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Located between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh became a nation in 1971 after a bloody war of independence that separated it from Pakistan. The Government of Bangladesh has made primary education a high priority since passing the Primary Education Compulsory Act in 1990, which made education through 5th grade mandatory and free for all students. It has one of the largest primary education systems in the world, with an estimated 18 million primary school aged children (ages 6 to 10 years).
As a result of these and other factors, school completion rates and academic achievement in Bangladesh remain low, with 56% of all students dropping out before secondary school. As in many other developing countries, educational access is particularly poor in rural areas, where schools are few and far between and children are expected to work to contribute to family income. For girls in Bangladesh, the barriers to education are even greater than those of their male peers, with cultural norms and early marriage often preventing young women from fulfilling their academic potential. Zaki Hasan was Room to Read’s founding country director in Bangladesh, and says he was initially drawn to the organization for our commitment to building local capacity. Having been a part of the Room to Read family for several years, Zaki’s favorite part of his job is the opportunity it provides to innovate and interact with education experts from around the world. Visit a school or library in any of the countries where we work and meet the local team that makes it all possible. Less than 1% of US nonprofits have received nine consecutive Charity Navigator four star ratings. Documentary filmmakers travel to Room to Read projects across Asia and Africa to tell the stories of children who are benefitting from our programs.
Reading the reports of our flop performance at the Olympics one might think it has come as a surprise that we are so poor at sports. While many people in India are poor and get no proper nourishment, it is also true that many people do. And so all of the required things which are universal, are present in India and in time these conditions will mean that we will win some more medals. Include our culturally identical neighbours, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and we are over 1.6 billion people and about a fourth of humanity. The fledgling country has seen its share of natural disasters and famines, as well as political turmoil and military coups, but since 1991, when a system of parliamentary democracy was established, it has experienced relative stability and economic progress. Most of this economic growth has been fueled by industrialization in Dhaka and other urban centers, where foreign investors can capitalize on the country’s large, hardworking labor pool and low wages.

Because of this, the student to teacher ratio in government primary school is 59:1, which is challenging for students and teachers alike, and school hours are limited to four hours per day. This divide is reflected in the stark contrast between literacy rates in rural and urban areas—a nearly 30% difference. In 2011 our team also introduced Reading & Writing Instruction and School Construction. His career in international development has focused almost exclusively on education, including work with Save the Children, ActionAid and Helen Keller International. When he’s not wearing his country director hat, Zaki can usually be found spending time with his two children or writing articles about various social issues. We can help you run your own fundraising campaign with your friends and family, complete with your own microsite to collect gifts and track your progress. For months, the media has run stories of the Indian contingent, the largest ever sent to the Olympics by a South Asian nation. A huge middle class gets all the nutrition it needs and we are often told its size is equal to or exceeds the population of many countries.
Home to 140 million residents, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated country in the world and also one of its poorest and least developed. Access to resources can also be a problem, with no formal library system in the country’s schools.
Room to Read, the Room to Read Logo and World Change Starts with Educated Children are registered trademarks of Room to Read in the United States and other countries.
Government support, in the form of money and jobs, is always announced for medal winners so we cannot blame this beyond a point. And we will remain there, even if medals start eventually trickling in because of our sheer numbers, for a long time. Although per capita GDP has more than doubled since 1975, the country remains 147th out of 179 countries on the Human Development Index. He is also alleged to have maintained communications with some domestic and international associates during the attack.
I mean, facilities, encouragement and support by the government, adequate levels of nourishment, a generally healthy population and good coaching and training.
It could rightly be said that there is much less media support for athletics and other sports than for cricket.

I know a few American and European millionaires and they do not ask others to do their work. We will wonder what is wrong with us and discuss it over a cup of tea — made by our servant. I know because I was to be on a couple of TV shows that night which were cancelled because the channels wanted to focus on this development. For most mornings in his life Thomas Jefferson, America’s third President, went out and measured the atmospheric pressure on his barometer himself. They do not want others to intrude into their private space at home and they enjoy doing everyday physical things. Swimmer Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian in history, would go unrecognised on the streets of New York while the stars of baseball and basketball might get mobbed. In fact, it was alleged that Tahmid also joined the killing spree, taking up arms himself.PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCEThe daily claimed that photographs and Karim's mobile phone's forensic report proved the involvement of the two. For example, facilities and coaching (much of which, as is happening in cricket, is outsourced to foreigners).
In such a place it is expected that the young will not be single-mindedly focused on sharpening their bodily skills.
Our facilities are not yet comparable to those in Western nations but it is undeniable that things are improving.
And there is no question of enjoying the task, even though we might enjoy owning the garden. In such a culture, where there is contempt for the physical life, it is not possible to produce world-class athletes no matter how good the facilities may be. The app is said to have been used by the militants to send and receive information about the different points of attack.

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