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Sony has also stated that its staff members that are involved with the adaptation will have complete editorial control over Kamio’s work in the series.
According to Gematsu, this manga adaptation is set to run in multiple parts over the next several months. Videogames are perhaps the medium best suited to the horror genre as giving the audience agency brings the fear closer to home.
Arguably, the genre originated with Capcom’s 1989 title Sweet Home, which was a tie-in for a Japanese horror film of the same name directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Resident Evil had originally been planned as a 3D remake of Sweet Home, but during the development cycle it mutated into a nightmarish title in its own right, thus launching a series that would forever change the games industry.
The creepy Spencer Mansion, made difficult to navigate by devilish puzzles and fixed camera angles, was populated by horrific monsters who were notoriously difficult to kill due to tricky controls and the need to conserve ammunition.
The next major leap came three years later, when Konami took Capcom’s formula for survival horror and kicked it up a notch to create Silent Hill.
Set in a town that mirrors the inner fears and torments of those who pass through it, the Silent Hill series brought a new and even more unsettling edge to the genre through its use of Freudian and Jungian psychological tropes, typified by Silent Hill 2’s infamous antagonist, Pyramid Head.
The 2009 title Silent Hill: Shattered Memories took matters even further by psychologically profiling the player and tailoring the game experience accordingly.
In the same way that survival horror was an offshoot of RPGs, action horror was an offshoot of the FPS; the first action horror being id Software’s Doom, released in 1993, with its brooding atmosphere and demonic imagery.
Resident Evil 4 marked the perfect hybrid of survival horror and action horror, but, while a triumph in its own right, its unfortunate legacy has been that its success led to the degeneration of mainstream horror into action titles increasingly devoid of the survival and psychological elements that had defined them for over a decade. While mainstream titles have seen a decline in recent years, with Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 performing notably poorly, attention has instead turned to the flourishing indie horror scene. Rather than evolving the horror genre however, these new independent titles are actually returning horror games to the roots that mainstream developers have strayed so much from. The atmosphere and sumptuous sound design of Amnesia and the audio distortion of Slender were foreshadowed by the incredible audio work that Akira Yamaoka pioneered in the Silent Hill series, with sirens and white noise being used to terrifying effect, creating an environment in which often what you could hear was far more horrifying than anything you could see.
Player vulnerability is also key to modern horror, in which many titles don’t allow the player to defend themselves; running and hiding are the only options.
Scissorman was the original stalker character whose horror legacy was notably continued by Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 and has now manifested itself in the forms of the abominations roaming Castle Brennenburg and Mount Massive Asylum.
With the vast gulf between the triple A and indie horror sections of the industry exemplifying the genre’s mixed fortunes of late, much attention has turned to The Evil Within, which is due for release next year. Helmed by legendary horror maestro Shinji Mikami, the visionary behind Resident Evil 1, 2 and 4, The Evil Within’s aim of revitalising the moribund survival horror genre has raised hopes within the community. Una de las exclusivas mas interesantes de la primera hornada de Wii U nos llega desde Estados Unidos para mostrarnos que el Survival Horror sigue vivo en la mente de muchos desarrolladores. Zombi U, aparecido en el lanzamiento oficial de Wii U en Estados Unidos, esta en esa ultima categoria. Como juego de terror, Zombi U funciona muy bien porque sabes que estas en permanente peligro, que un mordisco de un muerto viviente es el fin y que pueden aparecer del lugar mas inesperado. La critica esta condicionada claramente por su posicion en cuanto la eleccion de la consola,yo permitidme que os diga que alucino con los fanboys de unos y otros,yo soy muy de Nintendo,pero me pillare la PS4 seguramente.Y las 2 me parecen maravillosas,en este juego el mando table crea tension perfectamente,al agacharse puedes oir a los zombies venir,y lo de los botones en las puertas SIMPLEMENTE GENIAL. Tambien decir que a este genero no incluiria ningun shooter ni Resident Evils nuevos, por lo tanto no hay muchos juegos anteriores dodne escoger. Esta es mi opinion, dicho esto me voy a jugar con mi PJ que lleva 3 horas vivo y tiene 2300 puntos. I thought finding the greatest horror games of this generation was tough, but narrowing down the myriad indie horror games we’ve seen this gen has proven far more difficult.
Read on to see how I fared in my endeavor to find the ten greatest indie horror games of this generation!
Before we get into this list of games that are already out, here are five of our most anticipated upcoming indie horror games! Developed by Frictional Games, this masterpiece of survival horror is widely considered to be one of the scariest video games of all time. Many games have copied this idea and pasted it, sometimes as is, other times with new features like multiplayer or little tweaks to the gameplay.
The Train and Kraven Manor probably deserve an honorable mention, both of those games are fantastic (and free, which is always nice). Haunt and Haunted Memories is the same game, they just renamed Haunt to Haunted Memories and gave it new features.
Minecraft for the Xbox 360 was announced back at E3 2011, and almost a year later, it’s here. Minecraft on the PC was pure genius; it was a simple concept that was soon turned into an addiction by gamers all around the world. With the limitations of the console, something big occurs in the port: world sizes are limited.
The PC version had a multiplayer which tended to be a pain to operate, and kind of still is.
You might remember that back in the day, setting up a Minecraft server on the PC version could be a bit of a pain; you had to download this launcher, make sure you were connected, and you also had to worry if your PC could handle running the game and the server at the same time. And for the release of the game, the least they could have done was released a few texture packs; they’re simple to import onto your PC version, so why not the Xbox 360 version?

Minecraft for Xbox 360 is certainly a welcomed game, allowing those without a PC to build for months to come. Yes you can see videos in youtube i my self have downloaded maps and houses from internet for Minecraft xbox 360 edition and it works.
I got the game when it was first realeased and im glad theirs no hunger bar but i hate not having created. The adaptation will be overseen by series veterans including director Keiichiro Toyama and writer Naoko Sato. It’ll start off with a preview in the newly released spring issue of manga magazine Shin Mimibukuro Atmos. With horror games being such an established component of the industry today, it is surprising to consider their almost incidental origins. It was designed as an RPG, though it featured elements that would form the core of survival horror, such as puzzles and health and inventory management. This represented the first psychological horror game, which also drew inspiration from the 1990 film Jacob’s Ladder. The 2002 GameCube game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, also broke new ground by including insanity effects that would represent the deteriorating mental state of the protagonist. Garnering critical acclaim and in some cases commercial success, titles developed by small teams such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the Slender games and Outlast have resurrected the genre. The modern focus on atmosphere, sound design and player vulnerability all trace their origins back to games from the 1990s. This is hardly new, as 1995’s Clock Tower saw the player powerless to do anything other than flee from the game’s antagonist, Scissorman, and pray that they weren’t found and eviscerated with a giant pair of shears.
These characters conform to a genre trope which mainstream action horror has so carelessly neutered. Only time will tell if Mikami can return to greatness the genre, which his work did so much to define.
En el proceso previo de ver esa nueva consola, un punado de companias elegidas tienen que decidir que hacer con ese nuevo concepto. La misma compania que no dudo en lanzarse con Wii a hacer Red Steel, un juego que trataba de compaginar combate cuerpo a cuerpo y shooter con el Wii-Mote sin saber todavia como sacarle partido -asi salio-, se atreve ahora tambien a estar en el lanzamiento de Wii U con un concepto original que pretende usar todas las caracteristicas de la nueva plataforma a la vez, solo por debajo de lo que Nintendo ha hecho con NintendoLands que es la gran referencia a la hora de disenar juegos y conceptos mecanicos con el mando-tablet.
Pasado el tutorial, un personaje se levanta en una zona protegida de una Londres post-apocaliptica infestada de muertos vivientes. El entorno tambien ayuda, no es un sandbox y hay cargas intermedias entre zonas pero dada la estructura semi-libre puedes ir por diferentes caminos, encontrar atajos y volver a visitar sitios en los que ya has estado, asi que por pura iteracion vas creando un mapa mental del lugar y empiezas a planear las rutas mas cortas y seguras a un destino, especialmente cuando quieres recuperar objetos de tu anterior protagonista. Pero recupera las sensaciones de un genero que se habia ido degradando de los survival de los primeros juegos a unos simple run & shoot de los ultimos. Llevo jugados unos 3 o 4 dias solamente a Zombi U, pero es que me ha enganchado BRUTALMENTE como hacia tiempo no me enganchaba un juego !! Asique mi opinion digamos no es por predileccion alguna hacia X compania de videojuegos o consolas.
Por que esto vale que es un juego y mucho querran una historia + o - bien compuesta, pero para mi la tension que crea el juego mirando todo al milimetro ya que literalmente, la muerte esta en cada esquina y la posibilidad de poder SOBREVIVIR durante el mayor tiempo posible para poder ser uno de los mejores jugadores, ya me crea la suficiente conviccion como para ser uno de los mejores que he jugado nunca.
Most often, that creature is the Slender Man, an Internet born urban legend turned video game antagonist. Haunt needs a bit of work to help distinguish itself from the myriad Slender games out there, but it’s still good. Also if the developers want to make this game truly something, allow for the current crafting system to be turned off so that we can figure out recipes by ourselves if we want to. After that preview, the adaptation will continue in the magazine’s July, October and December issues.
The key significance of Sweet Home, however, is that it led to the creation of the most influential survival horror game ever made, 1996’s Resident Evil. Some of these tropes would even break the fourth wall such as a false message to the player stating that their memory card had become corrupted. Unas eligen la ruta del minimo esfuerzo posible y plantan un minimapa o disenan unos controles gestuales sin imaginacion ni refinamiento, cosas insustanciales que lejos de hacer la experiencia mas interesante, puede tener justo el efecto contrario. Pero mientras NintendoLands es enormente divertido y un triunfo de la vision de la compania de Kioto con este mando, Zombi U cae en algunos errores tontos, a la postre salvados por las cualidades de un juego notable.
Este es otro aspecto que tambien funciona bien aqui: la escasez es evidente, las armas son raras y la municion mas rara todavia. Aqui volvemos a analizar cada paso, cada zona por la que pasamos, en busca de un movimiento sospechoso. Es tension continua, lo de pararse 1 minuto tranquilamente a charlar, olvidate, estas MUERTO. Pero es que ya no seria un juegazo, ya seria epico o como diria el gran Barnie o como se escriba, LEGENDARIO !! Tampoco por teclear claves rapido para que 4 zombis no lleguen a ti, que en depende que momento, tiene su punto la cosa. Unfortunately for me, this has made my job of finding the best games this genre has gifted us with over the course of this relatively lengthy console cycle incredibly difficult. Its ending faltered a bit as soon as it tried explaining the goings on in Mount Massive asylum, but the other 95% of the game is terrifying, traumatizing and absolutely unforgettable.

And throughout the 3 years that this game has been out, adventure maps have been made, whole cities based on fictional cities have been created, mods and texture packs have also been mad; but can you do all this in the Xbox 360 port?
Most of the achievements have been brought through from the PC version, and in the first 30 minutes, you’ll probably unlock achievement after achievement after achievement, but then some later ones will require a little more effort than just mining some wood or opening your inventory (yes, those are just 2 real achievements in this game).
Before you log into a world you created, you’re given the choice if you want to have online on or off. Also it’s quite a shame that we cannot change our characters texture model, so I really hope they add that in a future update. En cambio, otras deciden que lo que hay que hacer es coger el nuevo invento y asegurarse de que usan el 100% de lo que puede hacer, tratando de crear algo nuevo y generar nuevas ideas que pueden funcionar o no, pero que aportan una base que puede crecer en el futuro. A partir de ahi se desarrolla un viaje por la supervivencia en el que hay que atravesar diferentes zonas de la ciudad, desde tuneles subterraneos a zonas emblematicas de la capital britanica como la zona del Puente de la Torre -lo que los turistas suelen denominar “Puente de Londres” para desesperacion de los locales, o el palacio de Buckingham-. Incluso el arma de fuego mas comun, una pistola de mano, tiene un numero bastante limitado de balas repartidas por el escenario asi que usarla no es gratis, ya no digamos cosas como escopetas, ametralladoras o rifles francotirador que son autenticos tesoros que solo deben ser reservados para las ocasiones especiales.Dadas las condiciones, la principal arma que manejaremos durante todo el juego sera un bate de cricket -inevitable gracias a Shaun of the Dead-. Para mi casi inigualable en su genero, solo quiza por Silent Hill de PS1 y con mis correspondientes anos menos, siendo casi un nino cuando jugue a este ulimo.
After spending way too much time thinking about which one I should include here, I went ahead and decided to include both. You can also choose whether you’d like it to be open for anybody, a private game or by invitation only. They had 1 year to build this simple game, and I think what they’re trying to do is make the game in sync with the PC version so updates would be released as the PC updates were (so we might just be saying Hi to unwanted updates). El personaje gana ciertas habilidades con la practica y podra almacenar armas, municion y otros objetos, pudiendo decidir si los lleva encima en su mochila o si prefiere almacenar objetos en los distintos puntos seguros de la ciudad. Este trozo de madera irrompible es nuestra forma mas “barata” de liquidar zombis, pero tiene sus desventajas: es lento de utilizar y se necesitan varios golpes para acabar con un muerto viviente, lo que lo hace muy mal companero para grupos de enemigos o para aquellos que aparecen de repente. Graficamente no tengo nada que criticarle y la jubalidad es una pasada y lo bien implementado que esta el mando.
Para mi esta siendo tan impresionante por que te mantiene pegado al televisor sin poder bajar la guardia ni 1 instante cuando estas jugando. And they always say that it’s better to play with friends than by yourself, and with a game like Minecraft, that is always true. This idea is rather stupid, and I’d rather they just take everything Minecraft players actually wanted from the PC version and put it in the Xbox 360 version, like Pistons, Endermen, being able to stack fences, gates, and most importantly, bigger worlds! Hay una particularidad sin embargo: es muy probable que tu personaje muera en el camino, y no hay segundas oportunidades ya que la muerte es permanente y definitiva. Mas alla del puro golpe tiene un movimiento de empuje, algo mas rapido, que se puede usar para ganar algo de terreno, pero a la postre nos encontramos que es un arma muy tosca en el que un simple fallo a la hora de conectar un golpe puede ser nuestra perdicion -un muerto viviente puede herirte con sus unas, pero si esta demasiado cerca te mordera y entonces sera el fin, lo que hace que la muerte siempre este muy a mano-. Desde hace anos que no jugaba a un juego que me hiciera recordar de verdad lo que es un autentico Survival. Me tuve que deshacer de la consola porque a parte de este juego el catalogo era desalentador. Si lo haces moriras y te tocara empezar de nuevo con otro superviviente, 6 miseras balas y tener suerte de reencontrarte con tu anterior yo siendo zombi antes que otro lo haga antes que tu. And you can actually have up to 8 players playing on your world, so you can have a real party there.
Then when you move out from a corner you might be hiding in, your weapon will soon replenish and the enemy will try to kill you again.
Dado que no seria de recibo que el juego acabara asi, la siguiente oportunidad viene de un nuevo personaje, mientras que el anterior estara en el mismo punto en el que murio, convertido en muerto viviente y con todo el equipamiento acumulado que tenia cuando cayo, asi que para recuperarlo hay que eliminar al personaje que tenias antes. La accion principal se desarrolla exclusivamente en la pantalla de television, mientras que la pantalla del pad se utiliza para elementos accesorios como radar, inventario, escaner, mirilla telescopica y algunos QTE.
The game also includes 4 player split screen co-op, so if you have friends over and 3 other controllers, just pop on Minecraft and get building (I’d like to see gamers try and use 1 keyboard and 1 mouse for 4 players on the PC version if split screen existed on it). Si por otro lado has preferido sacrificar algo de potencia de fuego para dejar objetos en una de las escasas zonas seguras tu siguiente personaje al menos podra acceder a ellos cuando llegue.No nos meteremos mucho en el tema del guion, es interesante porque hay mucho misterio sobre lo que ha pasado y sobre la propia figura del Prepper pero es tambien un tanto inconexo y criptico, con toques biblicos y misterios ancestrales combinados con elementos sobrenaturales que parecen un prestamo de Assassin’s Creed. Se puede decir que es un sistema de control efectivo y que funciona para los elementos basicos, aunque la busqueda de innovacion a veces ha planteado algunos problemas como veremos mas adelante. Sin embargo el gran protagonista es la supervivencia, aprender a mantenerse vivo en una ciudad hostil en el que cada paso puede ser el ultimo y en el que es muy facil morir. Ese es uno de los aspectos mas interesantes del titulo, lo vulnerable que eres y la mentalidad que hay que tener para poder sobrevivir, muy lejos de cargar a lo Rambo frente a las hordas de muertos vivientes.
Ciertos aspectos de lo que es un Survival Horror estan muy bien reflejados en este titulo y eso lo hara interesante para mucha gente que esta buscando justamente eso frente a unas alternativas que prefieren la adrenalina y el estilo Hollywood para crear juegos que son cualquier cosa menos titulos de terror. Las primeras impresiones me habian llamado mucho la atencion pero las notas medias que habia recibido en algunos medios me bajaron el "hype". Ojala saquen una segunda parte para profundizar algunas ideas poco aprovechadas y subir el nivel tecnico del juego.

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