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Advanced aerospace vehicles are key to national security, transportation, mobility, freedom, and our quality of life. Aircraft of the future will not be built of traditional, multiple, mechanically connected parts and systems.
Able to respond to the constantly varying conditions of flight, sensors will act like the "nerves" in a bird's wing and will measure the pressure over the entire surface of the wing. Intelligent systems composed of these sensors, actuators, microprocessors, and adaptive controls will provide an effective "central nervous system" for stimulating the structure to effect an adaptive "physical response." The central nervous system will provide many advantages over current technologies. Researchers at NASA Langley Research Center are taking the lead to explore these advanced vehicle concepts and revolutionary new technologies. NASA's incorporation of these new technologies, research methods and the human creative and exploratory spirit are rapidly changing the way we think about air transportation and will continue to expand the horizon of an already exciting future. Anyone that read Neil Young’s much lauded first memoir Waging Heavy Peace will know that he is a serious petrolhead. While Heavy Peace has much to say about the many and various motors that Young has owned and run over the years, this new volume Special Deluxe A Memoir of Life and Cars takes it’s very narrative structure from the singer’s multitudinous rides.

This book is a draw for music and car fans alike, but beware all high revving gas guzzlers.
The last car discussed is the Lincvolt project which is the 1959 Lincoln that he has spent many years of sweat and cash converting to run on batteries and ethanol in his struggle to put the automotive future behind us.
And over the years various shots of legends of music, screen and stage have been photographed with their ride of choice. Never miss another new edition, daily post or StreetSpot when you subscribe to our weekly newsletter!
The answer to ensuring the continued viability of aviation is not through evolutionary or near-term approaches alone, but through careful development of revolutionary, long-term approaches utilizing emerging technologies.
Instead, aircraft wing construction will employ fully integrated, embedded "smart" materials and actuators that will enable aircraft wings with unprecedented levels of aerodynamic efficiencies and aircraft control. The response to these measurements will direct actuators, which will function like the bird's wing "muscles." Just as a bird instinctively uses different feathers on its wings to control its flight, the actuators will change the shape of the aircraft's wings to continually optimize flying conditions. Proposed 21st Century Aerospace Vehicles will be able to monitor their own performance, environment, and even their operators in order to improve safety and fuel efficiency, and minimize airframe noise.

The cars then become a portal which transport us to a particular time and place in his life, expounding that unique Youngian take on music, politics and world order. While Young obviously worships the Internal Combustion Engine, the book also stands as a lament to what he sees as its inevitable and imminent passing.
We selected 10 current-ish cars, which our experts think have the best chance of becoming a genuine future classic in years to come. We promise not to spam you or share your details, just to keep you informed with our latest goings on. The significant advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology are opening the door to a new era in aircraft development resulting in designs that will be radically different from today's aircraft. Active flow control effectors will help mitigate adverse aircraft motions when turbulent air conditions are encountered.

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