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So first and foremost, this article is all my opinion, so if you don't agree, you don't have to be a douche, just comment what you disagree on in a nice way! Okay, I cheated on this one, because we've only seen her in a trailer, and the movie hasn't come out yet. Since the creators of the Ultimates version of Nick Fury stated they patterned him after Samuel L. This guy has it down, the looks, the medieval language structure, I mean he looks just like Thor from comics!
Yes, Ron Perlman looks just like Hellboy because he's covered in prosthetics and make-up, but that still counts! Okay honestly, I've never seen this movie or read any Ghost Rider comics, but come on, Nic Cage in anything is a perfect casting. One of the best things about comic books a€“ aside, of course, from the fact that they promote heroism and assert that good guys always triumph in the end a€“ is that theya€™re easily the most accessible and the most effective way to distract the kids, especially on long flights or drives. Opened in 1977, Austin Books & Comics is one of Texasa€™ biggest and longest running comic book stores. Founded in 1992 in downtown Baltimore, this independent Hampden comic book store sells alternative and underground comic books as well as zines and books. An independent bookstore in Chicagoa€™s Wicker Park, Quimbya€™s is more for those with a taste for the avant garde. Located on the famous Sunset Boulevard, this 14,000-square-foot comic book store is frequented by comic book fans visiting Los Angeles.
With their friendly and knowledgeable staff who are more than willing to offer recommendations and a treasure trove of comic book goodies a€“ from comic books and graphic novels, some staff-curated, to action figures and other toys and memorabilia a€“ this Big Easy comic book store is a sure hit with the locals, young and old.
NYC has a number of impressive comic book stores, including fan favorites Midtown Comics and Forbidden Planet, but JHU Comic Books is more of a purista€™s paradise. What can you expect from a store that is attached to the only comics and cartoon museum in the West Coast?
If the cool aesthetics of their blue-and-yellow exterior doesna€™t get the kids dragging you through the doors, then Big Planet Comicsa€™ impressive collection inside will.
We have only listed American comic books and not Manga or Anime, lets face it they deserves there own list. Earlier Friday Newsarama wrote about new details coming to the surface regarding the solo Aquaman animated feature DC had teased earlier this year, and this adds to a larger tidal wave of comics-to-animation features readers have been rewarded with in recent memory. Since I am a comicbook aficionado, or should I say a sequential art aficionado, from way way waaay back (my first loves were The Avengers and X-Men of the mid seventies, and Mad Magazine), it was only a matter of time until I put my list-making obsession to work for a subject such as this. Gilbert, Jaime, and sometimes Mario, created one of the most enduring, elaborate series' in alternative comics history. Often described as the Poet Laureate of Cleveland, Harvey Pekar is most famous for his ongoing American Splendor comicbook series. Best known for being the creator, editor, and oft times writer of the satiric and quite iconic Mad Magazine back in the rag's early days, Kurtzman, who has a comics award named after him (The Harvey), was one of the great innovators, one of the great movers and shakers, one of the great auteurs of the comic book scene.
From 1975 to 1991, Claremont didn't just write the Uncany X-Men - he was the Uncanny X-Men. Comic book writer, playwright, and occultist, this Zen-like Scottish guru put his formidable narrative sequential art skills to bear, and did major revamps on everyone from Animal Man (Buddy Baker has never been better than under Morrison's wing), to the JLA, to the "New" X-Men, as well as incorporating the Caped Crusader. Credited as being the guy who gave Batman his balls back in the seminal Dark Knight Returns (possibly the greatest superhero comic book of all-time), badboy Miller is also the man responsible for doing the same with Daredevil, as well as the man who created, then killed, then resurrected Elektra. This cat may be delusional as all get out, as well as more than just a bit batshitcrazy (and I love him for it), but when it comes to writing comics, from superheroes to anti-superheroes, to every twisted beast in between, Alan Moore, the Shakespeare of sequential art, is more than just the creme de la fucking creme of the whole goddamn crazy bunch of 'em.
Not only does he look like his comic counterpart, but he acts just like the gruff and lovable Hellboy. He is incredible at acting especially his face in The Avengers when he first teleports to the Shield base, I get the chills every time.
He certainly looks the part, I consider him to look the most like the comic Superman, out of those who have been cast to play the part.
I wish sooo badly that Superman Lives, directed by Tim Burton would have happened with Nicolas Cage starring as the Man of Steel. Thanks in part to Hollywood and to the upsurge of counterculturalism, the world of fantasy, superheroes and villains that once only belonged to introverts is now a cool thing. Taking your comic book fans and young collectors here is a must while in the Texan capital.

If the young comic book fans in your family are ready to upgrade from the usual superhero stories to the more experimental or unconventional titles and comic lines, theya€™ll definitely enjoy a visit or two.
Well, with an epic one like a€?Heroes Arena€™t Hard to Find,a€? this North Carolina comic book store, owned by HeroesCon founder Shelton Drum, impressively lives up to expectations. And its massive collection of not just the latest, but also the best comic books is but a tip of the iceberg.
While other comic book stores in the city fill their shelves with other products like cards and board games, JHU focuses more on the comics themselves, with shelves filled with great selections of the latest releases and back issues from wall to wall. This store, originally from Georgetown, prefers the more independent, small-press titles as well as stuff from Europe and Japan that your kids probably havena€™t even heard of, but they also carry the more popular ones. Below is only a Introduction, for the list of 10 please click the link below and go to the page source.
Earlier this month we saw Son of Batman, and later this year Disney will release their first animated feature based on a Marvel property – Big Hero 6.
One of the biggest movies of this year for me is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. But alas, I could only find room for eleven comicbook writers on this top ten list (yeah, I cheated a little to squeeze in an extra), so these three goodfellas had to accept honourable mention status. First published in 1982, and still going strong today with brand new stories, Love and Rockets was a groundbreaking work in the early days of the 1980's alt comics scene. Drawn by an array of underground comix artists (including Robert Crumb and Spain Rodriguez), the series tells the story of Pekar's harried life and times. Creating some of the best stories in comics history (I grew up loving these pre-saturation days mutants), as well as being the creator of some of the best characters in Marvel's gallery (Rogue, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix, Gambit, Sabretooth, are just some of the man's creations) gets this guy on any list worth reading. Gaiman, one of several Britons on this list, and a Hugo and Nebula award winner, was brought on by DC Comics, via their Vertigo imprint, to re-invent an old and forgotten character. Stan and Jack were the guiding forces behind the reinvention of the superhero comic book that ushered in the Silver Age of Comics. I mean he was great as Peter Parker, he had the look down, he had a weird nerdiness about him that really fit the character I thought. He really has this menacing charm about him that is hard to explain, and must be hard to act.
Not only do they sell the latest issues and lines, they also carry many first editions and back issues as well as an entire department dedicated to collectibles, which means that you might have to discuss their shopping allowance before your visit.
This store is so radical, in fact, that director John Waters actually picks up his fan mail there regularly. Ita€™s not only one of the largest comic book retailers in the US, it also has an impressive collection of back issues as well as prides itself in the diversity of its comics, carrying lines from virtually every genre.
If your teen is tired of the usual superhero in spandex tale and is looking for less mainstream reads, this bookstore is definitely a necessary stop while in the Windy City. Meltdown Comics also has a lot of cool collectibles, merch and toys for your young collectors and an art gallery for the artists in your family. Priding itself on cool aesthetics and style, this is a comic book mecca with a vinyl store feel where independent works, art books and zines fill shelves just as much as the more mainstream comics, graphic novels and mangas.
To start with, comic books and cartoons vie for shelf space with history, how-to and art books.
True to its name, BPC has established its own comic book world, with podcasts, book signing and meet-and-greet events, and their very own, albeit tiny, comic book publishing house.
First off, please allow me to mention the multitudes of talented comicbook writin' folks (both of the superhero and non superhero variety) that did not make the list. A love story to the punk movement of the day, as well as an extremely intricate comic book world.
He did have a bit of a run-in with Shia LaBeouf recently, so maybe that will get his recognition up. Without these guys (Stan as writer and Jack as artist, and uncredited co-writer) there would be no Marvel Comics. I'm pretty sure she used the accent that Harley has when she was in the car with The Joker. First of all metal is a conduit of electricity, and secondly, Thor can rip metal apart!) Anyways, this guy looks and acts like Thor, and at this point, it's hard to imagine anyone else playing him.
He has the calm collectiveness about him that was certainly present in all of the X-Men comics I've read.

He had the skinny but still buff look, and even the costume in the second one looked exactly like the comics!
With fan girls at every corner, he is a true pop culture icon as well as a super villain icon. I'm just waiting for when they will release the Nicolas Cage Collection with every movie he's been in. Both the future artists and the comic book lovers in your family will more than appreciate a stopover during your Portland vacation. And remember, many of these guys and gals (though being the rather misogynistic artform that it is, not many gals) have acted as both writer and artist, but this list is just for their respective writing talents.
Vaughn, Peter David, Garth Ennis, Mike Mignola, Gail Simone, Gardner Fox, Jim Shooter, Jay Lynch, Spain Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Jeff Lemire, et cetera), but I'm tired of typing, so let's move on. The importance and historical significance of his books Maus and Maus II, would make him a good candidate for this list, but alas (again) he just missed out. LG V20 launch date, & Instagram Vs Snapchat10 Best Comic Book Titles Of 2015!Variant – 7 months ago10 Best Comic Book Titles Of 2015!Today on Variant Arris tells you what his favorite comic book titles of 2015 were! I wish we got more depth of his character though, instead of just throw-away jokes, but hopefully in Thor: Ragnarok we get that. Nothing against, anyone else who has played Supes, ( I think Henry Cavill is doing an excellent job) but Chris has set the bar very high.1. And just because this bookstore in San Franciscoa€™s Financial District is packed to the brim with virtually anything youa€™re looking for in a comic book store, doesna€™t mean they dona€™t have space for other things.
So, not TV series (we did that one already), but feature-length productions; which have become more numerous in recent years. To me, a big appeal to Wolverine in the comics, is how he is so small, but he still kicks everyone's butt! So if they ever recast Wolverine, I would really hope they could get someone at least a bit shorter than average.9. He is the best cast actor in the MCU in my opinion, when you take into consideration his appearance and acting ability.2. I just wish he could play the part again in the new Spider-Man films, but alas, that will probably not come into fruition. Yeah, I know, he's a legend, but his talent tends to go more toward the drawing rather than writing side of things (drawing for other writer's works), so he is left on the cutting room floor. I would probably add Al Feldstein to the list (but I'm biased, of course!) because he wrote or plotted most of the EC horror and science fiction comics. I've read many pre-code comics and rarely did the other companies come close to the maturity of his writing style. So exciting that the government forced a self-imposed code so out went the gruesome and in came to wholesome.
And, Spider Jerusalem even got me to read Hell's Angels to learn more about Hunter Thompson. China calls Taiwan part of it, but apparently they do that for large parts of Asia that nobody else agrees about.
Iris and I want to have a kid.Apparently, I was combining Milligan and Willingham in my head.
The only other book I think I've read by him was Human Target, which I liked but not enough to affect his Top Ten status. My comic book reading isn't as broad as it could be-as a kid $2 for a comic, or however much they were was a lot of money.
Frank Miller- If O'Neil brought Batman back to his roots, than Miller gave him his balls. What keeps him on the list are his run on Daredevil and his work at Dark Horse (Sin City and 300). While I'm not sure if this is a good thing, you cannot take away fromv the fact that Moore is the father of the modern comicbook. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby- Even if remove the creative productivity from these two giants, they would still be number one on my list for one reason; they made their character human.

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