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I’ve been aware of Ready Player One for some time now so when I renewed my library card a few weeks ago, I picked up a copy to read. You may remember my post from earlier this year with some thoughts about how I had to train my brain to read again after enduring the brain fog that comes with multiple pregnancies and a house full of small children. At the beginning of the year, I made a list of books that sounded interesting and included a variety of topics such as theology, business, homeschooling & parenting, and some classic literature. Tsh spent many years living overseas and missed the simplicity and slowness of life in other countries. Tsh’s book affirmed that the choices we have made to enjoy our family time at home, seek out good food, prioritize exploration, and make time for creativity, are good for our family even though we often feel out of place.
Please feel free to link to any of my posts, but please do not share pictures of my family or use my images or content on your own website without written permission. But what Kline does is he takes you, step by step, into this virtual world, explaining things in a very conversational relaxed voice that never becomes boring. When she and her family moved back to the US they felt out of place in our fast-paced culture, and found themselves longing for the life they had left.
We don’t have to be lost in the never-ending cycle of busyness that seems to overtake so many families. Shawn and I both did a lot of reading year, so we thought it would be fun to share our favorite books of the year.
At the beginning of the year, I made a list and set some reading goals so that I could get back in to the habit of reading deeply. They made a plan to enjoy life more fully by slowing down and making some lifestyle changes that are contrary to the typical American way of life. We can make choices that allow us to live our lives more fully, and those choices can change with the different seasons of life that we go through. We read several of the missionary books from this series this year as part of our homeschool curriculum. While they were dating, Ian was involved in a car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury.
In this book about life as a pastor’s wife, Gloria does an excellent job of reminding wives of church leaders that their identity is, first and foremost, in Christ.
A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reike – I read this book at the beginning of the year.

My goal was to read about 1 book per week (more than I expected to read, but I wanted to push myself) and I ending up reading about 40 books this year.
I learned that I need to plan ahead, order books or get to the library early, and have a few options ready to go for when I finish my current book. I also saw some books on a great Kindle sale that and I stumbled upon reviews of other intriguing books. I wrote a whole post about this book a few months ago with more details about the book and the prayer method. Her story is woven in between chapters that address intentional living in different areas of their lives like food, travel, work, and school.
I felt encouraged to keep doing what we’re doing and to stop and evaluate some other areas of life where we could be more intentional, all without feeling like I was a failure if I didn’t make the same choices that the Oxenreider’s made for their family.
In all of my years in church and homeschool study, I don’t remember ever reading about her. By the grace of God, Larissa stayed by Ian’s side and loved him until he could return her love again. I’ve read through it a couple of times now and I plan to work through it again, putting the suggestions into practice as a I go. I appreciated her perspective as a pastor’s wife living in Dubai, surrounded by people from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds. If you would like to understand how the details of scripture fit into the big picture, this book is a great place to start. Tim Keller’s thoughtful academic analysis of prayer plus his practical tips from years of experience make a well-rounded and thorough book on the subject. It’s a helpful guide covering how to read better, what to read, and why you should read. The list helped me to read on a variety of topics and gave me ideas when I was ready to start something new.
I read it in a couple of days and then read it again to digest the content more slowly, and again this week while I was thinking about it again.
I enjoyed the story of their lives, but also really connected with the goals and choices they have made for their family.
I was hooked within minutes as the author described Ida’s family heritage of medical missions in India.

They married, and though Ian continues to heal, he will always need Larissa to care for him. The Nesting Place is filled beautiful imperfect pictures of her home surrounding her story of over a dozen moves, many imperfect homes, her struggle for contentment, and her joy in teaching women how to make their homes feel beautiful among the imperfections. Not only does that provide some humorous stories for her to tell, it also helps her to share Biblical principles that apply to a global church. I loved the practical suggestions on choosing books with discernment, reading widely, prioritizing books, and how to read within a Biblical framework. Reading a heavy theological book before bed isn’t ideal, so it helps to have a variety of genres ready to read at different times of the day.
She presents their choices and reasons with grace, leaving room for families to make their own decisions and to make changes when their first ideas don’t go according to plan. As we bought a house this year and made plans to live here indefinitely (for the first time in our marriage), I needed this encouragement to make this new place feel like our home.
I highly recommend this for women whose husbands are in any leadership position in the church! I particularly liked the chapter on creation that emphasized God as an artist, creating beauty to display his glory to the world.
In contrast to the quick and easy Praying the Bible, this book requires time and effort to read.
Seven of their sons (including Ida’s father) received medical degrees and returned to India (the other son planned to, but died tragically while completing his schooling), and their two daughters both married men that served as Indian missionaries. When I finished, my first thought was that I wanted all of my children to read this book in high school. I’m also hoping to write monthly updates and reviews, because it’s extremely hard to share all of my thoughts about the things I read in one wrap-up post! Ida grew up surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins all serving on the mission field as a family.
Ida went on to pioneer medical training for women in India by opening a women’s medical college and later a hospital.

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