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Not sure what to pick the next time you step into The Hat after carousing around downtown Jasper Ave? The Shawarma Wrap is made with a tender, juicy, aromatic spiced-infused chicken, topped with fresh roma tomatoes, a deli pickle, lettuce, and a special garlic aioli sauce. We’re very excited to announce that we recently joined forces with Russian Standard vodka and have created a brand new cocktail featuring this spectacular vodka called the Moscow Mule.
If you’re looking to pair it with a meal, try pairing it with a soup and our 6oz Alberta AAA beef steak sandwich topped with blue cheese, onion strings, and mushrooms on a garlic bun. The sauces include hot, barbecue, roasted garlic, smoked mustard curry, chili lime, honey garlic, lemon pepper, salt & pepper, teriyaki, sweet chili, or whiskey jack barbecue. Well, in this list we have made our selection of the World’s Top 10 Best Burgers taken from recommendations by our Community…and we’ll let you decide if the Americans or Germans make the best burgers…or dare we say one of the other nations?!
The perfect stop-over to enjoy the California sun and some American food on the drive between Napa and San Francisco, they also have some great other additions to their menu which sets them FAR above your average drive-through – Think Ahi tuna Burger and locally sourced Napa Wine.
Their burgers are not overwhelmingly big, yet still manage pack a punch in terms of taste-it’s quality, not quantity!
The Hamburger Foundation in Geneva tapped into their knowledge of the great produce their country has to offer and, after spending a few years in the USA learning the art of the burger, they took what they learnt, fused it with Swiss products and have created perhaps the best Burger Geneva has to offer!
We recommend skipping the fries (it might be a bit of an overkill here) although they are pretty damn good. Here there is both quantity AND quality! Delicious 100% ground pork belly, made into a patty and seared to perfection…need we go on? Go pure with one of their yummy cheeseburgers, or try one of their other inventive creations! And finally, our 10th burger on our Top 10 Best Burgers in the World list comes from Sweden!
We put Jon Widegren’s creation on our list because of the great story of how it came about.
But in the last few years entrepreneurs have worked together to rebuild a flourishing downtown, making it more interesting than ever. Located in the heart of Old Strathcona, we love everything about NongBu Korean Eatery.While vintage Korean films are projected on the wall, that’s the only thing you’ll find that’s old. Our final and favourite stop in Edmonton, Bar Bricco reminded us of Toronto – small, dark and awesome food.
A 28-seat Italian wine and spuntini (snack) bar, you must get the Eggs Moliterno ‘Cacio e Pepe’, Crostini. We loved the minimalist design in this locally owned and operated smokehouse in Old Strathcona, Meat is very popular for brunch. It’s easy to be suspicious of the hype when you see a line-up out the door but Farrow has killer sandwiches.
Unbelievably in the first 10 months they were open they served over 100 different sandwiches. Rostizado literally means roasted; this restaurant is the second venture of the guys from Tres Carnales and we loved that they opened a family style rosticeria. The cocktail craze has also made its way to Edmonton and while the city isn’t one that is open late into the run North 53 serves cocktails and food until 2am. A great place to stop for a drink and a bite, with an extensive cocktail list and a wood fired oven. Chef Daniel Costa’s first restaurant, Corso 32 is located next door to its sibling Bar Bricco.
The restaurant is small, intimate and always full so be sure to get a reservation well in advance. We have a lot of heart for restaurants that also started as pop-ups, unfortunately Prairie Noodle House was not open yet during our visit. Like Calgary, Edmonton is an orderly city, which makes it easy for a traveler to understand where they are. In the heart of downtown The Matrix Hotel has large modern rooms and an amazing breakfast buffet.

Don’t forget about cool shops like Carbon Environmetal and Urban Timber Reclaimed Wood!
Steel Wheels by Whyte Avenue!- Korean Pizza!Grimy with graffitti all over the wall but my favourite place to go after some drinks on Whyte. While you are digesting your food between classy meals, why not pop over to Audreys Books and buy an Edmonton novel?
The Bauernschmaus( off 99th Street) is a well-kept secret family-run Austrian restaurant with a summer patio and some of the best hearty meals and most delicious traditional deserts in the city.
See also The Upper Crust, who have good deserts too- a great salad selection, and interesting entrees. Don’t forget that you can order them for delivery, and eat them from the comfort of your own couch. It contains an oz of Russian Standard vodka, freshly squeezed lime juice and a non-alcoholic Jamaicain ginger beer. The saltiness from the bluecheese and the steak will compliment the sour lime juice and ginger from the Moscow Mule. Our version of chicken fingers, The Crispy Chicken Morsels, are exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes you may be globe-trotting around the world, looking for new experiences and new burgers.
With the meat sourced from Brandenburg, and only using fresh, seasonal ingredients, Buns are definitely one of the best burgers in Berlin!
Their burgers are deliciously juicy and must be washed down with one of their thick shakes or malts. These twists on the drive-through, and their kick-ass burger  and fries secures them their place on our list of Top 10 Best Burgers in the World! If you don’t get it from that, their name pretty much says it all-they serve meat, and they serve liquor…and they do both to perfection!
The patties are very thin, so as to allow lots of other yummy fillings, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in flavour. Their classic is a patty (either the pork, chicken or veggie-go in a group and get one of each to experience the full taste explosion!) with fried chili pepper aioli tomatillo relish and cotija cheese.
There are also great vegan and vegetarian options also created to the same standard for those who want to be a bit healthier.
All the ingredients are always fresh with special attention to the meat sourced from artisan producers. Similar to that of The Hamburger Foundation in Geneva, Widegren decided that Sweden needed a quality Burger joint…and that he has created! Owner John Ahn went to Korea to seek out what Koreans are eating now and is serving modern Korean street food and sharing plates. Yet it didn’t have a bunch of people needing to “be seen” so maybe a better version of Toronto. Tres Carnales is run by 3 “homeboys” or carnales in Mexico, it’s a fun but authentic take on Mexican street food. It turns out everyone else loves it too, be sure to book a reservation as without one you may have to wait for dinner.
Woodwork is located in Edmonton’s historic McLeod Building, the interior is very modern with an open kitchen. It opened it 2011 and quickly became a favourite, focusing on seasonal cuisine from Alberta farms. The axis of the city is 100 Street and 100 Avenue; as you go north the avenue numbers increase, as you go West they increase.
If you’re heading to the airport you can take route 747 by public transit, one of the shuttles or a short taxi ride.
Clean kitchen, interesting decor, and consistently good food- try the paprika hendl, and the sacher torte or strudels- great side salad comes with meals. You just have to place your order at Skip The Dishes’ site which you can conveniently find HERE.

They’re deep fried and battered juicy sliced chicken breasts served with green onions and peppers.
However, the story of the creation of the Hamburger (one of many stories) is that the Hamburger was brought to America by German immigrants from (surprise, surprise) Hamburg in the early years of the 20th Century. Everything is hand made to perfection and the meat is cooked just right so you can taste the delicious meat!
Their Garlic Fries are also to die for…but perhaps not the best thing to eat before the car trip back to San Francisco if you are the only one eating them! Everything is made in house daily from the patty down to the sauces so you can be sure they are 100% top quality burgers!
The place is always super busy both due to it’s popularity, and because each Burger is made from scratch upon ordering (hence why there can be a 15 minute wait for your food when it’s busy!). He spent a few weeks in America also learning the art of the burger ,and returned to Stockholm opening a burger joint which takes the essentials of the American Burger and fuses it with Scandinavian design (clearly this isn’t just applicable for furniture!) and top quality Swedish produce, with meat sourced organically and  freshly baked bread. Edmonton has incredible food – I am sad you found the lowest common denominators for everything.
Hope you can make it out this way again some time now that we’re open at Prairie Noodle. I’ve been to a few of the ones you listed but still need to checkout Farrow, Woodwork, Corso 32, and RGE RD. Summer is a 3 month long festival of food, culture and fun here in the Northernmost major city in North America! Also, the Matrix, where you stayed, hosts a fabulous restaurant: Wildflower which has wonderful appetizers (I get 2-3 of them instead of a main).
Good idea to make reservations- not fast food, but can accommodate a big family get together- save room for exceptional deserts. As a former YEGGER avec un bebe, I can’t sing the praises of the kiddo-friendly eateries of Dirt City. That is tex-mex cheese melted to perfection, sliced black olives, fresh tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and green onions.
As a result you would expect the best burgers to come from  either America or Germany right? The list goes on and gets more and more elaborate, and this is why it has made it on our list of the Top 10 Best Burgers in the World! The meat is made from quality livestock, purchased from sustainable farms and made into patties in an artisan way. This delicious burger joint in Stockholm opposite the Karlberg Castle rightly earns its title as Sweden’s Best Burger! Different cities, yes, but sorry we won’t defer like that to our southerly neighbours. I lived in Vancouver and Glasgow and have traveled to 27 nations on this rock we all call home seeing 6 continents and Edmonton is one gem that is on the rise in regards to being a destination.
The buns might not be made in the shop, but are baked in local bakers, so a little bit goes back to the local community! With such top quality ingredients and no flavourings, colourings or frozen products, just good natural food (as if you bought all the fresh ingredients from the best producers and made it at home…and baked your own bread kind of healthy good) so don’t feel bad about indulging…go on, you know you want to! Actually they don’t serve normal burgers- their burgers all come with extra toppings to various themes such as the Indochine Mon Amour or The Return of the Cowboy. I loved this piece and great job – makes me excited for my next return to visit our family there.
So if you are in Paris and the French food isn’t really flying, you can quash that craving for some good old ‘murican here!

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