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What happens when I want to use a doctor that works out of his home and charges me 80% less than the licensed doctors?
Finally, setting up other schools with different ideologies as you suggest are very possible-- you probably did not realize that.
I'm criticizing neither conservative programs, nor liberal, but I consider many of your facts incorrect and your logic flawed. But more important, taxes are force and I don't believe using physical violence on another human being is rational or moral. Agreed, we should prohibit guns from criminals who historically have by far the greatest record of killing other humans with guns -- government.
If somebody or something is wrong it isn't flawed to call it wrong without a plan of how to correct it.
To doctors and guns-- It's an is-ought fallacy that fake painters, plastic surgeons and online stores exist; they shouldn't.
Finally, I sound like I support all these liberal policies, but I don't want to be labelled as either liberal or conservative.
This is what I am referring to and it is a fair point that you can leave a country if you don't like the government. Moreover, the standard of living increases for people when people are able to allocate their money towards businesses and efforts that they believe in.
Moreover, many poor people don't take advantage of the government tools that are already available for themselves like libraries.
And the cost-benefit analysis clearly shows no government as the greatest benefit with the least cost.
For the minor it would be handled like an adult making a decision for a minor in anything else. What's the frequency, Kenneth?: Nice!Thanks for your vivid illustration of liberalism, the new conservatism. Justin Trudeau is such an easy target, so easy to reflexively dismiss, that the wait-and-see attitude taken by much of the media towards his candidacy for the Liberal leadership is only prudent.
If Trudeau manages to attract a lot of young people to the political process, that will be a good thing.
Fact is, Protestant Christianity is the Big Dog in American religion, just as Catholicism is the Big Dog throughout Latin America, and the Anglican church is in England. Brooklyn, NY: a Turkish man and his wife were attacked by a neighbor screaming “F-ing Arabs!
Wisconsin: a man of Moroccan heritage was hospitalized with head injuries while walking with a friend downtown. New York: A man threatened to kill a Muslim mother and daughter, shouted racial and religious slurs, and spat on their car.
Florida: a Marine reservist hit a Greek Orthodox priest with a a tire iron and chased him for three blocks. Cedar Rapids, Iowa: an 18-year-old Iraqi refugee and his mother were assaulted after a softball game. Murfreesboro, Tenn: a mother and son were the targets of anti-Musim and racial slurs by a knife-weilding driver. How would you like to live in fear of being attacked–in your home, on the street, anywhere–simply because of your religious beliefs? People like Pamela Geller make a living writing and speaking against Muslims and spreading hate. To our credit as a nation, attacks on Muslims and mosques are prosecuted by the police, and the FBI also frequently gets involved, since these are hate crimes.
43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven.
Receive Posts by EmailIf you subscribe to my Feedburner feed, you'll automatically receive new posts by email. I keep hearing about liberals being so futuristic and ahead of the times but all I see are cavemen walking around with clubs. Even if somebody knows the $5 is worth more than their time and are happy to have a job the liberals won't have any of that.
Liberals have to force you to pay taxes so that you can support their not-so-liberal things like monopoly schools, monopoly roads, monopoly police, monopoly courts and monopoly money. Looks like it turns out most of these liberals are actually conservatives trying to bring us back to driving in a horse and buggy and going to the restroom in outhouses. Whether we have more or less taxes, and what they are paid for are arbitrary: regardless of a "conservative" or a "liberal" society, taxes are a necessary part of a society. To pay someone $5 an hour and expect them to raise a family is absolutely impossible even when they are trying their hardest; they are forced into contracts with employers because employers collectively ignore the costs to their workers. Unlicensed doctors will produce more harm than good because charlatan doctors can appear in such a society.
There are many chartered schools all over the country and many parents also homeschool their children. I don't believe anybody should take firm liberal nor conservative ideologies because there are great policies both sides create and great policies outside of either (there are more than two political philosophies in the world!). You would need to show why a society can not function without taxes which I think you would be hard-pressed to do so.
There are better ways to get things done than forcing people to pay for things that you want. Certain things are needed more in society than other things and the prices people pay for these things reflect that. If I didn't know who would pick the cotton after ending slavery that doesn't make my logic flawed for saying that I want to end slavery.
Conservative or liberal, no taxes at all mean that there is no government at all, since the government would then do literally nothing (as opposed to what we now perceive as "Capitol Hill doing almost nothing").
The fact that we are willing to stay in a society means that there's something worthwhile in it for us. In the same way, charlatan doctors shouldn't exist (I'm also pretty sure that plastic surgeons have to get licenses as well). I take individual stances on individual policies and question some basic facets of society.
We like to assume that government currently solves all these problems we are talking about. When 30 - 50% of people's money is sent to government in the form of taxation this is a misallocation of capital.

If people had $10,000 to spend to better their situation most people would spend it on technology, clothes, a car or something of this nature. If the doctor is a fraud then non-fraud doctors can educate and show the poor people why this doctor is a fraud and earn their business. Disagreements about gay marriage, no matter how contentious, do not equal religious persecution. The boy’s jaw was broken by a member of the other team, who called him raghead, terrorist, and camel jockey. Burned Qurans were also found outside mosques in Tennessee, Michigan, and San Francisco after that crazy Florida pastor proposed burning Qurans. He walked to her car and pepper-sprayed her through the open window, while yelling racial and religious slurs. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Shame on the worker and the employer voluntarily agreeing on an exchange between themselves.
Maybe after all this I could just stop paying my taxes for things and opt-out of the system completely.
It's okay for liberals to force these things on me, even if I want to be liberal and not participate.
So the next time you hear liberals talking about being progressive and forward-thinking you may want to remind them that they're actually conservatives in sheep's clothing.
I think both sides of legislators are sheep in the other side's clothing who are advocating for policies without thinking them through-- and followers are blindly following that label without thinking each decision through. Insofar as you have been privileged enough not to live in such conditions, I would not criticize the less fortunate until you have experienced living as one of them. Guns in the wrong hands will cause more harm than good-- liberals advocate for him control, not prohibition. In terms of curriculum in standard public schools, however, children ought to have equal access to the same level of education regardless of their physical location or background. However, I offer constructive criticism that perhaps you and others can read some books on logic and political philosophy. If you need a heart transplant and only 1 person in the town knows how to do that then you are going to pay him a lot of money. You may be referring to your argument about going to jail if IRS payments are not submitted, but you would not pay taxes if you were stateless because you would not be part of the state. The overall benefit refers to two things-- that majority, and whether basic living needs are met.
An unqualified painter may destroy a wall, but an unqualified doctor can destroy a human life. Instead, I do think a lot of your article arguments stem liked 'I don't want to pay taxes,' 'I don't want to go to school' or 'I want to choose my own doctor' without considering the societal implications. All government services, including military, police, courts and law could be handled by the market. If somebody is starving and needs food somebody will give them food if they really need it. Money that could have been used by smart and efficient companies is instead wasted on less intelligent and inefficient bureaucrats.
There are plenty of review sites, there are plenty of 3rd party agencies, we have friends who recommend us services to use. If a doctor makes a mistake then a court would determine how to handle it, the same way we do now. That people of different beliefs and backgrounds, from all corners of the world, could come together to build a better life for themselves and for their children than they ever could have alone.” What alternate history is this? But mostly his candidacy looks set to divide the left and make it easier for the Conservatives to win a third straight term, regardless of what any poll is saying right now. Banning a nativity scene from public property, or not allowing a prayer at a public school graduation…not persecution. Christianity enjoys a host of freedoms and privileges, and every single president has claimed to be a Christian (Romney would end that streak).
This goes way beyond a few big-city mayors trying to score a few fleeting political points by saying they’ll oppose permits for new Chick-Fil-A franchises. The structure of society is flawed because there's no reason why a painter or a lawyer does work worth more than an "unskilled" worker.
Schools are necessary for the well being of children-- and so that each child can receive due equal access despite external obstacles.
It is not a child's choice as to which family he or she was born in, and adults who make society have the obligation to respect that. If you need a bathroom cleaned there are thousands of people in a town who know how to do that. Renouncing citizenship is entirely possible when the benefits of statelessness or a different nationality outweigh the costs. If they're trying to raise a family, they keep the job, but work at whatever wages the industry sets and is unable to get into decent standards of living.
Those would be the factors needed to sustain life and also the opportunity to improve one's own life. Such a scenario produces large quantities of problems for the society: What if the adult is choosing that doctor for a minor who is making no decision for him or herself?
When conservatives argue against liberals and vice versa all the time, there not only is a gray ground in between, but there is also RGB color outside of the philosophies of either. We still have all these problems with the government and most of the time the government actually makes the problems worse. Just because we have always had government handle things like courts and police doesn't mean there isn't a better way to handle it.
So the whole world is ran by different gangs of people who use force to get people to do things. The government is the last person we should trust when it comes to what is good or bad for us. The country was founded by two European cultures making life miserable for the people who already lived here. His supporters would like us to see him as the Second Coming, but I expect his legacy will be to finally wipe Canada clean of the values his father championed. Just examples of the give-and-take of public policy in a free society which is continuously testing the boundaries between church and state, and the boundaries of the free expression of religion in American life.

I’ve been in situations where I felt in danger because of my race, but never because of my religion. Other conservative commentators keep the anti-Muslim hysteria alive, giving fuel to the whackos out there who put the hate speech into action. Liberals are actually followers who just allow people to do what the state tells them they should allow.
Does he have to be reigned in by the liberservatives and follow the licensing rules that they put in place?
If I want to start my own school that is different and dare I say better than the current schools I will be in really big trouble again. I'm going to simply stop participating in your system and just stand out on the sidelines and just take care of myself and my family. Janitors, for example, are just as crucial to a functioning society as a lawmaker is-- and a lawmaker may even be reluctant to fulfill a janitor's duties in a world with no janitors. All the people who do janitorial work will be competing with each other and bringing down the costs. Otherwise, since we live in an imperfect and heterogeneous society, each individual will always disapprove of certain taxes but approve of others. We may economically set a lower monetary value for janitorial work, but that shouldn't set a monetary value for how much the janitor himself, as a person, is worth.
I'll try to hit on my main point about government, which is that I am of the view that we shouldn't have any government at all. If things don't get funding and the government has to force people to pay for it then that means that people really don't want it.
And how many times has government approved a drug or food only to later unapproved it and change their mind?
These commentators will never condone violence against Muslims, but they are entirely complicit it enabling it among their devoted listeners.
As soon as it comes to something that is liberal, but the state doesn't allow, then liberals stop being liberal and become conservative. And so liberals want to constrict markets and people from doing what they want to do, because for some reason liberals are experts on how to run a market and an economy.
I do not default that they are correct or accurate-- but insofar as there is no reason for thinking otherwise and your reasoning is simply "I want to do otherwise," your logic is flawed.
If we each chose to pay certain taxes and not others, we would be unable to run programs entirely because of lack of funding; having the policies that we do approve is worth paying for others that we don't. What if a doctor means well, but makes a mistake-- licensed doctors would be protected, but how do you handle an unlicensed doctor's mistake? Oops, sorry :( but I felt a lot of the arguments lacked sound reasoning (although I did like your response a lot).
Even more to the point, how many good drugs and services does the government keep from ever coming into existence because they don't meet government regulations?
As opposed to the reality that nobody much thought of him until he delivered a much better speech (or rather, eulogy) at his father’s funeral in 2000, which was when talk of his political future began. They are able to do the millions of calculations in real time to know exactly where to allocate resources every millisecond. Apparently liberals not only know how to run an economy but they also know which decisions are best for me as well. Additionally, if we paid only for what we approved for, wealth would increasingly exploit the less fortunate; since we can't choose the background to which we're born, that would be an unfair exploitation of circumstances people did not choose. Or, the janitor is trying to support children, which is much better and more sustainable than infanticide or the foster care system.
Such a policy does not simply deal with an individual's choice to life, but with all of society's lives. Wealthy people are the people who make it possible for poor people to live better today than kings lived 200 years ago.
I think humans will look back sometime into the distant future and ask themselves how could humans be such savages where they would violently force other humans to do what others tell them to do.
But what if I have a job, and I just want to pick up a couple hrs here and there, and the owner of a joint is willing to pay me on that limited basis in order to cover peak rushes in his biz? But all grand plans conceived in moments of high emotion merit reexamination somewhere down the line, when the emotion has faded and commonsense has had a chance to seep back in.
It may once have been Ontario and Quebec’s vehicle of choice, but much of the rest of the country has spent much of the last four or five decades trying to get rid of the Liberal Party, and pretty effectively at that, you may have noticed. My own individual choice on how much risk I want to take with my doctor is far too liberal for most liberals. I can't discard traditional values in favor of educating people better than the current state schools. Others may question why the janitor even has children, or how he ended up in his lower socioeconomic class (if he wasn't born into it), or why he is unskilled (did he have access to education?)-- forgetting that policies need to account for inevitable human error.
If there are shady doctors then I will start a business solving the problem of people choosing shady doctors. Similar to how we view slavery today is how I think humans will view the entire government structure in the future.
That is why it is in the deracinated state where Justin Trudeau’s candidacy is taken seriously. That is beyond liberal, beyond super liberal and in the territory of straight liberal nirvana.
In the same situations, we may have made the same mistakes; generalization prevents us from accounting for mistakes that each of us all makes, only which may be more powerful on a life when that life is living a different situation from ours.
Responding that governments have caused the most damage doesn't answer the question of whether stringent rules are necessary (and although governments have caused much harm, removing government weaponry altogether would also be harmful).
If government programs don't get funded because the government stops forcing people to pay for them what does that really say? If I were to do that it would have a picture of my face next to liberal in the Webster's dictionary and on Google when you search for liberal. More stringent rules for guns would only mean that groups of people with criminal backgrounds would access weapons less easily.

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