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Over the last month, SECTOR 64: Ambush received several excellent appraisals from reputable review sites. 20 best fiction books of 2014, For anyone who can’t resist a good story, goodreads has rounded up the best fiction books of 2014. The bestselling books of 2014 (so far) - Looking at literary fiction, donna tartt’s 2014 pulitzer win for the goldfinch put the novel at #20 on the print list for the year, and at #5 on the e-book chart. 20 best fiction books of 2014 - For anyone who can’t resist a good story, goodreads has rounded up the best fiction books of 2014.
100 best non-fiction books of the 20th century (and beyond) in english - So we decided to compile our own catalogue of the best books written in english and, later translated into english, during the 20 th century during the great transformation of the counterpunch website to a word press platform, those lists were mangled. The 10 best books of 2014 - The collection is hilarious, biting, whipsawing and sad: the best thing written so far on fitzgerald published her first book at 58 and did not become famous until she was 80. CELEBTODAY – Joanna Lumley and Jim Broadbent are among the stars hoping to take the words of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Blake and Betjeman into the album charts.
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Christina Milian Turned Up: Lil Wayne to Make Appearance on Girlfriend’s Reality Show? CELEBTODAY – Not everyone who is on top of the fast-moving pop music scene has heard of Charlotte Aitchison, even by her stage name Charli XCX, but lots of people have heard her or her songs. While 2013 was an unfortunately quiet year for The Ranting Dragon, it sure wasn’t quiet for speculative fiction. With its magnificent worldbuilding and captivating story, Sanderson’s The Way of Kings changed epic fantasy forever. Brent Weeks gained plenty of fame for his Night Angel trilogy, but he truly hit the spotlight with his flintlock fantasy Lightbringer series. I liked Felix Gilman’s Wild West steampunk novel The Half-Made World, and I absolutely adored its weird sequel, The Rise of Ransom City. In the blurb for Week’s The Blinding Eye, I said that the Lightbringer series put flintlock fantasy on the map. Joe Abercrombie is known for writing dark and darkly humorous novels, all set in the same world.
Adam Christopher wrote several awesome and awesomely weird fantasy and superhero novels for Angry Robot Books. Selecting the best fiction from Asimov’s, Clarkesworld, F&SF, and other top venues, The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow. The pair have given their voices to an album of seasonal poetry set to classical music, called Christmas Words For You, which is to be released next month.

Reportedly a close friend of host Salman Khan, Mirza is all set to shake things up in the Bigg Boss house. There were so many great books last year that it seems near impossible for this list to top last year’s list—and yet I do expect 2014 will give 2013 a run for its money. The top slot alone holds the book that, for me, beats last year’s entire lineup in sheer anticipation. Yet, it was very much a first part in a big series, setting up several mysterious plot elements.
Butcher has become renowned for his ability to pull at his readers’ heartstrings all while continuing to keep the story fresh and tensions rising even over the course of fourteen novels. It’s about exploring the unknown and using unfamiliar worlds to explore familiar real-world problems.
His detailed, bloody, and violent first person narrative, coupled with his epic world filled with mysterious magic, brought something new to fantasy literature.
Since then, six books have been released in The Iron Druid Chronicles, each of which has received high ratings and glowing reviews here on The Ranting Dragon, as well as elsewhere around the blogosphere. This wonderful adventure novel, written with an autobiographical voice reminiscent of The Name of the Wind, offers the rich and engaging story of a thoroughly believable character dealing with the problems and mysteries of a unique fantasy world with marvelous parallels of Victorian Europe. This year, however, Tor will release something completely different from Christopher: a science fiction novel, The Burning Dark. What I have read is Abraham’s Long Price Quartet, and based on that alone, I know that Abraham is one of the best literary fantasy authors of our time.
This year, The Emperor’s Blades, the debut novel of Brian Staveley may well be the most-hyped novel. Tower Lord, the sequel in this epic fantasy series filled with war, intrigue, and tested faith, will come out in July.
Unfortunately, Sanderson’s involvement with The Wheel of Time meant we have had a long wait to see some of those elements pay off in the next book. These trends are sure to continue in Skin Game, where Harry Dresden finds himself catapulted into a situation in which he must work alongside some of his sworn enemies.
It shows that, while there may be dark valleys in speculative publishing, there’s always another lofty mountain to come. One of last year’s best debut authors, Wexler released The Thousand Names to glowing reviews. This June, three years after Hearne’s debut, Shattered will mark the seventh release in the series, and like all books before it, Shattered promises to be a great installment. Thus, it stands to reason that the fourth and final installment in The Dagger and the Coin Quartet, The Widow’s House, will be a hit once again.

This genre-shattering novel—it’s described as a decopunk pulp alternate history science fiction space opera mystery—from the bestselling author of the Fairyland books is set in a Hollywood (and solar system) very different from our own. Needless to say, Breach Zone, the third volume in this military fantasy trilogy, is again a highly anticipated novel. For personal reasons, Lynch’s Republic of Thieves remained unpublished year after year—it appeared on lists like this one for more consecutive years than Sworn in Steel—but last year, it finally came out.
The Shadow Throne will continue the story of The Shadow Campaigns, set in an Arabian-inspired colonial world filled with gunpowder, intrigue, and weird magic. In this second volume, Lady Trent looks back at the next stage of her illustrious (and occasionally scandalous) career—this time taking place on the war-torn continent of Eriga. More fantastical than any of his other works, The Dagger and the Coin, which started with The Dragon’s Path, is a story of an epic world of war, destruction, love, and conflict.
With a wonderful cover, an intriguing premise, a big hole to fill after the conclusion of The Wheel of Time, and a publisher pushing The Emperor’s Blades to great heights, it already is a recipe for success. Whether you enjoy superpower stuff like X-Men, military fiction, or epic fantasy (or any other fantasy subgenre, really), if you haven’t checked the Shadow Ops trilogy out yet, you really should!
If it’s anything like the previous two books, it will have great battles, gorgeous magic, plenty of gunpowder, and a lot of intrigue.
Each of her previous five books were literary masterpieces, and this year’s The Fifth Season will probably be no different. He had not expected, however, to face a utopian world that challenges everything he believed in. If The Crimson Campaign is half as good as its predecessor, it’s a book worth reading indeed. This story starts when the emperor of Annur is murdered and his children must fight to uncover the conspiracy—and the ancient enemy—that effected his death. The Fifth Season, first in a new series, is set in a world which has suffered frequent Extinction Level Events for millions of years, and all life (and magic) in this world has adapted to it. The Emperor’s Blades, first in a new epic fantasy trilogy, promises to be a complex and fast-paced epic fantasy novel filled with conspiracy, politics, treachery, intrigue, and magic. Not only will he publish The Thorn of Emberlain, the fourth book of the Gentleman Bastard series, he’ll also release a set of two prequel novellas compiled in one volume, titled The Bastards and the Knife. The Iron Druid Chronicles does a surprisingly believable job of mishmashing world cultures and mythologies into one madcap, witty, intelligent adventure with a cast you’ll fall in love with.

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