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What’s On announces Bear Grylls Survival Academy courses in the UAE, on the Musandam Peninsula, a new survival course from the Chief Scout. It seems a shame that for all his notable achievements, Bear Grylls is best known for his more, shall we say, bizarre feats. Sure, the adventurer and former Special Forces soldier may have been the youngest Briton to conquer Mount Everest, circumvented the UK on a jet ski, crossed the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat and paramotored over Angel Falls… but it’s the drinking of his own urine from the shed skin of a snake that really gets us all talking. Well whichever of those particular achievements you’re into, you now have a chance to learn at least the theory behind them.
The Bear Grylls Survival Academy courses in the mountains of Musandam Peninsula, around two hours from Dubai, have been designed by the man himself. Would-be explorers can expect to come away with the knowledge of surviving in the desert sun, light a fire, find and purify water, and deal with snakes and scorpions. Pegged as fun for the family, the experience costs around Dhs2,500 for one adult and one child (Dhs2,000 for a single adult).
The two-minute short gets up close and personal with base jumpers, zip-liners and all sorts. The three-minute short gets up close and personal with five daredevil wingsuit men and women as they leap over The World Cup at night in Dubai.
After getting up well before dA­awn and braving freezing temperatures for hours, you finally see a worthy buck, yours for the taking. The work of a taxidermist involves creating a replication of a lifelike three-dimensional animal for display and preservation purposes [source: Taxidermy]. A­Taxidermists are talented artists who can also re-create catch-and-release game from clear photographs.
So why is it that some people disapprove of this practice while others wait months for their trophies to be completed? The newest member of Casio’s G-SHOCK family is the GWG–1000, adequately named the Mudmaster. G-SHOCK watches are known for their superb shock resistance, and the Mudmaster is no different.
The GWG-1000 is outfitted with a triple sensor that provides information about the altitude (altimeter), temperature (thermometer) and general weather conditions (barometer).
The power source is a high capacity solar charging system which gives the watch a working autonomy of about 23 months after a full charge (if in power saving mode). This is a very challenging map that consists of bravery,  courage, confidence and alot of guts! If you are interested in purchasing any of the products I've reviewed, clicking through to the store links will allow the site to receive a small commission. The West Coast Trail in British Columbia, Canada was the longest trek I have done thus far and I really had a blast!

There is a waterfall on the beach that people like to take a dip in and a swimming hole along the route. I got my pack down to 30 lbs and it really made going up all those ladders more enjoyable (that’s right the trail has ladders, bridges and even cable car crossings!).
I wore synthetic or wool base layers, like this Outdoor Research Women’s Astral Tank. I bought these Outdoor Research Crocodiles because I was told the West Coast Trail could get pretty mucky. It wasn’t until the last day that I decided I would wear them to see how they worked and felt; I wished I would have been wearing them the whole time.
We made sure to bring along David Foster and Wayne Aitken’s book Blisters & Bliss, an informative book with cute and funny illustrations by Nelson Dewey.
Grylls, who achieved worldwide notoriety for the aforementioned thirst-quencher and countless other incredible acts in the hugely-successful Man v Wild (originally Born Survivor) series, will launch courses in the UAE from next month. According to the official website, ‘a team of experts will teach you how to survive and travel in this harsh but stunning environment’. Climbing, abseiling and shelter building will also form part of the course, which lasts 24 hours, including a night beneath the stars. So don't be surprised if that gigantic fish mounted in your friend's house is actually made entirely from man-made materials [source: Taxidermy]. This high-end model is specifically designed and constructed to withstand considerable punishment in harsh environments.
In addition to having a shock and vibration resistant casing, the essential parts of the watch are protected from mud and dust by sealing off the buttons and shafts with a series of multiple gaskets on the pipes leading to them. It also has a digital compass with bidirectional calibration and magnetic declination correction. But, I must admit we were really lucky because it hardly rained at all during the 5 days we were on the trail.
Even if it isn’t raining or mucky it sure is nice to prevent scrapes and scratches from bushes or branches and help keep sand out of your boots. One of which we went to about half way through the trip and they had crab fresh out of the sea! I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I did if you decide to take the trek!!!Are you planning on doing the West Coast Trail?
I brought 4 pairs and alternated two throughout the day, keeping one of them as a dry spare.
Bear, who is also the Chief Scout to almost 30 million Scouts worldwide, has turned what was considered a rather nerdy pursuit into a thriving industry, appealing to a complete cross-section. It's both a science and an art form: All of the animals' organs and tissues must be painted, drawn or sculpted with man-made materials.

Whether you’re travelling through a desert, climbing a mountain or getting bogged down in a muddy river bed, you can be sure that this time piece won’t let you down.
I would definitely recommend this adventure for anyone who has a week off and would like to enjoy beach campsites, some good food (there are little “restaurants” along the way) and the amazing ocean views that this trail has to offer. And, when it was windy, wet, or just a little cooler I through on my Outdoor Research Aspire hard shell. It is a trail that you have to book a couple of months in advance and you have to make sure to plan your trip around some of mother nature’s forces such as tides. It was the longest trek I had done at that point too and I just wore regular cotton undies. One report of a similar course in the UK recently revealed participants had ranged from a department store cashier to a carpenter, photographer and pastor. It's by far your best trophy yet, and there's no way you're passing up the opportunity to redecorate the mantel. The taxidermist can preserve fur, feathers, antlers and scales for use in the figures, but nothing else can stay. The face of the watch is protected by sapphire crystal glass and illuminated by a double led white light. I felt I had brought just enough for me to enjoy my time during the day and I wasn’t freezing at night because I didn’t pack enough either! This clothing setup kept me comfortable as the weather and temperature changed throughout the day. Eyes are usually made from glass, eyelids are molded from clay, noses and mouths are made more lifelike with wax, and the mannequin frame is built with polyurethane foam. It can withstand temperatures as low as -10° C (14° F) and depths of up to 200 meters underwater. You need to play by the rules or otherwise this map would be pointless to you and you’d be missing out on the challenge and the  fun. Same hiking outer socks and changed up the inners- I’m not sure what to do with socks for this long in August!? Dual layer may help to reduce the chance of blisters, but I prefer the breathability of one sock layer.

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