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YouTube sensation, budding pop star and all round teen heartthrob, Johnny Orlando, is back with his fifth column for MP! Sadly, my time on The Boys of Summer tour is coming to a close 😭  I only have one more show left  before I head to Los Angeles for the Teen Choice Awards. We have visited so many cities in such a short period of time that I’m not even sure where we are most of the time. Getting the sale usually depends on other factors such as: genre, price, back cover description, interior quality, etc.
After you have an idea of what you want to portray, you start looking for a professional cover artist.
Sure, you probably can whip up a book cover over the weekend using GIMP or some other free graphic manipulating software.
Cover artists are professional not only because they know how to manipulate images and graphics, they also understand book covers and the genres they create them for. Leslie is a publishing Industry blogger, freelance writer and an author of over a dozen erotic romance and thriller titles. Can I add that I am another Graphic Designer who can help self publishers create custom book covers? Imagine being trapped in a windowless room, with a door without a knob, a chair, and the unsettling feeling of being watched. June 15th 2013 – Before the Darkness & Amid the Darkness shortlisted in the UP Authors Fiction Challenge. October 27th 2012 - Benefits of Sharing is a finalist in the EPIC eBook Awards (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) short story category. May 16th 2012 - This blog (Leslie Lee Sanders) was announced a FINALIST of Goodreads’ Independent Book Blogger Awards (IBBA). Reader Appreciation from Leslie Lee SandersThanks to my readers for your interest in my wild imagination, and your appreciation for all the hard work I put into my writings. I’ve been having SO much fun on tour that this week, I wanted to tell you more about what I have been up to.

Although I’m so excited to be nominated for a Teen Choice award for the first time ever, The Boys of Summer has been amazing and I wish I could stay a little longer! I thought that I would hate the long bus rides, but it turns out that they are one of my favourite parts of the tour. One of my favourite photographers from Magcon, Dawn Kingston, came and took photos of me and the rest of the guys. Looking forward to seeing you back next Friday for the final installment of your blog series. It’s even more important for self-published authors when competing with traditionally published books on the market.
Depending on your book’s genre and audience, you should have specific goals in mind when planning your perfect book cover. Want silhouetted images or specific body parts so not to throw off your readers and their interpretations of your characters? But unless you are a skilled graphic designer or a pro with Photoshop you should probably look to someone who creates book covers for a living to assist you. They have specific ideas about the right kind of feel for the genre, the perfect placement of text, fonts and images, they use the highest resolution of the perfect stock photos, and more. You provide very detailed descriptions and examples of what you desire for your book cover to the cover artist, and they try their best to deliver, usually not stopping until you are absolutely satisfied with the cover. If you are a self-published author, you are paying for the full rights to use the book cover in any way you please, provided the cover artist acquired the necessary stock photo rights.
Sure, a full cover wrap is more expensive than an e-book cover, because you only need a front cover for an e-book as opposed to the front cover, back cover, and spine for a POD paperback. I offer many different options from covers that are illustrated, are photographic, or are strictly bold geographic designs. You readers make writing fiction, and sharing my knowledge of the art and craft of writing, worth all the blood, sweat and tears.
Over the last couple of weeks, I have performed in Washington, New York, Providence, Columbus, Detroit… and so much more.

I like being able to relax and sleep, or just hang out with the guys after the show is finished at night. Some may even design promo material for you (bookmarks, Facebook headers, etc.) which will come in handy when marketing your book. Some cover artists have limits to the amount of revisions you can make, which is understandable if you consider they have other clients and projects to tend to as well.
The best book cover designers have an online portfolio where you can browse covers through genres or themes. Her blog was a finalist in the first annual Goodreads Independent Book Blogger Awards in 2012, and her story Benefits of Sharing is a finalist for the 2013 EPIC Award in the short story category. A full wrap cover can be made, as well as ebook covers, ads of all sizes, Facebook covers and profiles, etc. Just like an illustrated book cover, it’s best to discuss with the illustrator about buying and owning rights to use the work.
Higher resolution photos cost more for the cover artist, so in turn, they’ll cost more for you.
Her work has been included in the following Writer’s Market books: 2016 Writer’s Market, 2016 Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market, the 2014 and 2015 editions of Guide to Self-Publishing. Make sure you both are aware of the project terms so there’s no confusion, the length of terms (lifetime use?), the territory (worldwide use?), the formats (e-book, print, audio?) and any other details. And although they are pre-made, the artist will still customize the cover with your author name, book title, series title, tagline, etc.

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