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This guide is for the European Ford Focus MK2 Facelift (Otherwise known as the Ford Focus MK2.5 in the Ford Community). On the inside of the car, there are not many differences, apart from the stereo, which is now more oval shape, and a completely new way to remove the stereo, from the Focus MK2.
Once you remove the stereo and disconnect the wiring from your Ford Focus MK2.5, you WILL be required to insert a code when connecting the stereo back up to the vehicles wiring. Using your trim removal pry tool (Bojo), start by prying the lower edge of the fascia away from the dash-board.
This can sometimes be a little tricky, and may take a little force to remove, but as long as you are using the correct tools (such as the Bojo Trim Tool), you will not cause any damage to the plastic trim. Now that you have removed the plastic fascia surrounding the stereo, you will now see four screws holding the stereo in place.
The stereo should now be free (you may have to push two little clips on the left hand and right hand side of the stereo (you will only need to do this if you pull the stereo out at a bit of an angle).
All the wires you need are behind the stereo, no need to find an ignition or 12 volt feed, everything is plug and play. James Simpson University Graduate from Teesside, currently residing in the big city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I would check the speaker wires, and make sure they are seated properly in the quadlock connector.
Have you pulled the leaver down, the quadlock has a little clip, you press this in, and then pull the leaver and the whole thing should then just slide out. This lead does no harm to the alarm – the standard stereo is like this, but will only cause issues if you are using an amplified antenna, which you would usually get with a Chinese stereo. I fitted a Alpine stereo to my 2008 Ford Focus and I suspect that it’s keeping my Instrument Cluster on constantly. In the end I asked a local ICE installer well advised cutting the blue wire (powered aerial lead). Now, the chinese unit works great, plays all kinds of stuff, however doesn’t show anything in the instrument cluster.
Is it at all possible, that joining these wires with the OEM wires on the car will allow the communication between the stereo and the car, and, in fact show something on the display on the instrument cluster? You say that on the main connector there are CAN+ and CAN- wires…is there a way to utilise them with this stereo?
Hi tom did you sort out your problem only i have same as you trim will not click back over small aircon buttons? I’m fitting a Parrot CK3100 LCD TO my focus and just wanted to know if its the SOT-092 or the SOT-092S I need. I have a parrot handsfree system factory fitted, my control for the radio on my steering collum does’nt work any suggestions?
There is no easy way in doing this, as I have tried myself, the best and cheapest way would be to use a Parrot hands free device (MKi9200) to obtain this feature. After reading this guide and some of the comments, I purchased the PC99-X50 cable with a Pioneer patch to install my DEH-7100BT. As far as I can tell, the PC99-X50 cable does not work in this instance, unless I’m missing something? Bunch of BS from this website, we get great news about GM and the article gets replaced by this crap. There has been a multi-front effort by Ford and GM to repeal chicken tax when it suits them and stop the tax when it doesn't suit them. GM pushed for chicken tax elimination as part of the US-Australia free trade agreement with no phase out period. Ford was a big proponent of US-Thailand free trade agreement that would have eliminated chicken tax, also without phase out period. The phase out of the Chicken Tax with the free trade agreement with Thailand was what Ford was waiting for so they could import the global Ranger. All American, so you would rather buy a truck built by unamerican workers in Mexico or Canada then one built by real Americans? I would think using the Sorento platform would be ideal as the vehicle looks like its unitary constructed.

Also, the Sorento platform can offer AWD which would suit driving in icy and slippery conditions. Also, large quantities of your vehicles that you think are American are actually imported components, even from China like the Getrag MT86 6 speed gearbox in the Boss Mustang. If Hyundai would take the Honda Ridgeline and just update it with a new Hyundai interior and powerplant I think that it would sell fairly well (only mid size truck that has a functional crew cab and can fit 4x8 sheets flat). Since none of the mid sized trucks have been updated in forever that is a market that an upstart may be able to gain some traction in. Also I am guessing that the new Colorado will end up being a half-assed attempt as so much of GM seems to have been in recent years. Quantitative easing and the reduction in interest rates have affect the value of your currency, along with a reduction in your country's credit rating. If Honda can avoid paying a Chicken tax on Ridgeline and Subaru, the Baja, it's interesting that Hyundai can not? I have been shopping for a new pickup but a few days ago I was using my '84 Nissan B2000 to clean up debris from a tree I had cut down.
It is very easy for some to dismiss Hyundai and Kia just as Toyota, Nissan, and Honday were dismissed 40 years ago in the car and truck market and as the Japanese motorcyles were dismissed as well. I think a compact Hyundai trucklet would sell well, especially if they put that GDI 4-banger from the Sonata under the hood and make the TGDI Turbo an option. I would not buy one for myself because I'm a full-size truck man myself, but there would be plenty of people who would buy a compact truck. I have heard something similar as to why Ford did not import the Global Ranger but GM on the other hand is going to import the Colorado. This means the tax had the intended effect if no light commercials were imported affected by the tax. The simple fact is the US including, UAW, government, manufacturers, etc don't want imported light commericals this is to protect Detroit from competition. Or, as I stated you are trolling, to try and make out I'm anti American or anti US pickup trucks.
Read them, as they will answer any questions you have on UNECE regs, US vehicle regs, Chicken Tax, etc. The Chicken tax costs OEMs less than $1,000 per vehicles while the 2.5% tariff on import cars also costs OEMs less than $1,000, AND has absolutely never stopped any car from coming to America. No one ever mentions Europe's 22% tariff on import trucks that has absolutely no loopholes what_so _ever to make it irrelevant. The EPA and DOT were inspired to protect US consumers and the US in general, from gross polluting, dangerous cars in a crash if not crash prevention at a time when Europe had no such regs. AllAmerican: I have been trying to tell them all the same thing you are, and they will never get it!
Oh, when I look at the rendering of the above "truck" what it reminds me of, is what a Mini Puck-Up would look like! You can obtain this from your owner’s manual (usually on a business card sized card within the manual case), or requested from your local Ford Dealer Parts Desk.
These screws will mostly be Philips screws, but I have also seen Torx screws on the odd occasion. This is released by pushing the little clip on the arm down, and then pulling the whole away from the back of the stereo. Interests in the automotive industry and technology, and blogging about things which I feel would interest the readers of the world wide web.
I’ve changed my 6600 for single din Pioneer x6600dab and only one speaker works fine, rest is very bad sound?
It really came in handy when I changed the standard 6000 CD Ford stereo in my partners Focus Style at the weekend.
The new head unit I bought is a CD345-MCA Audiophile type, and as I know it does not have any built in amplifier. Had this issue for a couple of months thought it was the alarm, but now I have removed the stereo and for the past few days the instrument cluster shuts down normally.
The car has bigger display with car computer on the instrument cluster and the stock CD6000 stereo displayed a station name there.

If I change it to the Sony Radio from the Titanium version, will it just be “plug and play”? I have just fitted an Aux cable and run it through to the glove box, was a piece of cake, but getting the fascia back on is not! Remove and try again – make sure all the pop clips actually come out with the fascia, you may need a screwdriver to pull them out and put them back onto the fascia.
Had it installed in my Hyundai Coupe (Standard ISO) and a Citroen C2 (Connects2 Patch Cables) before this, so I know it’s fully functional.
At one time you used to see a LOT of comparatively tiny trucks across this country and the only reason we don't now is that they were all driven off by the big truck makers. I bet you shop at Wal Mart and have some kind of TV or electronics from an non American name plate. It's just being exempted (on a 7-year time table) on trucks imported from Korea as part of the US-Korea free trade agreement. The 7-year phase out was a compromise because Ford and GM won't stand to benefit from the repeal. The Canadian dollar is similar, to the point last year the average Canadian earns more than his US counterpart. The Koreans have proven themselves, and sure Hyundai is testing reaction before they commit but it is easy to dismiss the Koreans. Historically, no import truck has ever had to pay 25% and is only mentioned as an excuse for trucks that would not sell good in the US. That is why foreign companies set up shop to manufacture pickups in the US because they aren't able to import them on a level playing field. The US now wants FTAs, but countries are saying well look at how your vehicle industry and agri-industry is protected. This has gone on for a year and you have yet to produce a document, link or anything other than your constantly questioning us to provide proof. Toyota and Nissan used to fill this void but Toyota has pursued the rednecks and the trucks start at $35k now and still impractical for work. Actually, no one mentioned CAFE mostly because it does NOT protect domestic products because it affects domestic products JUST THE SAME AS IMPORTS. The EXACT same is true of the Chicken tax *BUT* no one ever brings up the 2.5% tariff on cars for some reason.
If said product lacks any real potential in the US, the excuses start flying out of marketing director's mouths faster than??? We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. The facelift Focus can be distinguished by a face-lifted front end, which includes a new front grill design, modified headlight design, front bumper and other little tweaks. And it can’t be because there are no wires on the quadlock connector adapter on the unit.
GM could potentially benefit if it moved truck production to Korea but it's probably not going to so that. It rode nice, was comfortable, and had decent power but the box shape was odd making any accessories very expensive.
But like the RAM truck and this one pictured, if you tow a camper or something similiar, you don't wanna be blowing exhaust straight out the back. Take note of this and you won't keep mindlessly repeating such erroneous nonsense without thinking. Both the AC button and the circulation button are now set back about 2mm from the fascia…works fine but looks rubbish.
The thing is, UNECE emissions and crash safely were inspired by the US EPA and DOT and obviously came afterwards, but set completely different standards to protect their domestic European vehicles from imports including US. That could open up the market to some unique, smaller and much less expensive pickup trucks from around the world — as long as they can meet federal crash and emissions standards.

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