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September 8, 2015 by dankoboldt Leave a Comment This post is part of my ongoing series on author & book promotion, which is aimed at helping fellow authors build their audience and establish a platform to promote their work.
There’s a misconception that social media is the best way for authors and publishers to promote their books. The inspiration for this post came when I received four book marketing e-mails within a couple of days. BookBub, a book discovery (for readers) and promotion (for publishers) e-mail service provider. Importantly, I have a relationship with all four of these companies: HarperCollins is publishing my debut novel The Rogue Retrieval.
BookPerk (HC) and BookBub use subject lines with a prescribed format, and I think they’re very interesting. Now, let’s look at the body of the e-mail, which is arguably the most important part of it.
The top of the e-mail has a beautiful graphic, a nice amount of white space, and an engaging paragraph that gives an overview of launch events.
Multiple calls to action: you can read an excerpt, or buy it for any of the four top e-readers. I really like the layout of the promos; you can generally fit both of them in a single screen without much scrolling (even on mobile devices).
It’s a simple fact that most publishers are too large to enjoy the same loyalty that readers give to their favorite authors (Baen might be one exception, as they publish a modest number of books per year under a well-established brand). The subject line and e-mail body are arguably the most important parts of book marketing e-mails, but I was interested to see how these four companies closed out their e-mails. We have a few nice things, including the FTC-mandated items, a link to the privacy policy, and a nice message about how to report piracy (the copyright-violating kind).
Following that link brings up a nice page where one can invite friends by putting in e-mail addresses OR by providing your Gmail contacts.
Bottom line, I think we can agree that these four companies know how to promote and sell books.
If you liked this article, please share it with your writing friends using the buttons below. When their lead scientist escapes through a portal to a pristine medieval world, a corporation hires the right man to bring him back: a Las Vegas magician. This book brings together an international collection of successful digital marketing campaigns, assessing what they achieved and the business lessons learned. With smart phone sales to pass personal computers, the smart phone race between AT&T and Verizon iPhones, Droid powered phones and everyone else, the impact of mobile devices on our daily lives has elevated to unprecedented levels.
Mobile Marketer – Let by Editor in Chief Mickey Alam Khan and a great team including Giselle Tsirulnik and Dan Butcher, this publication covers 360 degrees of mobile marketing and commerce. Another useful mobile marketing news site is Mobile Marketing Watch, which offers a variety of news on the mobile space and is a great example of content marketing from it’s owner, mobileStorm.
Mobile Marketing Association – The MMA is a global organization headquartered in New York with over 700 members and a charter to promote, educate, measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industry worldwide.
The MMA also hosts 5 global forum events each year called the MMAF (Mobile Marketing Association Forum) in Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, London and Los Angeles. The Marqui blog recently curated a nice collection of PowerPoint decks on Mobile Marketing like the one above covering future trends and innovation in mobile marketing and advertising. Also check out DMA Retail Roadmap to Mobile Marketing – a presentation by Joel Morrow of Mobile Fusion giving numerous case studies and best practices for retail mobile marketing.
There are many other resources including research reports, but few of value are available without requiring registration, so we can’t link to them directly.
Posts related to Futility of Direct Response Book Marketing on Twitter (Case Study)Part 4 Social media and online book marketing Part 4, The 3 stages to online book marketingCheck out these videos in the series: 1.
This is the third post in the series to show authors how Facebook Ads Marketing can help sell more books as well as build a viable author platform. In this third post, I will be dealing with how authors can use Facebook Ads and it’s extensions to sell books and grow a sizable author platform.
With these four basic facts about Facebook Ads marketing for authors, we can now look into ways authors can use Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads, if properly channeled, can be a very good marketing tool in the hand of every author, and this is because it offers lots of interesting options that can help you as an author to not only sell more books but also reach more readers and grow your author platform, which also helps sell more books in the long run. After you have your eBook’s Facebook page up and running, your goal is to get as many fans as you possibly can. By investing a couple hundred dollars in a Facebook ads, you are able to appeal to the masses, and specifically, those people that may be interested in your eBook. These are just three tips to ensure that your ad gains you as many fans—and sales—as possible. With Facebook Ads, there has never been a more wonderful, faster, and cheaper way to grow a viable author platform.
Think in terms of growing your email list, getting traffic to your author blog and being seen by your target book readers, then you’ve got a friend in Facebook Ads.
Growing your email list is one of the smartest things you can do for your writing career as an author and writer: Email is the most direct and effective way to communicate with your fans. With Facebook Ads in particular, you can easily target and reach a large number of potential book loving fans.
All you just need to do is to decide on who your target audience was, grab their attention with an irresistible offer – a free chapter of your book, a free copy of one your books, a collection of your past writings, or any freebie that will attract loads of eyeballs to your mailing list.

Then, you need a great but simple landing page to collect your target book fans email and name so you could send them your free offer and run a well-targeted Facebook Ads Campaign to get eyeballs and your book reading audience into your email list, and watch your email list grow in numbers. Also, this won’t stop here; you need to take advantage of Facebook’s free organic reach with a well-designed and optimized Author Facebook Page, you will also need to post regular information about your books, your thoughts, and any other useful content that your audience will find helpful and interesting without being too promotional to curb being seen by them as a promotional junkie, which might leads to people un-liking your page. This type of useful and interactive engagement with your Facebook fans will also help a lot in conjunction with your email list to get your words out to your target audience as well as been seen and noticed by them. This ends the three part series post that deals with how authors can sell more book and grow their author platform with the power of Facebook Ads.
The possibilities are just endless in regards to how authors can harness the power of Facebook Ads to help fast track their writing success. These three posts have dealt with the ins and outs of Facebook Ads Marketing for Authors, and these can also pass as a resource guide on ways authors can use Facebook Marketing to market and promote books as well as grow a viable author platform.
To end this series of posts, I need to say clearly that as simple as Facebook Ads for Book marketing for authors might look like, authors should be familiar and knowledgeable in using this simple looking but somehow tricky book marketing tool. Have you tried Facebook Ads in the past for selling your books, and what’s your experience like? Join me in the conversation in the comment box below to share with us your Facebook Ads experience you’ve had in the past. Are you wondering how you can use Facebook as a whole or Facebook ads to reach more of your target book audience without wasting time or money. It is not just that the format of books has changed (with e-books accounting for 25% of trade sales), but the way that readers find new books to read.
But ask any web marketing expert, and he or she will tell you that e-mail remains one of the most effective ways to drive sales. This e-mail coincides with the official launch of their first titles, which has been the subject of a major promotional push for over a year.
Note that their newsletter is aimed at promoting their print catalogue, whereas the others are aimed at selling e-books.
Now, let’s examine how each of these different companies uses e-mail to promote and sell books. Here, I’m assessing the overall aesthetic appearance of the message, the length and diversity of content, and how books are presented. They’re not trying to sell you something, but inviting you to a contest and informing you about their new podcast.
Spoiler warning: People like free! Not every daily deal includes a free book, but the fact that so many are keeps subscribers on the ever-growing lists. If even one out of every hundred visitors agrees to invite through Gmail, BookBub will reap tons of new potential subscribers. I certainly learned a lot while studying how they do so via e-mail, and I hope you did too. This practical and dynamic book explores how businesses large and small have harnessed social media, blogs, forums, online video and email to boost their brand and attract customers.
We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing.
Johns uses his own book as a case study to demonstrate the futility of direct response book marketing on Twitter.
Dealing with Facebook Ads for beginners who don’t know how Facebook Ads work can be really tricky, and as simple as Facebook Ads seems to be to many, it takes much knowledge of how it works and the many other factors that determine a successful ad campaign. Facebook ads really aren’t meant for direct selling but still, there are smarter ways to still sell using this powerful advertising channel and this also should be figured into your Facebook Marketing Plan. It never costs a fortune to use Facebook Ads to market and promote your books as well as building your author platform. This page should provide pertinent information about your book, including what it’s about, what the reader will learn from it, and why your reader would want to purchase it. People are more likely to pay attention if you draw them into your ad with a specific question that they can relate to. And because YOU own your list, you don’t depend on the quirks, updates, and changes in popularity of any one particular social network. And you don’t need to spend a ton of money: You can set a daily budget as low as $5 (and run your ads for a limited time) for this to work. And if you don’t already have a large following on your Facebook Page, you can also use Facebook Ads to get more followers and likes for your Facebook Page. And with this, I mean the usual social media marketing, article writing, guest posting, free press publicity, and so on. Also the smartest thing to do here is to have a Call to Action that will help convert those traffic into your mailing list. The truth is that Facebook Marketing, especially Facebook Ads, isn’t for everyone and all authors because it takes a great deal of knowledge of who your audience is, what your book marketing goals are, your budget (the more your budget, the better and faster the results will be), the ins and outs of Facebook Ads and many other external factors to make all these work as it should.
Or do you just want to have the best strategy to help you sell more books and reach more of your target audience? Online marketing is definitely a must, and for a beginner, you must equip yourself with the different strategies, dos and dona€™ts, and the best practices that have been tested and proven by many.The most recent strategy that has been found to be effective and important is incorporating social media marketing. That’s why building your author mailing list is so important even before you publish. The page appearance is very basic, and the form asks for far too much information. As it stands, I would expect this form has a high abandonment rate.

It’s nice that they have a little About the Author section below, too, but they made the right decision to keep it out of the way.
The book description is a bit meatier. Notice the considerable discount and the bonus content.
Growing one’s email list is just as important as making a sale, and I think BookBub is doing it well. And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his performance, he knows he's about to make it.
Would you like Online Marketing Blog to cover more mobile marketing topics, tips, interviews and best practices? When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing.
If you are still thinking about using Facebook ads to help you sell more books, you can do so NOT by directly selling using Facebook Ads, but using it to build your mailing list by offering something in exchange for your target book audience’s email and name and draw them into your sales funnel where you can finally sell them your books through relationship based email marketing. You need to know what you are doing before diving into sending your advertising budget on Facebook Ads. There are many ways that you can market your book, but one way that you may not have thought of is through Facebook, and specifically, Facebook ads.
Also, be sure to link to your webpage or a website that sells your eBook—the point of this is to drive sales, after all! When people click on your Facebook advertisement, send them to a customized webpage that encourages them to click your Facebook’s page “like” button. When creating the text for your ad, make sure that you keep it as specific as possible and clearly targeted to a particular demographic.
For example, if we were trying to sell the same eBook as in the previous example, an ad stating ‘In over Your Head in Credit Card Debt? The opportunity with Facebook Ads for authors is just limiting to only what an author’s imagination and creativity can come up with.
As billions of people have been using social media every time they get online, it is definitely the best source of getting attention and website traffic.
Since nobody uses the phonebook anymore they go on the web and type in your name to find you. These are buying triggers, things that convince a person to make the purchase right here, right now.
Even so, three of the four companies here provided their physical address, so they seem to take it seriously. Instead, he gets an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real.That's how he finds himself in Alissia, a world connected to ours by a secret portal owned by a powerful corporation. If you need help in running your book marketing Facebook Ads Campaign, we offer a Book Marketing And Author Platform Done For You Service. 25 Ways to Get out of Debt will show you how to take your debt head-on!’ will encourage people to interact and become fans of your eBook Facebook page.
So if any of my long-lost friends, former classmates from school, or family members need to contact me they could just type in my name to find me. Give fans a sneak peek into the first chapter or two of your eBook, or give them access to an older eBook that your company offers. People will be more likely to become a fan of your Facebook page if you give them something in return. Having at least one seo book with you, will help you understand and analyze how it is very important to have your website structured in a way that it should top the search engines.The thing is, using social media for marketing your products will help you boost income opportunity and business growth. It shouldn’t take long for you to develop a customized page, and having this landing page will surely encourage more visitors to become a fan of your eBook’s Facebook page.
Even the best marketing books nowadays are already including social media as a way on how you can do this. Definitely, these social networks will be your best bet to get in touch directly with your customers or target audience.
Even for stock market books, social media is already playing a vital part on stock prices.There are a lot of social media marketing books for beginners that you could choose from if you wanted to get an overview of how this really works.
Some of them include the following:500 Social Media Marketing Tips Book a€“ More Info Written by Andrew Macarthy, this book gives tips and strategies to make the most out of social media marketing.
Also comes with free design templates for your social network profiles.Social Media Marketing Book a€“ More Info This book introduced the use of social media together with the common marketing tactics and strategies.
Different examples of successful and wrong usage of social media are also featured.New Rules of Marketing and PR Book a€“ More Info This book offers efficient ways of doing traditional marketing and PR programs. Updated with the latest social networks available, you definitely have a lot to choose from.Social Media Marketing for Publishers Book a€“ More Info This book will help you in publishing brands through social media. Social media planning, the mainstream social networks and tools, and measuring ROI are its key areas.Zen of Social Media Marketing Book a€“ More Info This will guide you to a smooth and effortless of being online for your business. Case studies feature how successful different strategies have been used to different businesses.Social Media ROI Book a€“ More Info This book will help you understand how the use of social media directly impacts your organizational goals and the profits ita€™s giving you.
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