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First, ask yourself, do you have basic first aid skills, first aid supplies and a willingness to render aid to someone who is injured.
Obviously, there will be situations where not moving an injured person would result in certain death, such as when a person is trapped in a burning car or structure. Remember you can render aid to an injured person by simply comforting them if you do not have any skills, or are hesitant for any number of reasons to render aid.
You want to preserve the life of the injured person, but you also want to preserve your own, and the life of others that may be helping. Other countries and people not friendly to us have learned from past conflicts how Americans treat their wounded. The enemy also knows that killing or injuring a medic has a psychological effect on troops, so what better way to lure out the medics and Causality Evacuation (CASEVAC) helicopters or other methods of transporting the injured then having troops injured. Terrorist will stage attacks so they can kill or maim those rushing to give aid after an attack. In a SHTF situation there may not be medical professionals on hand, no one to call, no hospitals or first aid stations, so it is on you. Rushing in sometimes can lead to more injuries or death, but you only have seconds to evaluate any situation, and to do so effectively you need certain skill sets. This First Aid refresher course provides you with an opportunity to practise and update your skills at any time during your three year period as a qualified first aider trained in our safety training courses. We are based in Scotland and can easily cover courses at short notice throughout the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. The WD Training Basic First Aid Training Course will teach students first aid skills, which are invaluable if accidents happen in the home, clients, customoers or when you're out and about.

The Basic First Aid Course is designed to meet the recommendations of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations.
Anyone who wants to be trained and certified to assist in basic first aid needs as well as learning CPR for adults, children and infants. St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity, has teamed up with the Island Echo to bring you some simple, but life saving, first aid tips – this week: learn how to perform cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an infant under the age of one year. On discovering a collapsed infant, check for response by gently tapping or flicking the sole of his foot and call his name loudly. Island Echo is the Isle of Wight's only 24hr breaking news source, delivering all the latest headlines, community news, sport and local information to over 110,000 readers a month. If you simply have no skills at all, or fear to give aid, but want to learn to overcome your fear or reluctance then it is important that you take accredited classes.
This means you know enough not to move certain injured persons, for example, which may result in greater injury.
Decisions have to be made quickly, and having training and some experience means you are more likely to make the right decision. It is a choice you have to make, and in some cases there are ramifications when giving aid, so it is important once again that you take classes, learn the laws, and build skills, which will lead to greater confidence. Before rushing to help you have to make sure the situation unfolding will not cause you injury or even death. The hard reality is that dead people do not need aid, so injured personnel create more chaos than dead people do, and injuries tie up soldiers or even first responders who would otherwise be engaged in the situation at hand.
People at traffic accidents will rush across busy highways endangering themselves and others to help those injured.

You need skills, knowledge and above all you must have practiced rendering aid under various conditions. The HSE strongly recommends that you attend a refresher session once every year during this three year period. If help is one the way, continue CPR until emergency help takes over; the infant starts to breathe normally or you become too exhausted to continue. For more information about first aid courses, and volunteering opportunities in Ryde and Newport, please call 0303 003 0101. You need to know the level of your own training, and have the ability to assess the injured person to some extent. To open the infant’s airway place one hand on his forehead and very gently tilt the head back. The enemy knows that a soldier’s comrades will render aid and this means soldiers are distracted from the battle and are grouped in one place. You becoming injured means you are of no help to those you are trying to help, and of course, you certainly do not want to become injured.
Parents are instructed to take the oxygen mask and place it over their own faces first, so they stay conscious to help their children when on an aircraft.
To check whether the infant is breathing, look for chest movement, listen for sounds of breathing and feel for breath on your cheek.

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