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Henry Repeating Arms has modified its classic semi-automatic AR-7 rifle with a new collapsible design that stores all its dissemble components inside its own stock. The modification allows the weapon to be assembled and disassembled in minutes without any tools.
The AR-7 has been in production since the 1950’s and is still the weapon of choice for many U.S. Henry rifle owners were inquiring when we'd look back to our historical roots and our designers did just that.
The adventure and romance of America's Old West are imbedded in its distinctive 20" octagon barrel, straight-grip American walnut stock with brass buttplate and brass barrel band.
You may order this gun online, however due to current UK legislation, we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer local to you. After the Civil War it became a custom to present ornate engraved rifles as gifts to dignitaries, retiring military leaders and visiting heads of state. Well, when I did learn what I was going to be shooting, I got rather excited – the 901 looked like just about everything I would want in an AR, if I were to get one.
I also saw that the 901 is fitted with a free-floated barrel and monolithic upper for maximum potential accuracy. Anyway, on the 901 Colt decided to add in left-handed controls for the bolt release and mag release. The lefty mag release is a lever positioned at the bottom rear of the magwell – not a higher-up button like the original right-handed one. The trigger Colt uses in the 901 is a standard military style one – single stage and a bit gritty. The front handguard is a free-floated quad rail, so you can mount all the lasers, IR strobes, bipods, tactical illuminators, front grips, sling swivels, and coffee mug holders that your heart desires. The magwell spacer used to convert the gun to use a 5.56mm upper works well with aluminum GI mags, steel HK mags, and polymer Magpul mags (in short, everything I tried out). What makes this design particularly appealing is that unlike the modular lowers that some companies have, this setup is totally non-proprietary. The Colt 901 is obviously intended to have some sort of optic mounted, in order to really exploit the potential of the 7.62x51mm cartridge. As part of my testing and evaluation, I grabbed an extra .308 P-Mag (the rifle shipped with one) and headed out to a Competition Skills Course offered by Russell Phagan. Two of the malfs were failures of the bolt to cycle far enough back to pick up a new round from the magazine, resulting in an empty chamber, a click instead of a bang, and a need to manually charge the rifle.
Colt did send a replacement upper when I notified them of this issue, and that replacement runs flawlessly.
Being able to use any standard upper is nice, but being able to eke a bit of flexibility out of any AR-10 would be attractive. This Colt lower will be the standard soon as it is built around Magpuls 308 magazines, something alot are starting to take into account when making 308 AR rifles. It wouldn’t work with a standard AR10, because that lower would not have the attachment point to hold the spacer in place. I wont deny that there are better firearms for warfare, and I wont even get into what I think about the SCAR, but there’s nothing wrong with DI and buffer tubes. I thought the XM8 exceeded both the 416 and SCAR, so wouldn’t that make more sense to adopt? Wouldn’t say its the most popular weapon in the US but definantly the most talked about.
If I were to ever own an AR, this sort of interchangeability of uppers would be a very desirable feature. The sticker price ($3,000-$12,000) on one of these monsters is enough to take anyone’s breath away, but witnessing the colossal *POW* that this bad bitch delivers waaaay down range will also take your breath away.
Of course, the flip side of having a sniper set up is that it’s only worthwhile if you actually spend A LOT of time (and money) learning how to use it effectively at long distances. It’s durable, designed to be thrown into a mud hole for a month when it can be dug out and immediately used without cleaning.
Additionally, a little recognized fact, Chechen rebels successfully used .22 rifles for sniping purposes against Russian troops in urban settings. Explaining in great detail why I believe the AR-15 is the single best choice for survivalists goes beyond the scope of this post.
This post supported in part by VA loans. Military veterans can save money for survival gear with a VA loan. Disadvantages: Kicks like an artillery piece (and the only cushion you get is a metal plate on the back of the stock). The SKS is very rugged, and being made in Russia, China and such places is NOT an indicator of poor quality – just the opposite.
I would go completely opposite of the list I would do a .45 acp for my handgun I will do something light like the p90 because it would provide a good close range gun and because of its size it would be great for clearing buildings and I would carry a ak47.
Getting ammo for that gun after SHTF would be fundamentally no different than for any other caliber. Besides, isn’t the whole idea about preparing for SHTF to make sure you have plenty of supplies,which would include plenty of ammo? I am no Rambo .so my choices are more relevant to being able to carry the greatest volume and reasonable weight. Realizing that medical facilities will likely be nonexistent .any damage that inflicted on an enemy will likely turn deadly if untreated. Jeff, I bought a Ruger GP100 Match Champion recently, and bought some cheap TulAmmo steel case ammo for it. I know the Ar-15 being number one on this has brought the survival blogosphere into a stir.
I’m always looking for new toys and I looked at the 17-HMR but decided it gave me nothing new that the 22-Mag I already have can do. With a pistol grip and a long cylinder magazine, this bad boy can take out the worst looter in the worst way. I agree the 12 gauge is for some big burly guys like me not some pussies or twigs that will push them of there feet. But, as has been said here several times in this thread, everyone knows small women and kids cant shoot shotguns. 22LR for shooting varmits.30-30 Winchester model 94 with Williams receiver peep sight, 308 Winchester and 30-06 bolt actions for hunting deer, elk and bear. Oh, and they are not called clips, a clip is something you use to hold two papers together! When correcting someone, or when one is simply attempting to show they are smarter than others, one must make sure they actually know what they are talking about.
First one that comes to mind is a favorite of mine and one that changed the course of WWII. I never correct anyone online unless it is to correct someone that is attempting to correct someone else and fails.

Breaking Surviving a Venomous Snake Bite – What You Need to Know When is it safe to start your garden?
I have a list of 3 things I have to stock in a good quantity in a safe-room in case of Zombies Apocalypse. Handgun (pistol or revolver) : Precise close range, still good at mid-range, but you need to carry a few extra clips and they won't make a good primary weapon in long term.
Sub-machinegun : Great rate of fire, destructive at close range, some can still be decent for mid and high-mid range accuracy, endless possibilities of multiple attachments, a good caliber selection, can hold more rounds than a pistol, compact and precise, but more prone to operating failure if not maintain good enough.
Carbine : Good accuracy for long range, good penetration power, steady and can be used as a melee weapon if out of amo. I'd say I'll go with a nice dependable 9mm semi-auto pistol with at least 16 rounds capacity and 3 extra mags.
Then a P90, with red dot sight, flashlight and extended barrel attachment for better accuracy over longer shots.
I'll also get some good hiking boots, gloves and skin protection not to risk being infected in a stupid accident. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about.
The parts can then be stowed neatly inside the 16.5-inch impact resistant, waterproof stock, which also floats should it get dropped in water. Air Force pilots, bush pilots and backcountry adventures who need a small caliber rifle should it come to survival situations in a remote area. It uses an 8-round .22 caliber magazine so you can carry a large amount of ammo without adding too much weight to you kit and all models are equipped with an adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight.
The result is the first American made .44 Henry lever action featuring a solid brass receiver since the original Henry rifle of 1860. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to arrange which registered firearms dealer you would like the gun to be shipped to. Not a surface treatment that might wear or scratch through with years of use; these frame, barrel band, and buttplate surfaces can be cleaned up and polished at home if needed to maintain that brightly gleaming silver look for generations to come. You may not have anyone in your life who has achieved such a lofty position, but we all know someone special who deserves an equally special gift that reflects the lasting impact he's made on his friends, family or co-workers.
Sure, I’ve handled and shot a bunch of them, but they never really jumped out at me as really cool guns.
So with some excitement built up and expectations set, I sat back and waited for the rifle to arrive.
The AR design was designed with right-handed controls, though, and ambidextrous is a selling point today. These aren’t mirrored duplicates of the standard controls, but they are basically functional duplicates. To understand where the lefty one is, imagine indexing your (left) trigger finger straight out onto the magwell to stay off the trigger. All the work that went into the bolt and mag releases, and they didn’t bother to include a mirrored safety? It consists of a single part, an aluminum magazine well spacer that shortens and narrows the magwell to the size of a 5.56mm magazine.
The magwell spacer will fit any standard upper, whether it’s made by Colt or any other company.
The factory zero didn’t require any adjustment, and I like the size of both the apertures. Frankly, there are much better shots out there who have done that with this rifle, and they’ve all found it to be excellent. She made more than a few first-round hits on the smaller targets in those circumstances, and I think that says everything that needs to be said about Colt AR accuracy. The flash hider is an excellent one, any only needs to be replaced if you value looks over performance. When everything works, it can do some amazing things – but it only takes one tiny thing going wrong to give you Blackhawk Down. It was a class teaching the various rifle skills specifically applicable to multigun competition, and had me shooting offhand, from platforms, rollover prone, through pieces of pipe, and other less-than-standard positions. The third malf had the bolt push a round halfway out of the magazine before stopping, which required a slightly more involved clearing procedure. I was not the first gun writer to be sent this individual rifle for review purposes, and it may have been damaged by previous reviewers, or it may have just been poor QC.
Whoever came up with the spec sheet did a great job – they checked off all the right boxes. His shooting background is in bullseye pistol, and before becoming a full-time gun writer he worked in the solar power industry. For the government spending that much money to change over to something like a SCAR would be more than they could afford in good economic times.
They also pay for factory support for a period of time as well as a ton of parts and on and on. Frankly the SCAR is a crappy weapon that performed horribly in field trials and still has numerous issues to this day. The cost of changing away from the M4 is wildly out of proportion to the miniscule benefit that might result.
You can easily spend $400 per lower on upgrades, so I can understand why people would prefer to minimize the number of lowers in their collection. An amazingly accurate rifle, yet cheaper than dirt (you used to be able to buy them for $99 each.) They can take an astounding amount of abuse, and can be completely disassembled without a single tool. However, if you were on foot evacuating with a single firearm or out in the field, how would would that single shot rifle with delicate expensive scope hold up?
Although most or all of us have variations of the top ten, I enjoy reading someone elses view point. I’ve hit things with my SKS that I tend to have more trouble hitting with other guns. As much toilet paper rolls as possible, cause that Apocalypse is probably gonna freak me **** out of me so much and I need to keep my hands clean to operate the guns.
If you like gore action and can trust you friends to watch your back, it's a very good weapon to keep the zom*****s away from your brain. Built to the highest of qualities, Henry rifles are smooth to operate & a pleasure to fire. Probably because they are the most popular rifle design in the US, and I tend to be more interested in the weird and obscure. Well, Colt recognized that people want cheap and available mags, and they designed the 901 to use the .308 mags made by Magpul (which are interchangeable with Stoner SR-25 mags). This spacer has a captive flush pin that attaches it to the front takedown pin hole on the 5.56mm (or any other standard configuration) lower.
Still, most of my own gun collection was designed before the 1913 rail was, and I don’t have much of that newfangled optical stuff floating around to test with.

I think we all know that a Colt AR will shoot better than 95% of the people who will buy it (myself included!). This (IMO) largely explains why there is so much controversy about AR reliability – lots of people have taken the time to buy or build high quality ARs where everything works right, and lots of other people have bought or built iffy guns with tolerance stacking problems or small defects that cause them to malfunction at the first sight of dirt. I would just make sure to give your rifle a thorough inspection when you receive it, and have any problems addressed right away. Hell, my STAG can eat Wolf like a fat kid eats cake, wipe wipe wipe, trickle some oil and its ready to go another 1000 rounds of cheap crap. A friend of mine has (maybe had) a Russian SKS and the thing would sometimes fire two rounds with one trigger pull. It may not have the more flat trajectory of a .270 or the extra wallop in a 30-06 (30-06 ammo), but it delivers, has moderate recoil, and offers a more common caliber with a wider selection of ammunition. Let’s say it appears TEOTWAWKI is on the verge of happening and people are panicking.
Unfortunately, it’s the most common handgun caliber in the United States used against police officers. Post-SHTF, once you run out of ammo, good luck finding more… (though you may get lucky, this is a surprisingly popular rifle). For the proposed ITSHTF (IF the SHTF) were to occur, I would guess that little if any of it would be spent fighting zombie hordes or foreign invaders.
Could you really hump it and go through some hard hits without it breaking or having to re-zero it? However, I did feel like there was a tactical gap for SHTF, urban environment so I am in the process of building an AR 300 blackout pistol. Plenty of amo available though since most common calibers are stocked everywhere (even walmarts).
A bat or knife might be quieter but I'd rather stay at a safe distance so I can remain calm and if I need to reload I have the time to do it.
There have been other AR designs to offer this interchangeability between long and short cartridges, but Colt’s solution to the problem appears to be the simplest (and by extension, best) yet. Despite having a not-military configuration, is comes with a Vortex flash hider and a bayonet lug. The lefty bolt release (which does not also function as a manual hold-open) sits between the trigger and the brass deflector. It’s easy to reach from a firing grip, but I expect that sooner or later I would use it to unintentionally dump my magazine while transitioning between targets or running from one shooting location to another in a match. The photo on Colt’s web site does show an ambi safety, so maybe they just neglected to put it on the review model? The foreend does include mounting points for the included very nice sling swivels at the front and back of the side rails on both the left and right, which is nice.  Between those and the mounting points on the Vltor stock, you can have pretty much any sling configuration you want (unless you want to use a 1903-style shooting sling). The spacer then has a second hole in it which lines up with the front takedown pin on the 901 lower. The .308 bolt carrier for the 901 is also reduced in diameter at the rear so as to fit into the buffer tube. I’m more interested in practical accuracy – how well do the sights, trigger, barrel, and other elements of the rifle come together to give you groups when shooting from field position? Using the second upper they send, the rifle ran flawlessly, and much better shooters than I have found the gun’s accuracy to be outstanding. Piston and free float are the new firearm trend these days and both are a half baked marketing idea at best IMO. There are very solid reasons for the AR-15′s extreme popularity and cult-like following. A revolver doesn’t jam, whereas some autos will jam if you so much as look at them funny. Get used to them, work with them, and burn at least a thousand rounds of ammo through each of them. But you WOULD probably spend substantial time hunting for food, and something like a 10-22 is perfect for that.
I just love the AR platform and the 300 blackout has similar ballistics as the AK, which is what I want for close to mid range combat. A couple of other options, the Ruger mini 14 is a compromise between the AK 47 and the AR 15.
Ruger also makes a bull barrel rifle which should be good for dropping zombies from a distance.
I know how to make a decent suppressor in a hardware store but a machine shop would be ideal to have one attach solidly. It is certainly more efficient than the companies offering modular lowers – with the 901 you only need the one magwell spacer that comes with the gun, and you can run any upper without buying anything else.
I don’t have any real use for the bayonet lug, but it strikes me as a thumb in the eye of the gun-banning crowd, and I like that. All you have to do is snap the spacer onto your upper, and it will drop onto the 901 with no more hassle than putting it on any standard AR lower. The front sight is integral to the gas block, and folds down when not in use (so it doesn’t interfere with your optical sight picture). So, I handed the 901 (with the 6920 5.56mm upper) off to my girlfriend and headed to a 2-gun action match. So, if you have more money than you know what to do with, this could be a great investment. Also considering picking up 2 or 3 inexpensive SKS’s for ITSHTF since most in my influence group have their heads in the sand but will be knocking on my door for some firepower when the time comes. I also have the 30-30 in the trunk with ammo belt with 25 rounds ready to grab and a extra box of ammo for the rifle and pistol in a ammo box. Plus they mostly fire rounds that are not always very easy to find as the Apocalypse goes on.
But I'm not sure the 40 grain .22 projectile has enough mass to drop a zombie at 100 yards. The original right-handed one is a bit easier to use, because it is the highest element on that side of the gun, so you can kinda slap blindly at the receiver and have a decent chance of hitting it, while the lefty one is a bit protected by the brass deflector. The rear sight is a Colt flip-up model, with a huge ghost ring for up-close use and a much smaller aperture for longer, more precise shooting.
She is only an occasional shooter and had never shot an AR before, and I figured this would be a good test of what the non-tactical-expert can expect from the Colt 901. Buy a few and then sell them after they’re banned nationwide for 4 times what you paid for them. Shit could break out in the cooler isle as 28 different dads battle over the last gallon of milk and suddenly one them pulls a piece.

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