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Once you have successfully breached the coffin, use your legs and hands to push the earth coming in towards the edges of the coffin.  Fill the coffin as much as possible with dirt, packing it in, without losing the ability to be able to get your head and torso out of the hole, head first.
If you are buried around 6 feet deep and are anywhere from 5 feet tall or above, you should be able to not only have your arms break the surface at this point, but also have your head break the surface due to the fact that you pushed a foot or two of earth into your coffin.  Now getting yourself completely out may take a little time without help, but considering the earth should be fairly lose, should be one of the easier things you just had to do.
There is of course also always the chance of divine intervention.  Even if you aren’t normally a “praying man”, might I suggest that in this case, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose in becoming one, and who knows maybe even something to gain even if things don’t work out.
Not always, sometimes people don’t want to be enbalmed for a more natural buriel or cremation.
I couldn’t help but imagine someone lying, buried alive in a coffin, and reading this article on their mobile phone. Also, I noted how many people are talking about embalming and concrete liners and stuff, but I found this article very useful in terms of writing. Well first of all, those who choose a traditional burial often opt for embalming so you’d be for sure dead when your buried anyhow. One of these little known features, is a hole in the top of the casket for a sting, tied to a bell outside, and above ground. I have a question though about asphyxiation.I had read when I was younger that a family was travelling with a camper on their truck and the kids were in the camper as they drove.
Without knowing for sure the exact details of the story you described, it’s difficult to say with absolute certainty, but my initial guess would be that if the children died in such a situation, it was more likely from accumulation of excessive Carbon Monoxide, rather than from the depletion of Oxygen. I don’t understand why people thing getting cremated is so bad, your most likely already Dead!
I also looked this up after watching buried and just was wondering would this method work with sand too?
If I do get buried alive it will most likely be on purpose by those very people I hate so I don’t need to worry about an expensive coffin, cement lids, or any kinds of locks stopping me from trying to live the rest of my life. I am slowly reading survival books but the movie frightened me and followed my thoughts for few days.
Oh yea and for those who said, I hope I get an autopsy before getting burried alive, or that’s why I pefer to be creamated, uh hello?!

Hello everyone, Dont you know that before they put you in the coffin they take all your blood out and put something else to preserve it. Question, if you actually get the lid of the coffin wouldnt all the mud or soil pile all over you so basically your buried again? I read once a man was pronounce dead and was buried the same evening, and before they leave the cemetery. Wouldn’t they catch the mistake of you being still alive at the funeral home…when they CUT YOU OPEN!! Anyone interested in this topic should watched the movie Buried its about an U.S contractor working in Iraq and gets buried alive for a ransom. You could have mentioned, if someone was truly unable to get themselves out, It would be better to induce hyperventilation and have yourself pass out as opposed to dieing slowly well you convulse and panic. This article is for the people who were meant to be buried alive by very cruel people I’m pretty sure. When you die, they will drain all of the blood from your body which will kill you if you aren’t already dead. I write a lot of fanfiction and most of it is based in olden times, like when embalming didn’t exist or was too expensive, so this is great for a nice suspenseful chapter of one of my stories.
Not to mention most cemeteries require the burial of a coffin to be entombed in a vault which is either made from an industrial strength fiberglass or, usually, about six inches of concrete. Then, I started to question who would even need to know this information, because people get autopsies and embalmed before burial. Apparently it was tightly made, all the vents and windows were sealed and over a long portion of the car ride the oxygen was used up.
If you are living at least its quick and ur not sitting there for two hours and suffocating to death!
Most of people warm themselves in the winter with butane gas which has a typical smell due to an intentional alteration that would detect its presence in the environment; otherwise, nobody would notice that there is butane gas around and accidents would happen at any step. I am going to make my own grave where there’s access for me to open if i am still alive.

And it would probably be helpful considering that most average psychopaths don’t have access to these super metal coffins or these super secure coffins none the less a plexiglass vault to put around the coffin before burial.
The open flame that burns the gas usually comes at night in lower pressure, hence, the high risk of suffocation in which the CO2 burns the oxygen of a room. They don’t want to open because they said the doctor already pronounce him dead and they thought he was touche-rd by the angel of death. So yeah, this would be pretty helpful in most any case where you are actually buried alive.
Better make sure you’ve filled out a Five Wishes, a legal final document (in most states) that specifically states what you would like done with your body in the event of your death and also what you would like done in the circumstances of a vegetative state.
And, although I’ve never performed this feat myself, would it really be that easy to stand up when you’ve got the weight of 6 feet of dirt on top of you?
Ever noticed that when you breathe under the blanket, you need at one point to get air because you can’t breathe anymore? The US Coast Guard takes plenty of such calls on a daily basis but the Federal fines are stating the importance of not taking assets and personnel from real emergencies to jokes. I, for one, would not have wasted my energy, oxygen and phone battery on such a thing as soon as the guy mentioned the recording. However, I liked that the military avenged Paul even though it was not the best choice of survival for him. It’s kind of like the sleepiness feeling taking over when being a passenger in a car, or a buss, especially if toxic exhaust is infiltrating into the cabin.

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