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I think my distaste for reading aloud comes from sitting in class and having to take turns reading aloud. While I’m not a big fan of reading aloud, I remember my mom doing it with us when we were kids and loving it. While Jenny has already read many of the books on this list (and has read some of them to David), there are many of my childhood favorites that she has not yet experienced, and I can’t wait to introduce her to some of my favorite literary friends! I’m looking forward to sharing this book with the kids and then borrowing a copy of the movie (when it comes out on DVD) to watch together!
David and Jenny were introduced to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland last year when I had the opportunity to review an interactive iBook.
This is a series I definitely want to read with Jenny – she has started the first book on her Kindle Fire, but she got distracted and has not gone back to it. I’ll have to double-check the age-appropriateness of this book, but I know Jenny will enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger. I’ve never really been a Peter Rabbit fan, but Jenny read some of the stories to David last year and they seemed to like them well enough. I don’t know if Jenny has read this one yet, but both she and David are big fans of the DVD.
This one would be perfect for Christopher right now – it’s a great book for toddlers! Jenny read the entire series of Little House on the Prairie last year and absolutely loved it. Jenny read Pippi Longstocking last year, and I have yet to find a copy of the movie for her to watch (though I haven’t really tried very hard). Jenny and David have pretty much outgrown Curious George, but we read lots of him a few years ago.
I vaguely remember picking up the Pooh books several years ago to read with Jenny, but I don’t remember actually reading them.
I found an abridged version of the Jungle Book in the Dollar Spot at Target this summer, and Jenny read it in less than a day and really liked it. Another of my favorites, I bought a copy of The Secret Garden for Jenny a few years ago and she devoured it much like I did as a kid. While Jenny hasn’t met Nancy Drew yet, she has fallen in love with Mandie – I bought her the entire series of Mandie for Christmas! I’d never heard of this title, but reading the description on Amazon has me intrigued.
I remember really wanting to like this book when I was about Jenny’s age, but for some reason I never made it through the entire book.

Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite poets, and this book is probably my favorite book of poems.
This list by Epic Reads of 30 YA Books That Changed Our View of the World is RIGHT up my alley! When my childhood dreams of becoming a talk show host didn't come to fruition, I decided to become a middle school teacher.
We have the challenge displayed on our bulletin board, so it will easy to keep track of and mark off. We love reading around here, but this challenge gives us a goal to work towards this summer!
This is an awesome way to keep the brain wheels turning especially for schoolagers over the summer. I could never bear to read as slowly as the person reading aloud so when it came to be my turn to read, I had no idea where we were at in the book because I was several pages beyond that point. So when I came across this list of 100 books to read with your kids, I decided it was probably time to start being more intentional about reading with my kids. Jenny received several of these books as a gift a few years ago and has also cleaned off the library shelves.
She couldn’t remember finishing it, but both she and David love the cartoon version of the movie as much as my brother and I did as kids. We had the opportunity to see a series of art pieces based on Mo Willems work last winter at a local art museum.
It was given to Jenny and she loved it well, but then David was obSEUSSed with it (and all things Dr. I read it over and over and over again, and I was so disappointed by the movie when it came out.
She loved it when she saw pictures on Instagram of the Goodwin family visiting Paris sights  (while studying French in France) that she’d read about in the books.
Jenny and I started reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe together a few years ago, but I wasn’t intentional about doing it regularly and we fell out of the habit.
I remember having to memorize and act out several of these poems in my sixth grade English class. I do not necessarily endorse all of the books on this list – I am simply sharing a list that I found already curated. Sometimes, when I see a list of suggested titles, be them movies or books, I become compelled to check every single title off my list.
I guess this is evidenced by the fact that I've already read 7 of these stories and loved them all (For the record, the titles I've already read include: The Book Thief, Elsewhere, The Fault in Our Stars, Speak, Monster, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Everyday.

I told my boys that after we complete the challenge, I will reward them with something special.
We made a scrap book with a picture at every park and the cross streets and friends that were with them at times are listed. I work with a mixed-age group at home, and using this challenge is a great way for different age groups to work together, for example, a schoolager reading to a preschooler. The five levels is categorized by vocabulary and text complexity, with vocabulary capacities of 100 words, 200 words, 300-400 words, 500-800 words, and 900-1200 words from level one through level five. She enjoyed the books but didn’t have quite the same love for them as I remember having. But, I think I might be able to handle the flying monkeys a bit better twenty-some years later. I wanted to create a fun way to challenge my little ones to read, so I came up with the challenge to read 100 books together this summer. We haven’t come up with the prize yet, but it will be something like a date with me, treat at the store, or a new book. And as we all know, schoolagers LOVE taking on the role of being in charge or playing teacher, so this is a perfect opportunity for them to get in their reading skill through play experiences.
The 1st and 2nd levels are suitable for prek-3 students and the latter 3 levels for 4th and 5th grades students. I no longer had to sit and read entire books to her – she could read them on her own! The compilation of the series adopts the total language approach and emphasizes the usage of most frequently used words and phrases and the repetition of new words and patterns. And when her brothers came along, I let her be the one to read to them while I sat and listened. We had a big family dinner with grandparents and all when they finished that included a 100 books cake! Special attention is given to the coherence and readability of the stories.   ?????5?,????8?:100?,200?,300-400?,500-800?,900-1200?? ??“????”,??????????????????????????,??????;??????,??????????;???????????,??????????????????????????????:4-12?? 1.

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