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Before getting all creative and building all the cool stuff in the game, you need to collect resources. You can learn to create more advanced tools and objects by checking out the Minecraft Wiki Crafting page. Now that you have some tools, its time to gather up some resources quickly before sun sets. Surviving the first night sucked for me because  I had no idea on how to make light, I had to spend the entire night in dark. You should always pay attention to the sky above to see if sun is getting near to set because when it gets dark you will have to deal with all the zombies, skeletons and creatures. Craft a chest and store up all your resources, including all the unnecessary items that you’ve collected along the way (those useless stuff come in handy later in the game).
My last and the most valuable tip is – use the Internet to learn more about playing Minecraft.
Don’t be tempted to skip over coal deposits on your journeys, you never know when danger happens and you need a cooked pork chop, or you may decide later on that yes you do need 20,000 blocks of smooth stone for that totally awesome castle. Get yourself some graph paper, or keep a file on your computer just for your collection of building plans. Move out to the desert and try to live with as few wood supplies as possible, move underwater and build a glass biosphere to live in. Minecraft Pocket Edition lets you enjoy all the fun of Minecraft right in the palm of your hand. Minecraft Pocket Edition has two main game play modes and depending on your gaming style, you may heavily prefer one over the other.
And as always, if you guys have found any exceptionally cool seeds, leave ’em in the comments!
Once you’ve harvested a few trees, hop into the Craft menu and create a Crafting Table. I do however always find coal if I dig downwards at least five blocks into stone with a stone pickaxe. Mobs and monsters will come out at night and that’s something you need to be prepared for.
If you don’t want to bother with mobs and monsters at night, but still want to play survival mode for the challenge in itself, you can do away with enemies rather easily. Your tips? These are the tips for Minecraft Pocket Edition that I think will keep you alive through the night and get you started with building your own empire, bit by bit and block by block.
Don’t worry, you can make some torches to light up the place by using coal and sticks.
Some of the problems I had was that I killed a creeper near my house and I had to remake everything. We talk about geeky creations, weird incidents, funny LOL stories as well as latest of technology, gaming, gadgematic, and social news. We’ve compiled a concise list of tips to get you on your way to building your stairway to Minecraft heaven.
You won’t have to surface as much and you get the work done a lot faster, also there is considerably less death in this method.

Did you discover a dungeon for which you want to be able to use your now endless supply of skeletons but you’re not sure how to do so?
From building colossal structures, block by block, to just trying to mine for coal in order to make torches to survive the night, there are some things you need to learn to make the most out of the game.
Creative mode gives you endless supplies of all inventory, there are no monsters and mobs to combat, and you can craft and create until your heart’s content.
You’ll need to harvest resources in order to build even simple things such as tools and work tables. You can break through stone a heck of a lot quicker with a pickaxe than you can with your fist.
In my experience, you want a stone pickaxe in order to break through stone and get to coal. It’s pretty much impossible to have enough time to build a house for protection on your first day. I make sure I harvest quite a bit of wood and turn them into planks with the Crafting Table.
In the beginning make sure you reuse your crafting table so you don’t have to keep creating more. First knock off a tree with your hand and gather few blocks of woods and create a crafting table (Tip: enter the inventory and turn those wood into wooden planks and place 4 of those planks in the slots).
This sucks because that makes you lose all the items in the inventory and walk all the way to where you create your shelter. When you collect crops you can make some bread using the Furnace and trust me it definitely beats eating raw and rotten flesh.
From there you can learn playing, mining, crafting, farming, and  everything about Minecraft.
Decide where, if any, scaffolds may need to go, of which you can simply use dirt or gravel. Don’t just stick your hard-earned Diamonds and Mossy Cobblestone in a chest out in the open of your obvious storeroom, hide it! Whether you’re battling monsters in survival mode or just having fun building your own 32-bit kingdom, we’ve got the tips and hints to get you there faster! If you like game play similar to that of the Sims, you’ll most likely prefer Creative mode. After you’ve got some stone, go back to your Crafting Table and create some stone tools.
To break the Crafting Table down just punch it until it breaks and then walk over it to collect it again.
Now don’t worry about being creative because this is only temporary for the first night survival. If you want to get over with this creepy night fast and get some rest, you should create a bed too. Choose someplace below sea level, that’s where most of the valuable stuff are buried. Creative mode is available for free, but it's more of a suggestion of what Minecraft is really all about.

Take the time to study them and save them for later so you don’t have to dig up your projects again.
Depending on what seed pack you load you may end up in a world full of lava or one full of ice.
Unless you plan on leaving a few in multiple locations for convenience, which is perfectly acceptable as well. It’s another reason I suggest always having at least a few sticks on you, if not full torches. The best way to learn about them and how to create them is to play in Creative mode for a while so you can explore a full inventory first. For all the Minecraft newbies of both PC and Xbox 360 game, I’ve decided to list up the most valuable tips that you should know before start playing the game. First you should create the wooden Axe, shovel, pick-axe and maybe a sword if you need protection. Before heading into a cave, make sure you have protection, something to eat, lots of light and prepare to meet some zombies.
Also I used to spend too much time collecting lots of resources than building things, I’ve wasted days because of that. Please do take the time to read as much as you can about the mod, especially if you’ve never done this kind of thing before. Always remember that this is an unfinished game as well, and that your old maps may no longer be viable. They make for a nice change if you want a pre-made layout that you don’t have to work so hard for. To create a Crafting Table, just create some wooden planks first and then the option should appear. It’s a pain to have to fashion makeshift steps in the dark, and the torches will make it easier if you do happen to get into a tight spot.
Check out the image to see how it should be done (Tip: use the crafting table to craft the tools). Not sure of how to play, or just looking for a quick renewal of the basics, or perhaps a few helpful tips for Minecraft? Bring a stack of logs for sticks and some wheat in case the going gets tougher than you expected.
Whatever image manipulation program you use, just make sure it’s capable of altering transparencies (MS Paint cannot do this).
No one said you couldn’t go back, or even build a temporary hut for safety and storage.

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