed with construction vehicles.
The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race by Stan and Jan Berenstain shouldna€™t be overlooked. The Three Little Rigs by David Gordon is a fresh twist on the classic Three Little Pigs with trucks instead of pigs.
The Truck Book by Harry McNaught is another favorite in our house, mostly because it has a forklift in it.
Cool Cars by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker is a bright little book that talks about all different types of cars and even a little bit about the rules of the road in a zippy rhyming text! The Mighty Street Sweeper by Patrick Moore is a rare book, ita€™s rare because it is a story about self esteem clothed in a truck book. Construction Countdown by K.C Olson is a counting book that uses backhoes, dump trucks and cement mixers among other things to count.
Alphabeep!: A Zipping, Zooming ABC by Debora Pearson is a great book for older toddlers and preschoolers.
Ia€™m a Truck by Dennis Shealy is about Big Blue Bill a big rig on his way from the Big Tuna to the Big Apple! Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha is my favorite garbage truck book , and yes I have read a lot. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox.
WOW – you put so much work into this post and have the motherlode of truck and car books!! Learn about OSHA, the federal law that requires employers to provide safe working conditions. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, also called OSHA, requires employers to provide a safe working environment for employees.
Incidentally, Eric's post came on the same day Cory posted the image above on BoingBoing - I love coincidence.
I could do without the profanity on the wall, but Luther than that, it reminds me of my childhood.
Instead of entering the classroom and taking a late slip, he runs up into the attic of the old school, a forest of cobweb covered bric-a-brac, most of which looks like it would be more at home in the attic of a haunted Victorian mansion than the attic of a public school.
For each mechanism, there is a straightforward explanation, examples from everyday life, an illustrated timeline of uses of the machine through history and the layout for a working example to be constructed from the included machine pieces, nuts and bolts. Thick cardboard gears, cogs, rods and wheels attach to an enclosed perforated workshop card. There is a great balance between information and activity and this book is a perfect gift for budding engineers.
My son’s first word after Mama was Bama which we soon discovered meant garbage truck, after that Didder which was digger and so on and so on. The rhyming text, and detailed illustrations by Marc Buehner work well together to make this a fun read . I really enjoy this book but not as much as my son who has begged for it every day before nap this week. My son loves vehicles and this book was the perfect length with the right amount of text and awesome almost Eric Carle like illustrations. What I like about this book is that your child gets to see that the dad is eager to get to the school to see his little guy as much as the little boy is eager to see his dad.

This author and illustrator pair have made a number of wonderful books that both my kids have enjoyed from early toddlerhood on. The street sweeper isna€™t the biggest, the fastest or the most powerful truck but ita€™s still mighty and proud. As he travels along the highway, stops at trucks stops and runs into road construction he visits with his truck friends. The story is simple, Tom and his puppy drive produce from the farm to the market and see the country side and much more along the way.
It immediately reminded me of a€? One Duck Stuck a€? by Phyllis Root and that is not a bad thing at all!
Having recently tossed him into a dumpster because he had no lunch money to be extorted, they are trying to catch him to toss him back in after he climbed out covered in garbage. Be it reading or be it writing, it is not the destination as the old cliche goes, it is very much the journey. I will let the author’s words be that special magic and my own imagination the vehicle. The pieces are sturdy and well sized for younger hands, however care would need to be taken around small children as the nuts and bolts particularly are small enough to be put into the mouths of babies and toddlers. My son loved this book as an infant and at 2 still enjoys reading it, aw well as counting the workers and trucks on each page.
Ita€™s a good story about being persistent and they sneak lots of learning into the rhyming text. Usually books about vehicles just name the trucks and diggers but this book shows children not only what they do but how they can work together to make something.
The a€?wolfa€? in the story is a wrecking ball that smashes and crashes the Little Rigs garages , I thought he was a little scary but after reading the book I asked my son his favorite part and sure enough he said the wrecking ball. Maybe because of the plethora of lego that was taking over our housea€¦ however it has since become such a favorite he recently a€?reada€? it to my sistera€™s dog. Sadly sometimes even when parents try to get there on time they just arena€™t, but that doesna€™t mean they wona€™t get there as soon as they can and still love you .A  I can say that in all my years of teaching classes a late parent was almost a daily event, and while it was nothing to us teachers a young child is thrown for a loop! The story is simple a truck is stuck and even though other vehicles come to help, nothing budges until a tow truck arrives. There were kids everywhere and I was not sure that I would get to it before someone else did.
When he really really wants more of something not only does he ask for it with words but the sign language he learned so long ago comes out.
Just know that they will also get a group of 4 and 5 year olds giggling and repeating the words for days on end. If your child is like mine and loves , no obsesses over things that move this is a fantastic book. I really like this book, we read it before nap and again before bed and I liked it even more the second time. The text was a bit long for my young toddler but I shortened it and he was able to enjoy the book , children 2 and up will love it just the way it is! Most every type of truck is covered in this book and the illustrations by Bob Staake are so detailed that you can spend extra time just finding things on each page. The illustrations by Shari Halpern ( who also illustrated many others of this authora€™s ) are bright bold and have a cartoon like quality that grabs young childrena€™s attention. The best part of this book are the fun bright and detailed illustrations, there is a wide variety of trucks, cars , emergency and construction vehicles!
The rhyming text is fun and the illustrations made me giggle, especially the Elvis impersonator in a pink Cadillac! In order to comply with OSHA, employers must learn their obligations -- and find out whether they must follow federal or state law. Which Law Do I Follow -- Federal or State?When OSHA was passed, it preempted all state occupational safety and health laws.
To escape his tormentors he ducks into a dusty old book store, great ratty-edged tomes scattered around, the shop owner sitting in a tall backed leather chair with a large book in his hands.
One is a medallion of sorts, two intertwined snakes, and the name of the book stamped in gold lettering at the bottom. When I was in seventh grade, instead of walking to my bus stop as usually required to do, I walked right past it and up to the Thriftway right near my house (where I would later work for one torturous summer) and found shelter in a copse of trees behind the store. When I saw the picture above posted on a friend’s Facebook page, I just had to steal, I mean borrow, it.
In those years of his obsession we read a lot of books about cars and trucks here are our favorites. Colors, opposites and more can be reinforced by this retelling of the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare. I think this book is a wonderful resource for parents to talk about the possibility of this happening.

The best part is the cargo of bones in the truck are slowly stolen by hungry gophers while the others work to free the truck. My son only made it through the first few pages, but I couldna€™t wait to open it back up after he was asleep.A  The book takes the readers through the history of cars ( totally made up) , the basics of road trips, kid designed cars a€¦ and ends with a tutorial on how the reader can draw their own made up car. A huge hit here!A  <a€“A  That was written in 2008 and now over 2 years later my son still likes this book and has grown with it, now doing the counting all by himself.
My son was so impressed with this book, I was able to negotiate my reluctant eater to finish his lunch if I read it one more time . The text is so melodic I find myself singing while reading a€? Dump it in, Smash it down, drive around the trashy towna€? .
Each state then had the option of submitting a plan to the Secretary of Labor for approval.
The story is simple but the illustrations take it from basic story to a quirky and fun book.A  The concept of up and down is reinforced multiple times but with fresh and fun illustrations by Bob Staake each time.
My son thinks ita€™s hilarious that zebras, ducks and other animals are driving cars alongside humans. The book is about all the trucks that one can find on the road, from armored trucks to diggers and of course garbage trucks!
Ita€™s got a great message about helping people and the illustrations make me giggle, especially the guy in the moving van who is blowing bubbles.
I really liked this book and plan to buy a copy for my 4and 7 year old nephews who will love the humor ( yes some of it is potty humor) and the illustrations.
The book is the perfect length for 2-4 year olds who like my son love anything you can drive. I liked that the book says that you dona€™t have to be the best at everything to still be proud of your hard work. I am quite fond of a logging truck named Leif who had a beard and toque ( winter cap for non Canadians ) , he makes me giggle.
In a very real way it falls to Bastian to save not only the characters living their lives between the pages of The Neverending Story, but he discovers that he himself is a part of the tale, the only boy with the power to save story itself from the destructive force of The Nothing, the emptiness that is consuming fantasy because humankind has been losing its hopes and dreams.
The boy, standing on the stack of books, the books giving him the physical lift he needs above the physical world around him, looking over a drab wall full of hateful, dark graffiti at a world full of wonder. My son is a huge garbage truck fan and was elated when there wasna€™t just one but two in this book!A  The text rhymes and chugs along well with the whimsical collaged illustrations by Megan Halsey.A  Many of the drivers in the book are animals and when I asked my son if elephants really drive trucks he looked at me seriously and said a€? Sometimes they do! It also explains well what trucks drivers do and how so many things make it from one place to the next.
My son loves the part where Big Blue Bill is stuck in city traffic behind a garbage truck who is stinky!A  The text is a good length and I have a feeling this will be a favorite for a while at our house. Gilly though, after a hard days work cleaning up Trashy town he gets into his bubble bath ! In these states, called "state plan states," employers must follow the state's laws, regulations, and standards on workplace health and safety, not the federal OSHA. I returned home each day at my normal time, complete with faked homework assignments and fictionalized accounts of a successful day at school. The old man smiles knowingly, and a touch menacingly in my opinion, when the shop door slams and he sees that his book has been borrowed. Not simply an escape from the real world, but a step up to live, for however short a time, in a world where the only limit to what can occur is the author’s own imagination and the reader’s response to it.
My son was laughing and repeating the sounds while we read this at bedtime and enjoyed the water color illustrations almost as much as I did.
These are called "recognized hazards."Hazards can be unsafe conditions (for example, toxic fumes or broken equipment) or unsafe practices (for example, push starting tractors or operating circular saws with one hand instead of both hands). I was never chased by bullies demanding my lunch money and exchanging it for shame and ridicule, but a part of me did, in fact still does, relate very strongly to Bastian. See "Where Can I Turn For Help," below, for information on finding assistance in figuring out which rules apply to you.Other OSHA RequirementsYour obligations under OSHA don't stop with maintaining a safe work environment. You must also meet certain reporting requirements, posting requirements, and recordkeeping requirements, and you must submit to OSHA inspections. There, you will find fact sheets, booklets, Expert Advisors, eTools, and Safety and Health Topics pages.For comprehensive information about OSHA, including how to comply with its provisions, get The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws, by Lisa Guerin and Amy DelPo (Nolo).

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