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Despite the beauty, brains, and impeccable comic timing, and an award at the Provincetown Film Festival for career achievement, the Legally Blonde actor says she doesn't get the roles she so wants: the baddie.
Jennifer Coolidge, scene-stealing actress from Legally Blonde, Best in Show, American Pie and many other films, was awarded the Faith Hubley Career Achievement Award at the 17th annual Provincetown Film Festival over the weekend. You’re getting the Faith Hubley Career Achievement Award this year, and you’ll be talking to [author and film theorist] B. My biggest night there was the night I judged that drag queen contest [on an Anna Nicole night]. Your friend [producer Shawn Nightingale] says you did your first stand-up comedy show here.
I think her professional title is “movie smartypants.” She’ll be asking you a lot of stuff.
I can remember the personal stories, some of the weird stuff that happened when we were making the movies, but I don’t remember the movies that well. I sort of dressed like a drag queen that night, I didn't realize I should have just been dressed normal as a judge.

I love that he remembers it differently—and I don’t want to if that’s how he remembers it, I’d rather be remembered as a winner than how I remember it. If I hear my voice on cable if the TV’s on, I just, you know— I know some other actors like to see their stuff to improve their stuff, but I just can’t do it. Anna Nicole was going to come over and join me at Dragstrip—don’t know what happened with that. If you’re really delusional you can convince yourself you look a certain way, then if someone shows you a photo, you’re like aw, f—. I got sort of obsessed with some makeup that some drag queens were wearing in the bathroom.

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