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The chart you see here is the first-known all-sky view of many of the characters from this land as seen as patterns in the sky thousands of years ago in pre-European times.
I hope this space can be a spotlight for more First Nations star patterns, respecting whatever way oral tradition and the wishes of the people I have learned of the patterns permit.
As a retired (but still active) professional astronomer I welcome these initiatives to build bridges with our Native bretheren. The story of the Hebrew deliverance from Egypt constitutes one of the great dramas of the ancient world.
After 215 years in Egypt, a Hebrew named Moses was divinely appointed to lead his people out of Egypt. The ultimate destination of the Hebrews was the region of Canaan, a land that had been divinely promised to Jacob and his forefathers, Abraham and Isaac. While en route to Mount Sinai, the Hebrews were divinely instructed to detour from their path to the mountain and to encamp on the shore of a sea called Yam Suph.
Following the passage through the sea, the Hebrews proceeded to Mount Sinai, reaching it two months after leaving Egypt. At the end of this period, the Hebrews proceeded north through what is now modern Jordan, winning a number of battles with foes encountered along the way.

Mapas Owje Fue creado con la necesidad de brindar todos los mapas del mundo en un sA?lo sitio, los mapas estA?n organizado por Continente, Paises y divisiones administrativas. According to the Bible, a famine about 3700 years ago caused the Hebrew patriarch Jacob and his sons to settle in Egypt. However, a stubborn Pharaoh, stood in the way of their release, granting their freedom only after a series of ten divine plagues nearly destroyed the kingdom. Nevertheless, upon leaving Egypt, Moses’ first destination was Mount Sinai, which he had visited during his forty-year exile in Midian.
In the meantime, Pharaoh, regretting the loss of his slaves, had marshaled his army to pursue, and eventually trapped the Hebrews between the sea and the wilderness on its near shore. It was at this mountain that Moses received the tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments. The forty years of the Exodus concluded with the crossing of the Jordan River and the capture of Jericho under the leadership of Joshua.
Jacob’s progeny prospered and multiplied but were eventually enslaved by the Egyptians, who feared their power.
Even as the Hebrews bewailed their certain demise, the sea was miraculously opened and the multitude passed safely to the opposite shore overnight.

After an eleven month and five day stay at the mountain, the Hebrews proceeded north to the foot of the Promised Land, encamping at Kadesh.
Because the people chose to believe the ten men rather than God’s promise of victory, they were denied entrance into the Promised Land. Moses was also not permitted to enter the Promised Land due to his disobedience at Kadesh, and died on Mount Nebo east of the Jordan River. In the morning, the Egyptians followed after them and were destroyed when the path in the sea closed upon them.
The next 38 years were spent waiting for the doubting generation to die out in the wilderness.

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