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In the show, Sheriff Hopper introduces the audience to his deceased daughter through a series of flashback. Now, David Harbour, who plays Hopper (tongue-twister, I know) gave life to a fan theory about his character’s daughter during a Reddit AMA.
Harbour’s response made fans think of one moment in the show in particular. Hopper’s daughter seems to be having a panic attack in the park, remember that? Now Redditors are saying it may not have been a panic attack and was actually her reacting to something she saw. Remember how she was looking around like crazy?
Donald Trump’s campaign may be imploding right before our eyes, but he is the still the king of the memes this election cycle.

Though the audience assumes she dies of cancer because of her shaved head, we never actually got a confirmation. The creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, perfectly blended everything a single human would want in a show: suspense, drama, love triangles, a group of adorable little kid besties, and 80s music!

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