Game Mode: FFA
Session Name: OfficialSotf2FFA-i-0802e7331b3a516da - (v178.8)
2019.02.10-15.34.41 UTC

Winner Tribe : Can't Be Touched
Player NameTribe NameScoreLevel
WE HAWT - Lvl 60Can't Be Touched181160

Player NameTribe NameScoreLevelDied AfterDue ToKilled By
AWLTribe of AWL1,4981 2:02sex - Lvl 1 ('Tribe of sex')
sexTribe of sex1,4941 2:09WE HAWT - Lvl 5 ('Can't Be Touched')
AlinaDank Doodle Memez1,5272 2:14Jane - Lvl 6 ('Stamm von SPIELER1')
PUCHACZTribe of PUCHACZ1,5138 2:14
DaBilol ok i lose1,6378 3:13Jane - Lvl 6 ('Stamm von SPIELER1')
Bobbob1,51910 5:20a Trike - Lvl 6
JaneStamm von SPIELER11,73825 6:17WE HAWT - Lvl 22 ('Can't Be Touched')
OtzlerStamm von Otzler1,7461 7:27Raptor - Lvl 11 (Raptor) ('von der Tanne')
linus98Stamm von SPIELER1,71827 12:07MM - Lvl 35 ('MM')
swarovszkiswartz1,57829 12:20WE HAWT - Lvl 37 ('Can't Be Touched')
Pazdzioch27Tribe of Pazdzioch21,60324 15:29iStarlord - Lvl 32 ('eArth')
iStarlordeArth1,73447 29:46Rex - Lvl 20 (Rex) ('MM')
MMMM1,73468 34:42Spinosaurus - Lvl 29 (Spinosaurus) ('Can't Be Touched')
Annevon der Tanne1,77848 35:00WE HAWT - Lvl 60 ('Can't Be Touched')