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Julianne Hough says both are part of her life now that she's learned to love her curves, and relax the restrictive eating habits she had as a teenager. Customer satisfaction is essential for the survival of retailers and supermarkets as it enhances repeat purchase behavior which then allows word of mouth form of marketing. During a research it was noted that 97% of customers value customer service at a grocery store, while 93% said that today’s grocery stores are not delivering good customer satisfaction to expectation because they fail to realise the importance of excellent customer services. Several supermarkets in Harare were visited to get more insight on how they are delivering Continue reading Bare minimum customer service, Supermarkets reaping huge profits…….
Just business is a blog where I Fadzai Mbewe discusses about Zimbabwean business in depth and any other trends showing in our nation.
The Chinese government suspended reforestation efforts of marginally salvageable land today due to a fear of food shortages according to a senior government official source. Ironically, the need to forgo a major environmental project due to the urgent need for crop production to feed the world’s largest population shows the key problem in the world’s larger cities, that as cities expand they take up more land that needs to be used for crops leading to further destruction. Deputy Head of the ministry of land and resources in China Lu Xinshe stated that China was close to the bare minimum of farm land that the 120million hectare red line dictates the country needs in order to be considered self-sufficient in terms of food production.
However, while China has been forced to give up on its current environmental reforestation plans, Xinshe said that the government will not focus on any other emergency plans to provide for more farmland. Food scarcity still concerns the giant nation as many of the older generation in China still remember the famines that stuck China in the 1960s that resulted in the death of anywhere between 15 million to 40 million people.
With food scarcity the number one concern in China, the country is left to battle CO2 emissions from factories by planting trees which has helped China decrease by 1% of the ‘red line.’ To keep on the positive side of the line, Prime Minister has pledged to increase spending on agriculture by 20%. Outside of China, many Chinese companies have invested in farmlands outside of the country in Kazakhstan, Laos, Philippines, Russia, and Laos. 4355665Money-hungry colleges are realizing that not only can they get away with gouging students for thousands of dollars on tuition fees, but they can also coerce students to fritter away cash just on shoebox-sized dorm rooms, cheap food and slow WiFi.
Even though a lot of these college dorm fees cost north of $10,000 per year, most students aren’t moving into spacious housing with decent amenities. States with notoriously high cost of living like New York, Illinois and California, consequently have high dorm fees.

Having grown up in country like India that is rich withculinary heritage, we’ve been exposed to tons of different cuisines and dishesthat still make our mouth water. By definition, the Kabab is a wide variety of meat dishesoriginating in Persia and later on adopted by the Middle East and Asia Minor,and now found worldwide. The challenge to make a delicious Kabab is to cook it inways that enhance the goodness of the meat while cutting down on oil and fat.Selecting the right cut, combining the meat with greens and vegetables, usingthe grill instead of the frying pan, can all help to make it a healthy andnourishing part of your meal. The kabab that has earned global acclaimand is synonymous with the word Kabab’ itself! The best Shish kabab in town according to uscan be found in Sufi, Koramanagala, where they serve a plethora of kababs andPersian delicacies, but the Shish kabab is a clear winner for us. Again, the best Kalmi kabab in Bangalore was debated among our team, and we have (amidst poking elbows, with everyonevoting for their favourite kabab place) agreed that Samarkhand serves succulentjuicy Kalmi kababs in Bangalore. Try amazing Galouti kabab at Tunday Kabab inKoramangala, where we guarantee melt-in-the-mouth meat consistency.
Kathi Kababs are Delhi’s favourite kababs!They are mainly tender lamb dices and are served on skewers The kabab owes itsorigin to the North Eastern province of India. We, at PoshVine, love the Kathi rolls atLazeez – this place is iconic and is a part of Bangalore’s culinary heritagefor serving some of the best Kathi rolls ever!
While these are just team PoshVine’s favourite kababs, weare looking to hear your views on your favourite kababs as well. PoshVine is a global marketplace connecting curious travellers with authentic, high-quality local experiences - from foodie trails and the best restaurants to unique adventures and offbeat holidays. News recently posted a picture of me coming out of the gym, and there were all these comments about the photo, like, 'We could have abs like this, but we love pizza too much.' I started laughing because pizza is my favorite food. Some supermarkets can argue that they offer their products at an affordable price and that they are a one stop shop, but that’s not enough because experiences are what differentiate one grocery shop from the next. Its aim is to allow business people to interact and have useful information that will lead to  decision making.
Additionally, there are about a million Chinese farmers working on biofuel crops in Africa.

And some schools like New York School of Interior Design say that the price tag of $21,000 a year is justified because the real cost is paying to live in Manhattan. The most indispensable mouth watering dish tomost of us at PoshVine is the king of Indian starters – Kababs! In English, kebab with no qualification generallyrefers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer. Various kinds of freshly groundIndian spices are added to the yogurt used for the marination of the chicken.When prepared, the drumsticks are usually garnished by mint leaves and servedwith onions and Indian bread. It became popular in northern India during the Mughal era and itspopularity in various parts of India, especially Delhi, has been maintainedsince. Owners of these supermarkets bank on their existing customers to spread the word depending on how they feel about the service they receive from a supermarket.
Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, the infographic shows each state’s most expensive dorm rooms. In the MiddleEast, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large orsmall cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, insandwiches, or in bowls. Any kind of meat may be used; cubes of fruit or vegetables are oftenthreaded on the spit as well.
Along withthe Lucknowi biryani and Kakori Kebab, this is one of the outstandinghighlights of the great food tradition from the Awadh region in Uttar Pradesh,India. The variant of this with chicken is often served inmany small Indian stalls, where the spiced shredded chicken is stuffed in maidarotis and served. Like other ethnic foodsbrought by travellers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in manycountries around the globe.

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