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Ready for my favorite gift ideas for 11-year old boys including books, games, toys, and technology? 3 pack vehicle set includes 3 cars, S1 street car, T1 track car, X1 dirt car, 9 safety cones, and 3 hex tools. Build and swap 36 parts in this pack 12 per car allowing for over 1 million combinations. Players must roll and trade for resources to build roads, settlements, and cities for points. My teen switched from headphones back to ear buds because they’re easier to pack and go. Our 11-year-old has had to read at least 10 books for school this year and being able to download them onto his Kindle is great. Garrett and I sat down and made you a list of the top 10 Book Series available on Kindle Unlimited*. Developing a love of reading does not always have to be educational, they also need to read things just for fun and enjoyment.
The Minecraft Diary of Series – Minecraft is all the rage online with kids these days and this series that is a take off on Diary of a Wimpy kid provides a funny look into all the Minecraft characters they love. The Hunger Games Series – This 3 book action adventure series is more for the older side of this age group and is one that I would recommend parents making a judgement call on depending on the maturity level of their child. Secret Agent 6th Grader Series – Kids follow Brody Valentine as he navigates 6th grade as a secret spy.
Harry Potter Series – This is my all time favorite series and I have to say I think I went through a depression when it ended! The Lemonade War Series – Follow two siblings Evan and Jessie Treski through an exciting summer. Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja Series – Follow Chase Cooper as he starts a new school and is recruited to be a Ninja. The Lord of the Rings Series – This is a series kids and adults will read over and over again. The Boxcar Children Series– This book is for the younger in this group who will follow Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny, four orphaned brothers and sisters, who are frightened to live with a grandfather they have never met.
The Colby Collins Series – This 5 book series a blend of humor and mystery and the long time friendship of 4th graders Colby and Antione. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. As the 9-12 month-old begins to be more mobile, and especially as the baby gets up to begin walking, push toys and ride-on toys will be an instant favorite. When initially presented with a shape sorter, the child of 9-12 months will not have a clue what to do with the toy. Although your child may have played with blocks before now, the 9-12 month-old will find all sorts of inventive uses for blocks. If you live near a beach, or if you have a sandbox in your yard or a nearby park, be sure to include a bucket and shovel as a toy for your 9-12 month-old. An animal sounds farm is more expensive than a bucket and shovel, but this is a toy that includes a barn and a collection of plastic farm animals that allows the child to explore different animals and the sounds they make.
As the 9-12 month-old begins to develop more physical dexterity, he will want to play with more interactive toys a€“ and the noisier the better.
The important thing to remember about children from 9-12 months is that the mental and physical development will be variable from child to child. Build a snow hideout with Steve minifigure, a Creeper with explode function, and a Snow Golem with snowball-shooting function, and lots more. We have run out of bookshelf space and once I download them they are there for when our 6-year-old get’s old enough to read them. Kindle Unlimited is available for as little as $2.99 a month and allows kids to download as many books as they want every month in the Kindle Unlimited Library.

A lot of kids can relate to one or more characters in these books as the follow Greg Heffley and his sidekick and best friend Rowley through he turmoil of middle school. It’s often hilarious and helps kids realize they can fit in anywhere and help their school. This diary like humorous thriller series taps into many of the things kids face in middle school like bullying and shows how to handle them with humor, wit and how to make the right choice. These are some of our favorites but there are thousands available for every interest including early readers like my 6 year old. Development will vary among babies, but by this time, your child will probably at least be scooting around the room by crawling, a€?militarya€? crawling, or even walking. Be aware that the child at this age will be unsteady, so push toys should have a wide base that will provide excellent support.
This toy is designed to help your child begin to learn problem-solving skills since each shape will only fit into the box one way. As he becomes more mobile, the game can be to throw the ball, have the child retrieve it, and throw it back to you.
As her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills improve, she will begin to stack and build with the blocks. In this age range, it is particularly important for your child to hear words and make a positive connection between something fun (reading) and you. If you primarily use a cell phone, there are many toy phones that look like mommya€™s or daddya€™s phone.
This perennial favorite can be used as a a€?fill and dumpa€? toy or to build castles in the sand. This interactive toy is most appropriate for the older child in this age range since it does require a certain amount of manual dexterity. Musical instruments combine the best of both worlds as your child discovers that hitting on a drum or xylophone causes music a€“ or at least a 9-month-olda€™s rendition of music.
A toy that captivates one 10-month-old may be too advanced a€“ or elementary a€“ for another. Includes 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 exclusive mini-figures, a device holder, and over 18 other accessories.
It's written by Melissa Taylor, mom, writer, and former elementary teacher & literacy trainer. My 11-year-old son helped me come up with this list for you of 10 book series for tweens, kids ages 9-12 to celebrate National Reading Month.
My oldest son has a loft bed and when he reads a paperback or hardback book he has to have the light on, he falls asleep reading and having the light on all night does not create a great sleeping environment. Each week they have to turn in questions that popped into their mind while they read as well as definitions of new words they find.
You may be saying I bet they are all uncommon books no one knows about, but you will be very surprised when you see our list of how many popular series there are! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series averages over 70,000 readers online per day so you know it has to be fabulous. You will follow Harry and his friends as he learns about being a wizard and fights a terrible wizard Voldemort. Follow Frodo Baggins as he sets out to destroy an evil ring by returning to the flames of Mount Doom. They eventually meet their wealthy loving grandfather who moves the boxcar to his back yard to use as a playhouse. It is a sci-fi mystery as they try to get to the bottom of everything that’s happening with a girl named Suzy Trudell and the teachers at Marley Elementary School. All of the ebooks are selected for age-appropriateness, so you don’t have to spend time or waste money guessing what’s right for your kids.

When our youngest was growing up, if we couldn’t find her she was usually off somewhere with a book. By this point in development, your childa€™s manual dexterity will be much better and he will be using items (spoons and sticks) as play toys. Expect tumbles as your 9-12 month-old learns to navigate her environment, but know that, if the environment is relatively safe, most falls at this age will involve abruptly sitting down with no lasting damage to the child. Although she may only be able to stack two or three blocks, if you sit on the floor and stack blocks with her, she will soon discover that it is also fun to knock down the stacks you build. As speech is developing, the more you can read and talk to the child, the more quickly he will develop his language skills. At this age, your childa€™s hand-eye coordination is good enough that he will be happy playing independently for an hour or more with a very inexpensive toy.
The barn and farm animals allow your child to open and close doors and produce appropriate animal sounds as he plays with the toy, which can be very engaging.
If you do not want to spend a lot of money on actual musical instruments, give him an empty shoe box and an old pan and a plastic hammer or mallet. The Kindle is backlit so he can read in bed with the lights off and fall sound asleep with no worries.
The Kindle allows him to highlight, bookmark and look up definitions automatically while he’s reading so he can go back and make his notes to hand to his teacher. It’s a perilous journey with many twists and turns and teaches the bonds of friendship with Frodo and his best friend Sam.
The original book has been named by the National Teachers Association as one of its Teachers Top 100 Books for Children. If you have a Kindle e-reader, Fire Tablet or Amazon Fire TV you can order it for only $2.99 per month. With the brightly colored shapes, this one will provide a good opportunity to begin teaching the names of colors and shapes. Interactive books are wonderful for this age child a€“ opening doors, zipping zippers, and other skills will help language development and fine motor skills. Even a child who is not yet talking will a€?talka€? on a toy phone as he imitates your actions.
Let’s also not fail to mention he’s a BOY and BOYS are messy so you can see the reason this is a GREAT idea below! One ebook a month is going to cost you as much as Amazon FreeTime so you can’t loose.
Join me on the blog where I try to provide you with recipes and tips to make your life easier! At this age, your child will want to explore his surroundings and any object may be a a€?toya€? so be sure to keep dangerous items out of reach.
Be sure that the balls you buy are soft since the child at this age will have very little control over where a ball goes. If you own or purchase a Fire tablet or Amazon Fire TV it also includes access to over 5,000 kid-friendly books, games, educational apps, movies, and TV shows. And a child of this age will not be a very good catcher so balls in the face will be very common. Eli and his friends discover that some of them are physically prevented from leaving the town — with violent pain and some sort of signal that brings the guards to take them back. Eli discovers his “father” is the leader of a group of scientists who are using the town and some of the kid, in a secret and unapproved science experiment.

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