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If home is where your heart is, then therea€™s a pretty good chance that homea€”or at least your Home Foldera€”is where you prefer to keep your businessa€™ financial information. If youa€™ve been around the Mac accounting game for any length of time youa€™re likely already aware of the more well-known players, QuickBooks and AccountEdge. MoneyWorks offers simple access to all your business data and the options for sharing your data with Mac and PC users on your network. Most of the tools youa€™ll use on a regular basis appear in the navigation section entitled Day-to-day. With multiple users enabled, MoneyWorks makes it easy to manage which users have access to what in your companya€™s data file.
MoneyWorks includes just under 100 reports, including sales tax reports for Canada and VAT reports for the U.K. Two features make MoneyWorks a standout: Multiuser network capabilities and cross-platform client applications. Depending on how you look at Acclivitya€™s AccountEdge ProA (; $399 new, $159 single user upgrade, $249 multiuser upgrade) it is either a little stale or as consistent as it has ever been. Little has changed in the way AccountEdge looks, but youa€™ll find a number of new features under the covers that should enhance your accounting experience. AccountEdge has long been an application that allowed you to do your business in a networked environment on both Macs and PCs and, like MoneyWorks, gives you control over who has access to specific parts of your companya€™s financial data.
While not much has changed on the front end, AccountEdge has added a few new features for 2014, including the addition of master inventory items that allow you to create dozens of varieties with out having to create distinct inventory items for each variety. Billings Pro offers the most beautiful, customizable invoice, estimate, and statement documents you will find in any similar application.
Ia€™ve used the Mac and iOS versions of the original Billings application for years and, like many, was disappointed when Marketcircle dropped the standalone application in favor of a client-server subscription model.
Billings Pro is not an accounting application, but you can export Billings Pro data directly into QuickBooks for Mac or MoneyWorks 6. While I do love Billings Pro, ita€™s not perfect and requires you to discover the a€?Billings Pro workflowa€? before you can use it.
While it offers no cross platform capabilities, QuickBooks for Mac 2014 still offers excellent small business accounting tools.
While this business accounting application has made it easier to get your data to and back from your accountant, it is still incapable of working in mixed Mac and PC environments.
QuickBooks remains a solid business accounting application that will help you keep an eye on your business, though it's still doesn't have cross-compatibility with the Windows version. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
In her latest cookbook, Jean shows even the busiest readers how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals in minutes.
While a high IQ can go a long way in helping you to be successful in the world, studies are increasingly demonstrating that your EQ, or emotional intelligence, is of equal (or perhaps even more) importance. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman: Curious as to why emotional intelligence might matter more than overall intelligence? The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz: Since it was published in 1960, this self-help book has sold more than 30 million copies, helping everyone from athletes to CEOs better meet their potential. The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success by Steven Stein and Howard Book: Do you know what it really takes to get ahead in your career and in your life? The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves: Emotional intelligence researchers Bradberry and Greaves use their years of experience in the field to offer some great tools for making life at work and at home go a bit more smoothly.
While there are plenty of excellent Web-based apps you can use for tracking your business finances, if youa€™re uncomfortable with the idea of working within a browser and keeping your businessa€™ financial information in the cloud, a traditional Mac application is your best option.

The first three are traditional invoicing and accounting applications, while Billings Pro offers compelling features, but also requires additional software to complete the package. The one application that probably hasna€™t made it onto your radara€”but should havea€”is Cognito Softwarea€™s MoneyWorks Gold (; $499).
The applicationa€™s interface consists of a sidebar with navigation links to MoneyWorksa€™ collection of financial tools and a larger main window that displays a flowchart that changes depending on which item youa€™ve selected in the sidebar. Here you can create quotes, sales orders, and invoices, reconcile your bank accounts, create and receive purchase order items, and review accounts payable. If none of the application's existing reports fit your specific needs, you can create custom reports of your own.
The basic idea behind the applicationa€™s flowchart interface has been around since it was first released well before Mac operating systems were named after cats. The program still provides excellent tools for securing your data while still providing access to your accounting and inventory data in a multiuser, multiplatform environment.
So, for example, you can create a category called Whole Bean Coffee that can then be broken down into more specific varieties such as specific roasts in caffeinated or decaf, all of which makes it much easier to manage your inventory.
Everything you do is created and managed locally and then synced with using a database that is hosted on Marketcirclea€™s servers. That said, after about a month of using Billings Pro instead of the standalone application, I found it to be better than the old standalone version. In the Billings Pro world everything you do needs to be part of a project, so no matter what youa€™re doing, you have to set up a project first and then add Working Slips to those projects and bill based on information collected in the slip.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
For even more diet advice, our diet guide allows you to compare more than 50 of the most popular diets, helping you find just the right one—one you can stick to. From handling stress to dealing with disappointment, Lantieri and Goleman’s advice will serve anyone who wants to be in better control of their emotions and mental well-being. While being smart and having great ideas is half the battle, emotional intelligence also plays a powerful role. Lynn: One place emotional intelligence can have a big impact is at work, and in this book, readers will learn how to leverage the lessons they learn about EQ to find more success in their careers. In a step-by-step program, Segal will show readers how to use five basic tools of emotional intelligence to enhance relationships through better communication, reading non-verbal cues, and gaining skills at diffusing arguments and conflicts before they get out of hand. Similar in scope to their Emotional Intelligence 2.0, this book boils down the information into easy-to-follow nuggets and applies lessons that you can start implementing right away. Though all of these apps offer excellent tools for managing your business finances, MoneyWorks Gold stands above the rest, for an excellent user interface. MoneyWorks Gold is a solid, full-featured business accounting application that is networkable, supports multiple users, and works on both Macs and PCs.
As is the case with both AccountEdge and QuickBooks 2014, the flowchart attempts to create a visual relationship between various business activities.
Each of these same tasks are also available in other areas of the application and selecting other Navigation options provides you with access to a deeper set of tools and features. Reports are available either from the Reports menu or from the main application window when youa€™ve selected a specific navigation area.
Little has changed about the way the AccountEdge looks in nearly a dozen years, but, in terms of accounting capabilities, it remains a solid application. Acclivity has also rebranded and updated its AccountEdge Web front end, offering features in the cloud, including options for creating invoices and other transactions from a webpage. While not everything you might want, QuickBooks for Mac 2014 still gives you what you need to take care of business.

And while it doesna€™t offer any true accounting features, Billings Pro is the only invoicing application available that allows you to create invoices from time billing information you collect. Our diligent professionals help you to eradicate the technical problems you are facing with your Intuit QuickBooks support Product. If you’d like to give your EQ a boost, there are plenty of great books out there on the subject that can help teach you the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and help you through activities that will make you and those around you more emotionally healthy in your interactions.
Daniel Goleman, an expert on brain and behavioral sciences, explains the crucial skills for success offered by emotional intelligence that can determine your success in relationships and work and may impact your overall health.
He focuses on aspects of emotional intelligence like controlling emotions, being open-minded, breaking out of emotional co-dependence, and thinking before acting. Maltz’s theory of psycho-cybernetics is all about controlling your thoughts and emotions and turning those that are negative into positives, eventually reprogramming your mind. In this book, you’ll learn why emotional intelligence is such a critical skill to your success and find new ways to help build stronger relationships, get ahead at work, feel more confident, and even be a better leader.
Through great examples and useful exercises, Lynn showcases the profound effect emotions can have on all aspects of work life, from performance to coworker relationships, and discusses ways that anyone can start improving their interpersonal relationships with simple changes in thought and action.
Readers can assess their own EQ, learn more about what EQ means, and get advice on developing their EQ at work, home, and for personal well-being. As it turns out, many of the seven habits Covey describes all require an awareness and control of emotional intelligence. While this makes all of these applications a bit more interesting visually, in practice Ia€™ve rarely used the flowchart to figure out how the many aspects of a business are related. For example, when you select Items and Inventory you have tools for receiving stock on items youa€™ve ordered, viewing a journal list of all the stock you have on hand, and building new stock items from items you have in your existing inventory.
For example, selecting Chart of Accounts from the navigation sidebar provides you with links for a number of account-related reports. While almost every business accounting package youa€™ll find offers a way to enter time billing information into time sheets, Billings Pro lets you track your time in the field, and create an invoice directly from the collected information. QuickBooks for Mac will take good care of your business finances, as long as you understand its limitations.
We’ve listed 10 of these great books here to help you get started on your emotional education.
Even better, Goleman explains that EQ isn’t fixed, and shares ideas on how you can improve your emotional intelligence. The book aims to teach readers a process they can use that will help them approach any task with more careful and well thought-out emotional problem solving. This can have a big impact not only on achieving career goals, but also in day-to-day interactions with people, happiness, and overall health, making it a valuable read for anyone looking to improve EQ.
Self mastery, being proactive, big-picture thinking, managing interactions, and effective communication are all discussed at length in this leadership classic that make it an incredible read for anyone looking for ways to learn about emotional intelligence and apply it to everyday life.
Unfortunately, there is no group option for managing user access to data, so every user you create needs to have access managed individually. This may sound like a small deal, but ita€™s integral to the way many people bill for services, and a feature missing from all of the other applications mentioned here.
QuickBooks, while good, still lags behind the others because it lacks the cross-platform capabilities necessary for any fully networked cross-platform business environment.

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