Where to go to France from Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe among amazing cities of Spain and France, tourists are attracted by beautiful architecture, delicious food and wonderful weather. In addition, from Barcelona it is convenient to travel to other European cities, especially to France. If you have a long trip to Barcelona, ​​take this opportunity to get to know not only Spanish, but also French culture. You can visit French cities such as Perpignan, Carcassonne and Narbonne, which are very close to the Spanish border, drop into one of the most important cities in France - Toulouse and spend a day in cozy Montpellier. Popular tourist destinations such as Avignon, Arles, Marseille and Nice, which are also easily accessible from Barcelona, ​​are located a little further.

From Barcelona to Toulouse

If you decide to continue the Spanish journey towards France, we advise you to pay attention to Toulouse. The capital of the French region of the Midi-Pyrénées is often called the “Pink City”: the fact is that many Toulouse buildings are built of pink brick, which gives the city, especially in the evening, a light pink glow. Toulouse is also known for its relaxed atmosphere and a leisurely pace of life, the townspeople love to sit for a cup of coffee in the afternoon, watching passers-by. The architecture of Toulouse deserves special attention: the medieval basilica of Saint-Sernin, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, an interesting example of Gothic architecture - Saint-Etienne Cathedral and the Dominican temple, where the famous French theologian Thomas Aquinas was buried. According to some sophisticated travelers, today France is not Paris, but Toulouse, and if you want to feel the authentic French atmosphere, then you need it here.

The most convenient way to get from Barcelona to Toulouse is by the Spanish high-speed train AVE. The trip takes three hours, ticket prices start at 40 euros. You can also take the bus services that depart daily from Barcelona to Toulouse. The duration of the trip is seven hours, the cost is 35 euros. Experienced motorists may prefer to hit the road by car. The distance from Barcelona to Toulouse is approximately 400 kilometers, a trip by car takes 4 hours. Please note that part of the path will go on toll roads, so a car trip will cost 35-70 euros, including gas costs.

From Barcelona to Carcassonne

90 kilometers from Toulouse is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Carcassonne. It is divided into two parts: the upper - Shite, which is of most interest to tourists, and the lower - Bastide. The whole city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, and more than 3 million tourists visit it annually, driven by the desire to travel to a fairy tale - this is what Carcasson remains to this day. Arriving in the city, you will find yourself surrounded by small towers, narrow streets, beautiful alleys and ancient buildings. The best way to enjoy Carcassonne is to get lost in his back streets, exploring the prints of history that have been preserved here.

The fastest way to get to Carcassonne from Barcelona is with the TGV high-speed train to Narbon and from there to Carcassonne with the TER regional train. The trip will take a little more than three hours and will cost 35-55 euros. Direct transfers to Carcassonne can be reached by ALSA bus, a five-hour trip will cost 21-35 euros. If you decide to go to Carcassonne by car, then the distance from Barcelona will be approximately 300 kilometers, and the journey will take about three hours. Part of the road runs along toll roads, taking this into account, a trip by car will cost 35-70 euros.

From Barcelona to Montpellier

On the way from Barcelona to France, do not miss the charming city of Montpellier - the very embodiment of the Mediterranean spirit. Here are just a few reasons to see Montpellier: proximity to the sea, international cultural heritage, mild climate, rich history and good wine! Right in the center of the city there is a pedestrian zone surrounded by green squares, passing through which you can look into the street de l'Ancien Courrier, paved with luxurious white marble, or Trésoriers de la Bourse with beautiful houses and charming little shops. Montpellier is also a student city, more of the youth positively influenced the city life: in the evening there will always be interesting activities - discos, concerts, film screenings and club parties.

The AVE high-speed train will take you from Barcelona to Montpellier in three hours, the cost of the trip starts from 50 euros. Buses to Montpellier leave daily from Barcelona. A bus trip lasts five hours and costs about 50 euros. To overcome 350 kilometers to Montpellier by car, you will need almost four hours, while part of the path will go along toll roads. Such a train will cost 50-75 euros.