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As soon as it doesn’t hurt too much to put pressure on the ball of your foot, start stretching your ankle using the towel stretch. Standing soleus stretch: Stand facing a wall with your hands on the wall at about chest height. Ankle range of motion: Sit or lie down with your legs straight and your knees pointing toward the ceiling.
Resisted ankle dorsiflexion: Tie a knot in one end of the elastic tubing and shut the knot in a door. Resisted ankle eversion: Sit with both legs stretched out in front of you, with your feet about a shoulder's width apart.
Step-up: Stand with the foot of your injured leg on a support 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 centimeters) high --like a small step or block of wood. Balance and reach exercises: Stand next to a chair with your injured leg farther from the chair. While keeping your arch raised, reach the hand that is farther away from the chair across your body toward the chair.
Rotate the wobble board around so that the edge of the board is in contact with the floor at all times. Balance on the wobble board for as long as you can without letting the edges touch the floor. Rotate the wobble board in clockwise and counterclockwise circles, but do not let the edge of the board touch the floor.

When you have mastered the wobble exercises standing on both legs, try repeating them while standing on just your injured leg. Loop a towel around your toes and the ball of your foot and pull the towel toward your body keeping your leg straight. Tie a loop in the other end of the tubing and put the foot on your injured side through the loop so that the tubing goes around the top of the foot. Tighten the front thigh muscles on your injured leg and lift that leg 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 centimeters) away from the other leg.
Wrap elastic tubing around the ball of the foot of your injured leg and then loop it around your other foot so that the tubing is anchored there at one end. Put the foot of your injured leg through the loop so that the tubing goes around the arch of that foot and wraps around the outside of the other foot. In the pelvis and lower extremities, blood in the veins has to fight gravity in order to flow in the correct direction. Bend your back knee slightly and gently lean into the wall until you feel a stretch in the lower calf of your injured leg. Keeping your leg straight, pull the top of your foot toward your body, stretching the tubing. Return to the starting position by bending your injured leg and slowly lowering your uninjured leg back to the floor. The deep veins course through the center of the legs running parallel to the bones and drain the surrounding tissues, muscles and fascia.

Make sure you keep your other foot still so that it will allow the tubing to stretch as you move the foot of your injured leg.
With the hand that is farther away from the chair, reach forward in front of you by bending at the waist. Deep veins are usually resistant to internal derangement and in most circumstances do not get valve dysfunction. There are multiple tributary veins that also drain into the great or small saphenous that can cause similar problems when they become abnormal. They can be prone to dilation and valvular failure because they are not supported by the same muscular and facial structure as the deep veins. Almost all lower extremity venous insufficiency occurs in the superficial venous system.Perforator veins connect the deep and superficial venous systems. If the valves in the perforator veins are faulty, then flow is reversed causing deep venous blood to reflux into the superficial veins. Perforator insufficiency can be a common cause of lower extremity  venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulcers.

Survival bracelet information
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