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The best desert island movies offer adventure as they showcase the lead characters' will to survive. Desert island films often feature one man's journey, but some of the best shipwrecked movies include star-studded casts.
A few of the best stranded films are even based on true stories.What films will you find on this best desert island movies list? All you need to make a great movie is Tom Hanks, as proven by the 2000 survival movie, Cast Away.

After getting stranded on a desert island, Chuck Noland (Hanks) befriends a volleyball named Wilson and does whatever it takes to make it back home.
The Blue Lagoon is another one of the best desert island movies.Animal instincts quickly come to the surface in the classic film Lord of the Flies, which is based on William Golding's 1954 novel of the same name. Other good movies that are featured on this top desert island films list include Swept Away, The Beach, and Life of Pi.How will we ever determine which movie deserves the top spot on this list? Help us decide by giving the best films a thumbs up and add any other deserted island films you love that aren't already listed.

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