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The story of a seriously fearless man who braved getting into serious trouble by bringing books to the people of Kabul.
A powerful and beloved classic told against the tragic backdrop of Afghanistan over the last thirty years. Having the guts to speak about the unspeakable and break the silence, Werfel opens up about the Armenian genocide and how these Armenian villages chose to stand up against the deportation order of the Turkish government. A Bangladeshi immigrant in London is torn between the kind yet tedious older husband with whom she has an arranged marriage (and children) and the fiery political activist she lusts after. When a Bangladeshi woman heads to America to marry her foreign husband who she met online, it’s not all plain sailing. A realistic book about the daily life and land of the last remaining Buddhist monarchical society.
Part 1 of Daughter Of Cambodia, this tragic story has stayed with me ever since I first read it. An incredibly moving story of one girl caught up in the war and trying to maintain some sense of happiness  by remembering her father’s poems and stories of mythical legends.
Sumptuously illustrated in full color and covering destinations both near and far chosen by National Geographic travel editors and contributors, the book explains the special lure of each place by detailing its particular charm and appeal and its must-see attractions. There are five sections: “Wild Places” focuses on vast, unspoiled places protected by the extremes of geography and topography, which promise the rejuvenation of the soul. Sprinkled throughout the book are “Best of the Best” and “In the Know” sidebars that share interesting tidbits, tips, can’t-miss spots and insights from an insider’s perspective. The book also includes nearly two dozen “Best of the World” top-10 lists, profiling the best destinations for everything from romantic getaways and mountains to climb to volunteer animal rescue and unusual scuba-diving sites.
An evocative journey around the world, WORLD’S BEST TRAVEL EXPERIENCES is the ultimate book for avid adventurers and armchair travelers alike. Travel books come in handy for more than mapping out a destination once you get there—sometimes planning a trip can be half the fun. And while we explore the world, what better way to explore ourselves than with a great book? This list of travel books was either written by a woman OR features a strong female character and is organized alphabetically by book title. IfA you have ever wanted to give in to your wanderlust, buy a plane ticket, and just go and travel the world this is the book for you. As she searches for an oasis in North Africa’s Sahara to track down people from her past, Annie Hawes narrates her travels through Morocco and Algeria, while uncovering unique insights into human nature. Hemingway is a master of writing, adventure, and subtle realizations about human nature and society. If you have ever dreamed of moving to France, eating delicious French cuisine, andA livingA on a farm in Provence, this book is your literary holy grail.
Marlena De Blasi is world famous for her books about Italy, and this one does not disappoint.
Frances Mayes, the bestselling author of Under the Tuscan Sun,A celebrates travel as she chronicles a trip starting in Tuscany and continuing throughout the world. This book covers the story behind the TV series Adventure Divas.A Holly Morris documents her life after she quits her job and sets out for adventure and self discovery with a small television crew and her producer mom. Dana Stabenow is an Alaska born native who has lived a life full of the kind of adventure that only Alaska has to offer. Set to the backdrop of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, Maja Angelou and a group of expatriates flee the country to Ghana to avoid political tension. What’s a travel writer to do when she turns forty and realizes that she is now divorced, childless and completely unhappy? We all love Jane Austen, right?A So does Amy Elizabeth Smith, who set out on a yearlong adventure in South America with a suitcase full of Jane Austen novels in Spanish.
When an AustralianA television journalist is invited to Paris for an extended stay by a man she barely knows, deadpan humor, ridiculous culture clashes, Parisian dinner parties, and fashion shows all take place. Former editor at the New Yorker andA New York Times, Ann Barry documents her experience randomly falling in love with and buying a house in southwestern France.
This book, from Pulitzer Prize winningA Katherine Boo, documents life across the world in the most unexpected of places. In this sequel to Under the Tuscan Sun,A Frances Mayes creates another beautiful memoir about one of the most sought after destinations in the world. In 1996 Karen Connelly travels to Burma, where she enters a country that is ruled by a dangerous dictatorship. Cosima is the quasi autobiography of Grazia Delleda, famed Italian author and the first female winner of the NobelA Prize.
Dancing Skeletons is aA true account of a bioculturalA anthropologist who conducted field work in West Africa.
The Lunatic Express: Discovering the World Via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes.
When she was in her twenties, Robyn traversed the Australian outback with her dog and her troupe of camels. Paul Theroux might be one of the most popular travel writers today, and he combines years of experiences from his own travels and others’ to create a book filled with quotes and interesting tidbits about the act of traveling.
Emotions are something that infants and toddlers are curious about as they begin to develop an awareness of their feelings and those of others. Darling edition of the folk song "Hush, Little Baby." The book follows the traditional lyrics, but it is Frazee's illustrations that make this something special.
I believe it is my dramatic BooHooing that possibly made this book a favorite - make sure to read with enthusiasm. Bambini Travel participates in several other affiliate and advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to advitsers websites. It’s battered but incredibly beautiful and if you make it there before me, you will reach whole new levels of awesome in my book.
Shaken up by her experience, Little decided to travel to Afghanistan to try and get an understanding of what motivates suicide bombers.
Intimate, detailed and an honest peek into the life of Afghan women and their daily life in Afghanistan.
A travel narrative by this Scottish adventurer who decides to walk solo across north-central Afghanistan in 2002. The books listed below bring the Armenian genocide to the forefront and open up about the terrible tragedy that happened here. Arlen travels there to discover his roots after his father’s death and shows us a very personal  journey into understanding the genocide with historical facts included. You’re about to enter the world of war-torn lovers Ali (an Azerbaijani Muslim boy) and Nino (a Georgian Christian girl) who are separated by religion, culture and conflict.
Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, Leila sets out on a mission, supported by the Communist Party, to crack down on Tahir who is suspected of traitorous Western influences in his music shop.
Bibby was one of the first explorers of Bahrain and the first modern archaeologist to dig there. A country incredibly close to my heart for how kind locals were to me, how delicious the food is and how generous people can be when they have very little for themselves.
A wonderful piece of writing about a woman’s exotic awakening whilst caught between two worlds. A deeply moving novel about the rise of Islamic radicalism in Bangladesh, seen through the eyes of a family. Full of cross-cultural tensions, conflicting expectations and hidden secrets, it’s an excellent piece on determination, love and respect. Some of us can only dream of getting there as it remains one of the most difficult places to get into. Jamie Zepper sure does show it with her autobiographical work of her personal awakenings and realisations whilst spending three years in this beautifully remote area of this planet.
Leaving her job in LA and moving to Bhutan to start Bhutan’s first youth-orientated radio station, she discovers her sense of purpose and how the world is a beautiful yet complicated place. This funny, magical memoir is Linda sharing her experiences as she travels through Asia and ends up in Bhutan.

They’re trying to retain all that rocks about their society whilst adopting developments from our modern technological world.
Situated on the island of Borneo, this strict and socially controlled religious state has the largest oil fields in Southeast Asia(!) but thankfully some of the most beautiful rainforests too. Some stories are going to stick with you for a long time and they all give a unique insight into what Cambodia is. 12, 2012)—Take a trip with National Geographic to experience the magic of the world’s most spectacular destinations in a colorful new travel gift book publishing this fall. The book also includes quotes and reminiscences by such luminaries as Anna Quindlen, Bill Bryson, Gore Vidal, Oliver Sacks and Jordan’s Queen Noor. It’s the perfect way for readers to rekindle their most favorite travel memories or to find that dream-trip destination.
While the web is also a great resource, it can be exciting to get a copy of a travel book that you can write on, bookmark, and take with you on your trip.
Browsing at a bookstore in the travel section might help you to identify a region or culture that you would like to explore further. Choose among books like the Eyewitness guides, known for their vibrant photographs, or Frommers Guides, known for offering information at a variety of price ranges. This can mean an entire book on one city, providing an in depth look at all of the culture, museums, parks, and tours that are on offer. Magazines can at time be more up to date than books, and offer of-the-moment information on restaurants, nightclubs, and exhibitions.
A FromA historic sites such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s home in Western Samoa to festivals such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the book blends well-known places with unknown destinations.
It details everything from personal stories from Rebecca Solnit, discovering what it means to be lost, the difference of getting lost to losing oneself entirely, and every conceivableA meaning of the word lost. Rachel Friedman, the protagonist of this story, goes from good girl and college grad to world traveler when she randomly decides to buy a plane ticket to Ireland. This book is filled with humor, empathy, a deep examination of the lives and culture of the people she meets along the way. The story tells of how she and her husband moved to Morocco and bought a dilapidated house in the town of Fez.
In the 70’s, this is exactly what Georgeanne Brennan did with her young daughter and husband. Set to the backdrop of gorgeousA Tuscany, the book describes how the author and her Italian husband move to the region and experience Tuscan culture, food, and people. This book covers all that travel has to offer: the allure of the unknown, the pleasure in discovering something new, and the simple joy of the voyage. This pro woman book is filled with a unique view of the world, adventurer, and a whole lot of humor. She grew up in Alaska before statehood, worked in a cannery and even the oil fields at one point.
A Set in arguably the most romantic city on earth, Sarah Turnball narrates this travel memoir with humor and a fresh twist. A When narrator and author Laura Fraser is left by her husband for his high school sweetheart, she leaves for Italy. Like the previous stories, this one reveals how Marlena interacts every day with her unique setting in Italy, the people, the food, the wine and the culture that only Italy can offer.
Greist is a young, would-be journalist who wants learn the effect of communism on the world. Wendy Dale, the author and narrator, keeps ending up in prison every time she visits South America.
Walter crafts a tale about a whole menagerie of people across a fifty year span on multiple continents who all have one thing in common: they have big dreams. This book is the product of three years of reporting on what life is like in an era of globalization and change. This book takes the reader through the life and culture of Italians living in the Tuscan region of Italy in a way that only Mayes can find. She stays to report on the dictatorship, but then must flee the country when it gets too dangerous. AA notoriously closed society, Fonesca follows them from Albania to Poland, learningA about their culture, stories and taboos. Born in Scotland and raised in Central Africa, Nicola is a charismatic and exotic character that Fuller captures beautifully.
Cosima is a young girl growing up in Nuoro, Sardinia in the late 19th century who wants nothing more than to be an author.
Her studies involve infant feeding and health in Mali, and she predominantly works with malnourished children, hence the title of the novel. The fifth book in a annual series of often entertaining anecdotes intended to inspire and even enlighten. As an avid reader, one of my favorite pastimes is to curl up with a book—before I had the freedom to explore new places, reading was a way for me to visit foreign cultures and to try and understand the world better. Davidson is a nuanced writer (the book is based off an article she wrote for National Geographic), and we get the portrait of an intrepid journey and the young woman brave enough to take it on. It’s a personal journey sifting through the lies and truths that come along with storytelling.
On the Road has a certain cultural significance that very few other travel books can claim.
She's a freelance writer with a passion for meeting new people, and hopes to share a love of travel, possibility, and adventure with the rest of Generation Y.
Freight Train by Donald CrewsFind It OnlinePerfectly simple, this is Donald Crews' masterpiece. It is an easy introduction to the alphabet with a variety of vocabulary, textures, and quality photography. Beautiful trademark illustrations and interactive premise encourage a discussion and exploration of colors. Detailed, expressive, and warm - the pictures will draw in their readers to ensure a new generation will enjoy this song. Reasonable caution is especially recommended when activities call for use of small objects, scissors, or water. To successfully soak everything up from a country, discovering more about its culture and history allows you to become a worldly, lovely, understanding and kickass human being.
Once you’re finished with this one, check out the follow-up, A Thousand Splendid Suns.
He travels through amazing yet rugged, isolated and poor parts of the country in the midst of Winter and experiences invaluable moments. A homeless mountaineer embarks on a mission to build schools for girls who are living in one of the most dangerous places on earth. A story about connecting with your ethnic heritage and ultimately yourself, it comes highly recommended. A first hand account of the genocide from a young girl originally written for children and young adults. Visa requirements are tough and when the government insists that tourists must spend at least $200 there a day…well, good luck to you. Her experiences are certainly unique and quite a rocky ride but you will come out the other end with a much deeper understanding and respect for Bhutan. Starting with the author evacuated from Phnom Penh in 1975, every page is unfortunately full of traumatic events till the very end. It’s an exhilarating yet exhausting place and these stories provide a perfect snapshot of that. Every traveler will have their own opinion on the best travel books, but some of the most popular series include Let’s Go, Frommer's, Time Out, Rough Guides, Insight Guides, and Michelin Guides, among others. Some people think that the best travel books are small and compact (to fit in your pocket) while others prefer comprehensive volumes that include details on history and politics as well as suggestions for attractions, restaurants, tours, and practical information such as airports, currency, and local customs. Rough Guides are a great choice for backpackers or budget travelers, while history buffs will love the comprehensive coverage of Fodor's guides.

Signing up for a subscription can offer significant discounts on magazines including Travel & Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, Budget Travel, or AFAR. It’s a great read if you find value in wandering, being lost, and entering the great unknown. While struggling with a house that could collapse at any minute and not speaking a word of Arabic, Clarke weaves useful information about Moroccan life and culture through hilarity and frustration.
The book is filled with tales of French culture, mouth-watering traditional cuisine, and recipes so you can experience a taste of France right from your own home. Louis, this book is about love, Italy, and the unexpected connections you can make when traveling.
But they soon realize that island living is not as easy as it seems and have to deal with the outlandish complications of living a simple life. This collection has everything from camel rides in the desert toA being alone in a Thai train station in the middle of the night. The stories range from end-of-the-world adventures to just around the corner excursions that are humorous, courageous and witty. Now writing for a magazine, Stabenow takes the readerA through Alaska on a journey reminiscent of a pioneer trip.
Starting in Mexico, Laura Fraser moves across South American and Europe, searching for herself and someone to share her life with. What she finds there is a nice Italian man who she travels with all over the globe before finally returning home. Along the way they meet a cast of characters, learn a little something about visiting another country, and realize that in fact they don’t like each other at all. So, she sets out on a four year journey through twelve nations, meeting a surprising cast of characters, like an ex soldier and a Cuban hip hop artist. It starts in Cinque Terre, featured on the cover of the book, and moves across the world to Hollywood. Told through a cast of mesmerizing characters and destinations, this book is simply unforgetable. Nancy Pearl, famed librarian, takes the readers from Texas to Timbuktu, and everywhere in between. She has just graduated from college and sets out for the city of her dreams, Pairs, where she stays for some time and eventually gets married. In the course of this book, she falls in love with a resistance leader, visits a military camp, andA has to make some hard decisions. The story begins with Nicola’s childhood and takes the reader all the way to her very own tree of forgetfulness, her newfound family, and her love of Africa. In this book Delleda weaves her own history into the life of Cosima and the city of Nuoro itself, creating a unique story and a unique look into Southern Italy.
Daisy Miller is a young and rich American woman who takes a grand tour of Europe and causes a whole bunch of trouble with her undignified American antics. The book is composed of vignettes that are both shocking and beautiful but always engaging.
Via its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains and PlanesReaders Respond: What's Your Favorite Travel Book of 2010? Edited by Stephanie Alizondo Griest, author of Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing, and Havana. Not only is it an interesting look into traveling at a young age, but it also reminds us that any trip is possible. The Telling Room is not only a travel essay, but it’s also a multi-layered history of Spain, a certain cheesemaker, and, of course, a piece of sublime cheese. It’s also a very portable book, so you can take it on your own adventures and leaf through the quotes and bits of wisdom provided.
She's the author of Shakespeare's Lady, and she made the promise never to sing Italian karaoke at four in the morning ever again. They have different preferences when it comes to most things, including books, but these are 10 books that our kids adored when they were between the ages of one and two.
This book will engage your little one in a careful investigation of the illustrations to catch a glimpse of the elusive goose. Although appropriate ages are suggested for our activities, all children are unique and you are the best judge of what is appropriate for your child.
This novel shows how powerful music can be for breaking down barriers and bringing about change. He provides an intimate look at the last surviving groups of rain forest dwellers and how he adjusts to the world he has put himself into. Joel takes a close-up look at Cambodia today and how its history is affecting its population now.
30, 2012; $40 hardcover), with a foreword by actor, director and travel writer Andrew McCarthy, showcases some of the most transformative places on Earth, from Bhutan to Bermuda, from the Sahara to the Stockholm Archipelago, and suggests unique, intriguing ways to experience them. Beyond traditional books there are also travel e-books and guides geared towards specific groups, such as budget travelers. The best books also include details on local etiquette and suggestions for staying safe during travel. Depending on your destination, you might be able to narrow down your choices by who has the most recent title, or what size and style suits your needs for this individual trip.
These include popular stories such as Eat, Pray, Love and other travelogues that will bring readers along for a wild ride to destinations around the globe. Each of these has their own unique travel angle, similar to the guidebooks, so finding the right match is important. Part travel memoir, part unexpected journeyA of self discovery, this book is what every recent college graduate dreams of.
She encounters old friends, new friends, and many cultures as she yearns for a different life. What sets this story apart is the honesty and the open mindedness that Laura applies to the world around her. Unique, hilarious, and full of India, this book is a great look at what happens when two young adults travel together.
In her search for the perfect vacation and that all too elusive happiness that comes with it, she ends up finding great people, adventure, and of course, that happiness can come from even behind the bars of a South American prison cell.
Walter also writes a strong cast of female characters, like Claire, the hopeful film assistant.
Feminist before there was feminism, this novel is a travel memoir of a time in the past: Paris in the sixties. It is a fascinating read set in the backdrop of Europe complete with 50 photos from her time with the gypsies. Daisy endsA up being foolishly naive, brash, and meets the man of her dreams while horrifying the locals. Jumping into the personal and political aspects of the 1971 Bangladesh War, this novel explores the tough experiences of a widow trying to look after her family and the effects conflict can have on ordinary people. This is a growing genre and whether you’re looking for the perspective of an investigative journalist or a love story, you will be able to find it in modern travel literature.
Once you find a good fit, you too will realize that planning the trip, anticipating all of its pleasures, can take the monotony out of the daily 9-to-5 type life.
It was Dickensian: block after block of mud passageways littered with garbage and upended vehicles and men sleeping on piles of tires and the sparks of welders and the smell of smoke and oil and diesel and Bondo. It’s a lively, personal and colourful book that gives a great insight into Gulf Arab culture and their way of life.
James’s descriptive passages make Daisy Miller witty, funny, and always enlightening.
It was hot and glaring, a place of burning fires and braziers and hammering and music, and the mud was so dark, so black, so viscous, it was like oil.

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