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He is an audio enthusiasts and love playing with different types of headphones, microphones, home theatre and anything that either outputs or inputs audio.25 Comments vijaykumar August 3, 2015 Good informative article on pc speakers. NFC, short for Near Field Communication, is a way for your device to wirelessly communicate with another device by simply touching the devices together.
When a speaker is labelled as NFC-enabled, it means that you can tap your phone on it for them to connect together and you can start streaming your music to the speaker instantly.
Before buying an NFC-enabled speaker, make sure that your mobile phone or smart device is NFC enabled as well. Think of it as Bluetooth, but you don’t have to pair and identify the devices for them to connect. Reply Abhishek Tavasalkar January 3, 2016 Haven’t had any experience with Speakers from the said brand. The package contains two 2a€? drivers satellite speakers of 6W each, whereas the subwoofer provides sound of 18W. Being generous, the company also throws in a controller knob; similar to the ones we see in Bose Companion 3 Series speakers for PC. This controller is connected to the subwoofer and has big dial on its top which acts as volume controller.
Reply Abhishek Tavasalkar January 9, 2016 Hello Asif, yes you’re right on the part that Polk RTI A1 require amps.
At a price of just under the ballpark of $50; Cyber Acoustics are definitely a steal compared to other pricier models from Logitech and Creative.
Leta€™s see how this cheap audiophile bookshelf speakers Monoprice 8250 are able to stand in our list of Best Audiophile Speakers for PC. Ita€™s just looks like two black wooden boxes with foam grill on the front and very basic Monoprice logo at the bottom of each speakers. Each speaker contain a 6A?a€? woofer and A?a€? dome tweeters which produces great low frequency sound. If you want speakers that sound great but dona€™t act as a style statement when kept quiet, Monoprice 8250 are a healthy option. Package of M-Audio AV30 contains pair of speakers, RCA and stereo cable, power cord, pair of rubberized base and user manual. Reply Abhishek Tavasalkar January 11, 2016 Amazing configuration with Awesome speaker set and a good DAC. These speakers feature a 3 inches woofer for tight and accurate bass, whereas 1 inch tweeter for clear and pristine highs.
Reply cee January 11, 2016 Have you tried the JBL LSR305 or the Mackie CR4 or Mackie CR5 by any chance? These speakers are mainly targeted at home studio artists who record and produce musica€¦ a€¦so as to get accurate sound response.

Talking about best computer speakers under $100, leta€™s just change things a little bit and bring style statement back to speakers.
Bose Companion 2 Series III desktop speakers are an update to Companion 2 Series II audiophile computer speakers.
The right speaker features a volume knob and headphone jack on the fronta€¦ a€¦whereas the back houses a connector port to connect the two speakers, DC power port, RCA input and AUX input. However it does looks premium and can easily compliment your desktop or laptop with its clean design. Ita€™s a 2.1 channel speaker system that consists of a downfiring subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The package contains a quick start guide, RCA Connectors, Power connector, a subwoofer and dual satellites speakers. This way, the speakers can be adjusted to whatever position you want them to, and at whatever angle as per your needs.
However the company also has been known to manufacture some of the best reference based studio monitors and studio headphones as well. Hence the next audiophile PC Speaker set we have is the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Desktop Speakers. Design wise they dona€™t stand out as compared to previously mentioned Soundsticks III, and for visitors in your housea€¦ a€¦it could be hard to digest that these speakers cost under $200. Just like their headphones, these speakers have a great balance between the mids, the highs arena€™t harsh at all and therea€™s plenty of punch in lows as well. I am a fan of Audioenginea€™s sleek and minimal design for its speakers, as well as its DACs. Talking about DACs, Audioengine A2+ comes with integrated DACa€¦ a€¦which allows you to enjoy noise free audio straight from your computer. Build quality is what grabs attention on these Audiophile computer speakers; made up of 18mm thick wooda€¦ theya€™re build to last.
Since these speakers are hand built, they also feature Kevlar-built woofer and silk tweeters. The Kevlar woofer driver size is 2.75 inches whereas the silk dome tweeters have a size of A? inches. However the back features, a volume knob, RCA input and output ports, USB Input, a power port and left to right speaker connector. Featuring a clean design, the sound quality of these too is cleara€¦ The sound is enough to fill an entire room during parties or function.
Package includes a pair of bookshelf speakers, pair of self tapping screws, 8 self-adhesive rubber feet, instruction manual and connector cables. These are definitely not your average computer speakersa€¦ If you want boomy sound effects, deeper bass, high reverberations and earth shaking speakersa€¦ a€¦you can get them for cheaper price.

Black and White, however therea€™s also a another version costing $70 more than the standard version build entirely out of bamboo wood (see image).
Specifications wise they feature 5 inches Kevlar build woofer and and 2 inches silk dome tweeters along with neodymium magnets. The package includes a pair of Audioengine A5+ speakers, remote control, Speaker wire, detachable power cord, RCA Cables, Cloth speaker bag and setup guide. Unlike the Audioengine A2+, the A5+ thankfully features the volume knob at the front of speaker; whereas the bass vents has been pushed behind.
These best audiophile speakers for pc also features a heat sink at the back of one A5+ speakera€¦ allowing heat to easily dissipate and keeping the speakers cool. With twice bigger woofer and tweeter, you are destined to listen to rich amount of lows and great clarity in highs." #11: Bowers and Wilkins MM1 Hi-Fi Speakers Herea€™s to the great looking audiophile PC speakers in our list! The Bowers and Wilkins MM1 Speakers set an example of how a premium desktop speaker should be built. Featuring a build in DAC, they make sure your sound is noise free; by converting the audio from digital to analog signal inside the speakers, rather than in your computer. Both speakers are marked with Left and Right markings, so you know which speaker stands where. The MM1 connects directly to your computer via USB port and features a input and output 3.5mm jack and mini USB port for connecting to your PC. Click on any button, share the article and see the missing speaker!a€‹ Thank You for unlocking this hidden speaker and sharing this article. It contains two satellite speakers with a powered subwoofer and can be connected to your PC or MAC.
The subwoofer contains a build in DAC and amplifier, allowing sound signal to be processed inside the speakers, instead of your computer. Allowing you to have immersive audio during gaming, watching movies and even while playing music. For an immersive sound experience it is important to keep the satellite speakers at a appropriate position; so as to get a proper stereo imaging. You can ask the guys at Bose; whoa€™ll come to your house, analyze your room and suggest the best position.

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